Finding the right Wedding Ring.

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Wedding ring

If you’re looking for a wedding ring, then read on

Choosing a wedding ring is an intimate time for a couple and as your wedding ring is to last for the rest of your life, you will want to ensure that you have the best. 

Precious metals are used to make wedding rings and the most common ones are platinum, gold, white gold and silver. Your wedding ring is one piece of jewelry that is worn daily and is rarely removed and this is a key factor when choosing one.

One supplier that has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to refining your research on a wedding ring is Whether you choose a plain band or a jeweled one, having your wedding ring designed by experts will be one of the most special times of your life.

Wedding rings are representative of all that two people can say about each other and you should ensure that you both have as much input into your rings as possible. This significant piece of jewelry is the sign of your commitment to each other and there is nothing more special than spending time and investment into such a special time.  The history of wedding rings goes way back and your wedding ring is meant to last a lifetime. It is also one piece of jewelry that is handed down through generations so if you’re planning a family, then forward-planning is necessary. For two people to hand down to children the piece of jewelry that binds them to each other is one of the biggest acts of love.

Wedding rings have been around for thousands of years. The origins of wedding rings came from Europe originally and were worn originally by women. In the 20th century men decided they wanted to wear a wedding ring. This has shoe-horned its way into the world of wedding rings worldwide and usually the natural course of action is for a couple to have matching wedding rings.  In most countries, the wedding ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand, however, some Central European countries wear a wedding ring on the third finger of the right hand. More details can be found in


 Wedding rings

Wedding rings and men have been the subject of many news items and it has been frequently discussed as to why men wear wedding rings and not engagement rings. A wide variety of reasons exist for this and primarily one of the reasons is that engagement rings are known for their jeweled stones and are more female-generated piece of jewelry.

For more information on this,

So, in the search for a wedding ring, make sure you invest some time in this special time to cement your marriage for life. It’s a beautiful time and your wedding ring is to last a lifetime and is the binding of two people who want a life together.

Centerpieces for Weddings Unique Favors & Centerpiece

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DIY wedding centerpieces

Sometimes traditional flowery centerpieces can sometime feel old-fashioned or, even daresay, unoriginal. As more and more couples are looking to break away from stifling traditions, or at least bring in something new to the ceremony, here are some original ideas for an alternative type of centerpiece.

Beach Theme Centerpiece

Balloons are cute and quirky, and they’re a great way of making a centerpiece stand out with originality. You can still play with flowers in them by having a flower basket anchoring a balloon in gold netting.

flowery centerpieces

The aviary theme has been a hot one in recent weddings, so the use of a birdcage as a centerpiece theme has been on the rise. They are not only eye catching and interesting, but they are also fun and easily dressed up and accessorized for your wedding needs.

Wedding centerpiece

Mirrors are beautiful, and there is just so much you can do with them. You can get ornate gilded looking glasses for a vintage theme, or you can do something modern and quirky with them – maybe use them for table numbers or even quotes.

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece

Organic is a big trend in 2013, and it’s expected to be on the rise well into 2014 too. Wood is a great way of incorporating Mother Nature into your big day. You can combine driftwood with wild flowers for a truly organic and special centerpiece.

If the happy couple is of a literary nature, then books can be used to create some beautiful and original centerpieces. Old books can be fashioned into decorative pieces that can be reused after the wedding or even given away as favors. This is a wonderful idea for those looking for a vintage feel in their wedding.

Peach & Lantern as wedding centerpieces

For a personal touch, you can play around with the use of photographs in a wedding centerpiece. You can get as creative as you want with these, even taking out some adorable pictures of the happy couple as children, all the way up to their engagement photos. The beauty with photographs is that they will be 100% unique and will hold a deep sentimental meaning to the couple in question.

Pink-tinted water with jewels and orchids with a floating candle

Wedding Centerpieces Fall

Other ideas for those looking for a “vintage” feel can find what they are looking for in dainty porcelain teacups. These can be filled with flowers or for a romantic edge combined with candles. Teacups are great for those looking to emulate a country wedding or one with a Victorian feel.

plum centerpiece

The great thing about centerpieces is you have the chance to go crazy with your imagination. So don’t feel restricted by tradition – go out there with your table features.

