Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

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When you’re looking for a wedding that will be unforgettable, then the reception is the one to invest in. The first thing you should do is to figure out what defines you as a couple. While each of you might have your own interest and quirks, you need to find a nice balance that reflects your personality as a couple.


There is no need for an elaborate theme like a medieval banquet and such, but you can use a single element that will thread your wedding together in the reception. This can be something as simple as a color or a motif. Here are some ideas on making a unique wedding reception.


Firstly, location is key. You need to find somewhere with character that is suited to your needs. Look at unusual venues and ask them about hosting weddings there, like art galleries, historic buildings, gardens and so on.

As we mentioned before, a theme is a great way to link things together, and it’ll also put your wedding on par with an experience that’ll be unforgettable. A part of this is to really pay attention to the décor, and don’t be afraid of either going for classic white, or making a statement with bold color. Go with what works with your personality.


Get creative with tables! You can think of them as unique individuals with their own identity and throw boring old uniformity out of the window. Play with flowers, colors, ornaments and even lighting.

Lighting is an important element to weddings, and is often forgotten. You can get creative here with lanterns, fairy lights, and so on. The imagination is the only limit.


Offer regional food and drinks. It’s a great way to assure that the food is fresh and high quality and often we overlook our own backyards, or to add a personal touch bring your hometown into it if you live far from home. It’s a great way of getting your guests to get to know you.

Wedding decoration

There is nothing like an amateur, bad production to make your wedding memorable – and in a bad way! So go all out and book professional entertainers. Maybe you can go for a group of singing waiters or a group of professional dancers that’ll keep your guests entertained between courses. Have an unusual band play, either you can go for a classical ensemble or a steel drum band play at your wedding. Check out the entertainment before booking, and give your guests a wonderful show.


Picking your wedding colors

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For some, picking out wedding colors for your special day is no big deal, but for others it can be a huge headache, so here is a guide to creating the winning palette for your special day.


To begin with, think about what is the centerpiece at a wedding. It’s not just the dance floor, but also the cake. You’ve also got the invitations, the table centerpieces and of course, the bride’s gown.  Years ago, many brides used to accent the white wedding day décor with a hint of color, but now weddings have become bolder and brighter.


The first thing when picking a color scheme is to know where you’re hosting the reception. Your color scheme in a hotel will be different to a historical building or an outdoor reception. Each venue might have its own color set so you don’t want your scheme to clash. Get to know the color combinations you like, have a look at magazines or browse art galleries and know what it is you want.


This will help you to narrow down your choices, and to pick out the perfect hue, go to a paint shop or fabric store and collect swatches. Knowing you want green isn’t enough – do you want forest green, lime green or sage green? And sometimes, going for two colors can work a charm.

Flowers bouquet

The use of color really depends on the mood you’re trying to create, and the best way to begin is to figure out what emotions you want to inspire, whether it’s energetic, peaceful or regal. These different feels will call to mind a variety of color.


While white is the traditional color for the bride, things have become more liberal nowadays and you don’t need to wear a dress that’s solid white, you can add accents of color to it. However, the color will really be conveyed in the bridesmaids’ dresses. Invitations are also a good way to set the stage, so this is a good place to use color, either in the card itself or something as subtle as the font or ribbon.

Picking your wedding colors

pink and orange amorology

Periwinkle & Silver

Flowers and décor are the easiest and most important way to introduce color, and no matter what shade you’ll find flowers to match – although maybe not available or affordable. However, there is a cheaper option, and that is to go with white flowers with containers that match.




Last but not least, the wedding cake. With the right mixing and preparation, your wedding cake can reflect both the color and the style elements used throughout the wedding. Icing is a great background for colorful sugar flowers or paste stripes or effects. Fondant can also come in a number of shades and here you have a great opportunity to mix and match colors.


Wedding Colors to choose from

Wedding stationery trends for 2013

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Even in our digital age, paper still carries something romantic about it and we hardly think the tradition of the paper invitation is going to die out any time soon. The year 2013 brings in a whole new set of themes and trends that are going to spill out onto the wedding stationary, so let’s take a look at what those are this time.

