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We’re having a heat wave in Canada (25C in March!) so I thought I’d cool things down with a few ideas for a winter themed wedding!The cool crisp sounds and colors of fall are quietly winding down, and we can look forward to the holidays and winter.  Some brides look to incorporate a holiday theme into their wedding, while others aim to keep the holiday aura and winter theme separate. Regardless, winter is the perfect time to throw a wedding as you will have a variety of color combos, themes, and decor to please brides of all styles.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Winter wedding colors can be categorized into two different color palette: the warm and rich colors and the cool and icy colors. Both, confidently, convey the same winter theme and atmosphere that many brides visualize when designing and planning their wedding. Pictured above are the whites, creams, ivories, and shades of blue – this is a great way of bringing the winter theme and scheme into your wedding without having to bring the holiday, or Christmas theme into it, yet still being able to winterize your wedding.

Warm Winters: Using warm and rich colors such as your reds, purples, and dark greens will winterize your wedding yet bring into it a rich and holiday theme that everyone enjoys. The deep plum colors, a passionate red and a pine green are a great combo for your wedding color palette yet make it easy and versatile to incorporate other winter attributes to your special day.

Regardless of the color scheme you choose, icy or warm,  you can continue to include winterize your wedding through other aspects such as your wedding party dresses (floor length for winter and more formal), the wedding menu (choose richer foods with heavier sauces), and beverages ( set up a hot cocoa or coffee station to warm up your guests).

How are you planning your winter wedding? Got any tips or DIY tricks? Comment Here!

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