Ideas to Inspire a Winter Wedding

5th December, 2012 - Posted by Lia - No Comments

The traditional reds and greens might make us think of winter and Christmas, but there might be something tacky about this color combination and takes away from the festivity of your wedding while focusing on another holiday all together. At the moment, pick a less-is-more color scheme, perhaps silver and white is an elegant and wintery color scheme that would work really well at a wedding. Maybe accent it with some crystal or sparkling accents for some glamour, or even some white satin and ribbon details.

The traditional winter flowers fall the usual candidates of rose and lilies but why not try to step outside the usual box and opt for some alternative blooms – try some full flowers, like hydrangeas. You can also dress up some white boutonniers with some greenery and dress it up with crystal detailed ribbons.

Center pieces for a winter wedding usually falls back on the warm candle lights, but you there is a better way to heighten some drama in your wedding. Opt for some ice carved vases or sculptures; hang some light reflecting crystals from the ceiling and decorate the hall with candles to spark off some light.

A classical pianist might be understated and elegant, but why not spice things up a bit with something a bit different – like an a capella quartet or hire a single musician like a cellist for something alternative.

The Cocktail Hour is one of the most fun parts of the wedding ceremony, but don’t start off your marriage in a rut of classic warm drinks like hot chocolate and apple cider – give your guests a taste of surprise with some hot white chocolate or some creative, but warming cocktails.

The fondant on a wedding cake might be very festive, but get creative with the toppings with some seasonal ingredients like roasted chestnuts or even chocolate covered cranberries. Decorate the cake with sugar ribbons or even crystallized sugar dropping to give your cake some extra glamour.

It’s so tempting to escape the snow and the cold of the winter with a honeymoon to the warmer regions of the earth, but the snow-capped mountains for some skiing can be equally romantic. Why not hire a ski lodge with a log fire where you and your new spouse can snuggle up together while it’s cold outside. We can’t think of anything more romantic and sexy!