Wedding stationary Pink


The fairytale wedding is making a comeback, but not only that, rustic is huge this coming year, so it makes sense to marry the two together. The gorgeous velvet and colored wedding dresses from designer Oscar De La Renta make us think back to medieval princesses and courtly love, and with the surge of princess tales in the cinema lately, it makes sense that more and more brides are looking to get their happily ever after. For this trend, look to an enchanted forest for inspiration, from a mix of flowers, leaves and natural fabrics, all with a touch of decadence, of course.


Wedding stationary

Vintage is huge this year and nothing says more than Victoriana than good old-fashioned lace. It’s beautiful, feminine and makes us immediately think of brides and weddings. This is a beautiful feature to include in with your stationary.


Continuing with the vintage theme, homespun designs are continuing to gain popularity. This can be achieved by combining various fabrics, buttons and other materials together, whether it’s a quilted pattern with rustic designs to something with a chic feel to it, it’s a good direction to go in.

Wedding stationarybutterflies


Floral patterns are huge this year, especially in the stationary area. It’s a trend that is looking to stay firmly put for a while, and offers so much freedom for creativity. You can opt for something vintage, chintzy, modern and in a variety of colors from something stronger to pastel shades.



Keeping in with the vintage feel, retro geometrics are back. If florals are not your thing, then why not try to modernize things a bit with bright and vibrant shades that come in a variety of geometric patterns. These look really chic and elegant printed and offer a change to really get the creative juices running for your stationary designs.



Whether you’re looking for something romantic, chic or even out-there, there are plenty of ideas to draw inspiration from. The great thing about the above trends is that they can be customized to suit your own tastes and needs.

Wedding cards


Wedding Trends For 2013

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Chic Sylish wedding decor

Planning a wedding is lots of work and sometimes it’s difficult to find inspiration – so perhaps looking at the current trends for upcoming weddings in 2013 might help.


If you’re thinking about what colors to go with, cool mint is hot right now. Whether you’re looking for chic bridesmaids’ dresses, elegant mint wedding cake to jewelry and even the groom’s suit, mint is the color that’s in right now. Why not get some mint colored crockery or even serve mint colored macaroons. Spice up your white wedding dress with mint accessories and shoes.


Birds are the big thing in fashion and décor at the moment, and naturally, this will spill an avian theme into many weddings in 2013. Nothing says natural, beautiful and stylish like birds for your wedding.


Add a little bohemian spice to your decorations with birdcages filled with bouquets or decorate your tables with birds’ nests and eggs. 

Mint Cupcakes

For an inexpensive way to decorate your wedding, why not go for paper lanterns? They’re festive, beautiful and make any event feel special. You can go for the traditional Asian style, but with many chic designs for lanterns there are plenty to choose from to suit your style.

Wedding cake blue

If you’re wondering what to do with your hair, then the rustic braid is in. There is so much you can do with braids. They’re pretty and creative – perhaps go for something different from the usual curling tongs.

Laser cuts are in for any paper or card design. Make beautiful invitations sent out in laser cut envelopes, or perhaps stylize your place cards.

Wedding cakes

When thinking of doing a themed wedding, then one hot era to aim for in 2013 is recreating the glitz and glamour from the 1920s. Celebrate your nuptials Great Gatsby style, whether it’s with a flapper style wedding dress, accessories or hair, or whether you just want a cool art deco theme for your reception – the 1920s are in for 2013 weddings.

Wedding decor

Other trends to consider in 2013 are garlands and bark. There is a strong theme of nature in the fashion for the upcoming year, and garlands are easy to incorporate – whether they’re real or paper made.


Tree bark also makes excellent candleholders or vases, and adds a country and rustic feel to your décor. You could even go all out and decorate your wedding cake – tree style!

Wedding lanterns

The overall focus of 2013 weddings seem to be rooted in nature, whether it’s flowers, bark or birds to outdoor paper lanterns and rustic braids, the hot trend for wedding is getting back to our country roots. For those of us who prefer something a little elegant there is always the 1920s and mint colored designs for inspiration.

Wedding paper lantern

Vintage wedding ideas for 2013

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Vintage is in right now, and with the Great Gatsby craze of the moment, we can expect to see many 1920s themed weddings in 2013. But vintage doesn’t necessarily mean flappers and gin; you can come up with your own blast from the past that’s uniquely yours.


