Wedding Cakes and Sweets

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One of the key features of a wedding is the cake and sweets, which can be tricky, since it’s virtually impossible to cater to everyone’s taste.  There are some ways over overcoming this, like having a multi-flavor tiered cake. Traditionally, a large tiered cake with icing and fondant is the popular choice for weddings, but recently little towers of cakes or even cup cakes are gaining popularity in weddings.

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It helps to pick a theme for the wedding, and using the icing, sugar paste flowers, lacework and even monograms and motifs can help to find the right theme. Usually, a good cake maker will come and prepare the cake on the site.

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There is a tradition that the top tier of the cake needs to be kept for the first anniversary. You’ll want to carefully wrap it up and store it in a cool and dry place, or simply you could freeze it. However, you could just store some of the sugar craft details in a glass container.


Some tips to help you get the perfect cake. Try to pick the cake after choosing the theme and take along the sample materials and colors to the cake maker. Do make sure you have sample tastings and if you’re going to include fresh ingredients to bear in mind that this will have to be made in advance, plus take into account of any allergies your guests may have.


If you’re serving dessert, then avoid having the same flavor for the cake, so a chocolate dessert and a cake might be just too much. Also, if you want to preserve a tier of the cake, make sure you discuss this with your cake make so you can store it the best. However, also check the practicalities, like whether delivery and assembly is included in the cost of the cake, and ask for a written contract including a deposit.

Wedding Cakes and Sweets

Arrange a time with the venue when you can access and set up the cake table.

You can get creative with the wedding cake. Cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular, and this is a way of accommodating a variety of flavors for guests with different tastes, plus cupcakes are easy to transport and assemble. The great thing about modern weddings is that it’s become more convenient to cater and set up shop, however for the traditionalists out there, there are still plenty of ways of having that perfect wedding cake.

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