While planning a wedding is part of the fun, it can also be really stressful. To get it right involved meticulous planning and structure ideas before we put them into action.


One popular theme that can give a little personal touch to your big day is to pick a retro style from the 60s, 40s and even 20s offering a touch of the past with modern comforts.


A vintage style wedding involves a lot of detail – from the decoration to wedding invitations; even the bride’s dress and grooms suit should also fit the time. And what about photography and transportation? You can hardly do a Victorian style wedding with a stretched limo! It’s important to decide how authentic you’re going to be – all out period drama, or just a hint from the past.

Vintage Wedding gown

Picking an era is the fun part, the 1920s makes one think of glamour and an irreverent spirit, equipped with Rolls-Royces and low-rise tassel dresses and tuxedos. The 1960s we think of the elegance of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, whereas if you’re up for a hippy wedding then the 1970s could be fun. The trick of getting the vintage wedding right is in the details, but in a subtle way as to not make it totally overbearing.

Vintage wedding

When you’ve picked your era, decide what kind of touch you want to add – decadent, romantic or even ecological, just because it’s based on a different time doesn’t mean you don’t get to stamp your own finger print to it. If you’re going with 1950s, then pick a Frank Sinatra soundtrack or a live jazz band. Make your invitations with that antique touch.


The right venue can also act as the perfect stage for your wedding. For a 1950s wedding, a country house with a nice garden with a live, tuxedo-clad band would be idea. For those wanting something more antique, like the 1920s, an old mansion with a classy, formal dinner with silver wear is perfect. Get out the pearls and the champagne!


And last but not least – the bride’s dress. With vintage being so in for 2013 it shouldn’t be difficult to find the right dress.



Pick a 1920s style wedding dress or a 1950s full skirt and knee-length gown for that final touch. The groom could even dress up with vintage style elegance, with a look inspired by Mad Men to accompany his 1950s bride.





Wedding photos rustic vintage

A typical Wedding

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We hear all about the lavish weddings of hosted by celebrities, read plenty of ideas on how to have a vintage, bohemian and unconventional weddings – but a what about when the average Joe gets married?

A wedding for a typical person is hard to define, since we’re all individuals so perhaps it’s better to ask the question on how to throw a traditional wedding.

One important component in throwing a traditional wedding isn’t necessarily about the bank balance but about the timeline. For a traditional wedding that’ll be talked about for ages, it’s key to know when to do what and how to plan it.

After saying your vows, whether in a traditional church wedding or in a courthouse, it’s the reception after-party that’s the most important when it comes to your guest. It’s traditional at this point for the husband and wife to head off for pictures with their photographer in tow before you can really get down and celebrating. During this time, instead of keeping twenty to over a hundred of guest waiting, let them go off and being the celebrations without you.

The cocktail hour is a great way to get the ball rolling. Kick off the reception with some boozy delights and classy canapés, and this will give guests a chance to chat, socialize and wait for the newly weds to make their big arrival. One thing that’s important is to greet your guests, and it’s common for couples to greet their guests as they arrive on the site, but modern newlyweds are choosing a post ceremony line, rather than going round the tables during the dinner.  

Once everyone is lubricated with cocktails, the bride and groom will make their grand entrance, and perhaps kick start the dancing with their first dance. This can come later after the dinner, but it marks a nice arrival. 

Of course no dinner can start without the cheers and toasts, a great time to tell funny stories to the family and friends and to celebrate the couple. Then there is the dinner of course, but once the plates are cleared away it’s time to party. There is also the cake cutting that’s a huge part of the party!

After the party, all things must come to an end and the last dance is an important part to leaving the right lasting impression. So make sure you pick something festive.

For your final farewell, make sure you say your goodbyes and leave with a grand exit! Friends and family can blow bubbles or toss rose petals. Make sure you close in a way people never forget.

Classy Bachelor Wedding Party Ideas

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 Bradley Cooper, Ken Jeong, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis

Strippers and beer – those are the first thoughts to come into our heads when we think of bachelor parties, and most brides to be dread them. But there is a way to celebrate your last night of freedom without the kegs and tangas.

A good way to plan a fun and classy bachelor party is to pick an activity and base the party around that. Just because you leave out the naked dancing girls doesn’t mean it’ll be a boring affair. Make it a night to remember rather than a cliché. 

If the groom is looking for something wild, then why not get the adrenaline pumping? Rent some ski jets for the day or head up to the mountains for some snowboarding or skiing.

Paintballing is another fun way to let boys be boys, and this way no one gets hurt or even hung over.

Sports are a great chance for some male bonding, either plan a game of soccer or basket ball or attend a professional game together. Golfing or bowling are also good ways to have some lad time.

For those of you looking to mark your last days as a bachelor in style then create a casino night. Hire a professional croupier, sip some martinis while wearing a tuxedo and you too can feel like something out of a James Bond movie.

Rugged and outdoorsy types may enjoy a camping trip to the mountains with some good old hiking.

Have fun and be sensible – don’t do anything insanely dangerous. The bride is not going to be very happy when presented with a husband-to-be with a broken limb. A cast on the leg will make for a big damper on the honeymoon.

It’s a nice touch to surprise the groom with the party, but do take into account his own interests and personality. If he’s not the outdoorsy type, then perhaps the camping trip that may be heaven for you could turn out hell for him.

Once you’ve picked your central, bachelor party activity then be sure to plan a good meal afterwards. In the summer, something on a terrace or in the garden makes a good choice, while winter celebrations may benefit from something more formal. If you opt for the later, why not rent a room at the groom’s favorite restaurant?

Enjoy a bit of boisterous fun with funny toasts and an alternative version of the best man’s speech you’d rather the bride’s parents didn’t hear.

Wedding Centerpieces

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Centerpieces set the theme for the room and define the décor. Depending on the theme you’re going for, your centerpiece will be the defining element in capturing the essence of your wedding day. There are many ways to create effective centerpieces, from lighting to mirrors, flowers to water dyes, the only limitation here is what your imagination is capable of.


To set the mood, you want one large centerpiece to catch your guests’ eyes, but then replicate that in miniature on each table. For example, you have a large floral display on the main table, size that down on the individual tables scattered round. An effective way to illustrate this is to invest in vases of varying sizes, that way you can cater your floral arrangements appropriately around the house.


A creative technique for flower arrangements is to buy some colorful vase filler and top up some martini glasses and add some flower heads on top. Do you have large lilies on your table, then set only a few small lily heads in the glasses decorated round the tables. You can also go in the favor of candles and opt for floating candles in martini glasses or glass pearls.

garden themed centrepieces, wedding centerpieces, centerpiece

Another eye catching centerpiece idea is to opt for hanging glass orbs. You can do a lot with this, whether you chose to go with elaborate floral displays or candles.


Rustic colors and textures are in season this year, and a great way to capture that is to use bark in your decoration and centerpieces, birch is a particularly great choice in doing this. You can couple these with wildflowers, berries or even dried flowers to recreate that countryside charm. Ghost wood branches and natural branches are also effective to capture the feel of the outdoors.


For a modern, avant-garde feel, use some midollino sticks to create a sense of height and shape. Go wild with the colors, deck the top with flower heads, again there is just so much you can do with this. Other alternative flower displays are agora vase stands, vials and mirrored vases, to give a futuristic element to your displays.

winter wedding centerpieces

Wedding center Piece 2013

Candles wrapped in diamond mesh wrap invoke a sense of glamour and festivity. They’re an inexpensive and beautiful way of crafting a centerpiece that’ll add class to your wedding.

Wedding Center Piece

The options are limitless, and you’re really spoiled for choice with the number of ideas out there for centerpieces. Decide on what kind of wedding you’d like to have and then you can go crazy with the designs, techniques and applications of your centerpieces.

Wedding Center Pieces floral

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta

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Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta White Satin pump 2013Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta  2013 collection

Oscar De La Renta is one of the top designers of wedding couture and has had almost every female celebrity turn to his creations. His wedding line blends a romantic sense of tradition with something modern and edgy. He’s one of the top designers in the world for bridal wear and accessories. 

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta Summer Bridal Dress 2013

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta  Bridal look 2013 Summer

Born in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Oscar De La Renta moved away from his Caribbean roots to branch out into the fashion world of the USA, where he became internationally known in the 1960s as one of the couturiers to dress the first lady Jackie Kennedy. Later on in his life, he won numerous awards for his designs and would go on to dress film stars and even royalty.

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta White Corded Chantilly Lace 2013

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta  Bridal Look Spring

The beauty of Oscar De La Renta’s designs is that he has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a traditional bridal dress with white lace and embroidery detail, with ball gown cuts and chapel trails. Other traditional white brides dresses with untraditional cuts include the White Satin pump, with an ivory silk faille trumpet gown with long sleeves decorated with Chantilly lace overlay.

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta White Satin Mule With Silver Crystal

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta 2013

For something a little more gamine, you can try a white satin mule with silver and crystal embroidery. This design is playful, with its camellia cotton guipure sweetheart dress over a tulle petticoat. A far cry from the traditional ballroom cuts!


Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta Antique Silver and Crystal Headband 2013

The exciting thing about Oscar De La Renta is his alternative designs, whether they deviate not only in color, but also in design from the traditional bridal wear. One of his dresses in the 2013 collection is a crimson crush pleated silk velvet gown in a column design, finished off with an ivory crush pleated tulle trim. The dress might not make you think of virginal bridal dresses, but conveys images of romantic heroines with flowing red hair in Pre-Raphaelite paintings, ideal for brides looking for a romantic look beyond the cliché.

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta Antique Silver crystal headband 2013

Or, if you’re looking for something seasonal for the spring, then the pink and blue organza flower gown, detailed with sequins and embroidery is ideal for a springtime wedding. Blue is in this season, and Oscar De La Renta offers many original, beautiful, feminine and sexy dresses for any bride looking for something blue instead of the traditional white.

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta Bridal look

To many Oscar De La Renta is the optimal wedding dress designer to many brides, since he captures the imagination of women all over looking to walk down the aisle.



Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta Ivory Silk dress

Top Alternatives For Wedding Cakes

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The traditional wedding cake might be synonymous with weddings, but for those of you looking to break with tradition, perhaps these ideas might whet your taste buds. A multiple tiered fondant covered cake might be non-negotiable, but take a look at some alternatives for those looking for trying something a little different.

Cupcakes have been hugely popular at weddings in recent year, and they’re extremely versatile with the number of creative fillings and flavors available. You have the choice to decorate them in any way possible, and they have the potential to be super elegant, just like a traditional cake, and at the same time easy to serve and eat.


A candy bar might be an odd thing to serve up at something as formal as a wedding, but the wonderful thing is that the options to serve up are unlimited. You can even get hold of bars that go with your wedding color scheme.

Pies are usually a great hit and you can get them in a variety of flavor and fillings, whether you make them yourself or find a trusted bakery. They can be as sweet or as tangy as you wish – perhaps even serve a variety.

One creative way to cater to all the sweet-toothed guests is to organize a cookie buffet. The hardest part to pull this off is narrowing down the selection since there are just so many types to choose from. Chocolate chip cookies are always a great hit, but maybe some macadamia nut or peanut cookies are a super choice. Not to mention such a wide variety such as biscotti, sandwich cookies and macaroons. Pick something that will go well with coffee, wine or even champagne, but take care of those who have nut allergies though.

If you’re getting married on a hot summers day, then ice cream is a popular choice and can be dressed up with nuts, sauces and even fruits. Ice cream is such a versatile dessert that it’s one that’s hard to go wrong with. And with sorbets and Champagne ices around, the only limit is your imagination.

Are you looking for a carnival themed wedding? Then why not eschew the wedding cake for cotton candy and caramel apples? You can dress up all your fairground treats to accommodate your wedding needs.

If you’re looking to cater to impress, then try out the croquembouche, a traditional French pastry with fluffy an bite-sized cream stuffed choux pastries formed into a cone and assembled with strings of caramel syrup. You can suspend this with sugar-spun ribbons and drizzle it with chocolate or caramel. This gravity defying dessert is bound to stun your guests.

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