Wedding centerpiece DIY

Wedding traditions and symbols

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Jewish wedding tradtion

Something old, something new and something blue – what do these mean? We hear them and we think of weddings immediately, but do we really know the meanings and the origins behind such phrases. Let’s examine what wedding traditions and symbols signify, to decode the mystery behind marriage.

The classic expression “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and a sixpence in her shoe” comes from Victorian England, and apart from the sixpence, seems to have stuck to our modern wedding days.

The something old refers to the bride’s past family life, and is represented by a family heirloom, like a piece of jewelry. Something new is the wish for happiness in the future, and this is often represented by the wedding dress. Something borrowed is to remind the bride not to forget her friends and family, so it can be something like a piece of jewelry or a handkerchief. Blue is the color of faithfulness and loyalty – this dates back to biblical time when the color represented purity. While the sixpence tradition seems to have gone out of fashion, it’s there to wish the bride wealth.

Muslim wedding

Another iconic wedding tradition is the veil, which is still used in many modern day ceremonies. This is there to hide the bride’s beauty and to ward off evil spirits, but another, less romantic explanation is that in the era of arranged marriages, the bride would cover her face until the groom had committed.

Confetti is a staple in wedding ceremonies, but traditionally this used to be rice or grains. This symbolized fertility, whereas the wedding bouquet is a fairly new tradition from America, that says who ever catches it will be the next one to get married.


Seeing the bride is supposed to be bad luck for the groom on his wedding day, until he meets her at the altar, and apparently it’s also bad luck for him to see the dress before the wedding. So perhaps it’s better not to peek!

The tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold is supposed to protect her from evil spirits that are lurking in the home.


While many couples have opted to go modern for their wedding traditions, many of the above are still seen today in contemporary ceremonies. They’ve all become ingrained in our wedding culture, even if we don’t really stop to think about where and when these traditions came about.

The who’s who of a bridal party

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wedding beach ideas

If you’re new to the whole wedding business, then perhaps the planning can look a little daunting and who to assign as bridesmaids or maid of honor. What do those roles even mean anyway? Who should be assigned special places in the bridal party and so on?

A traditional wedding party includes a maid or matron of honor for the bride, the bridesmaids and attendants, the best man, groomsmen, ushers, officiant, flower girl, ring bearer and reader. Let’s break these down into a user-friendly way of understanding what all of this means.


The maid of honor is essentially the support for the bride, and contrary to popular belief this can also be a man. The maid of honor can help the bride with the planning, organizing the bridesmaids, helps the bride to get dressed and keeps her calm. Other duties can include signing as the witness on the license. The typical person to ask is either a sister or a best friend, if the bride’s best friend is a man, then there is no reason why the role should exclude him.

Bridesmaids are close friends of the bride or perhaps even sisters.


There is more to being a bridesmaid than just wearing a pretty dress, she must help the bride buy the right dress, provide help on decoration and planning, plan the bridal shower or bachelorette party and be useful at the wedding reception.


The groomsman are essentially the groom’s own equivalent of the bridesmaids, just as the best man is the equivalent of the maid of honor. The roles are very similar to the bridesmaids, except in helping the groom out.

Ushers have a similar role to the groomsmen, but the role of the groomsmen is usually left to closer friends of the groom. They’re usually not involved in the planning or preparation of pre-wedding events. Ushers are good to help people find their seats and to manage how smoothly everything runs.


You need an officiant to marry you, and finding the right person to do this is important, especially since they’ll have a huge affect on the ceremony. If you’re religious, then clearly you’re going to want a priest or a rabbi for this, but you can find someone else to marry you if you prefer. Anyone can marry you, providing they have the right license.

You can get younger members of the family involved, like the job of the flower girl or even the ring bearer. There is an inclusive role in the bridal party for every member of the family.

Wedding dress

Wedding on a Budget

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Many couples want extravagant weddings, competitive with the weddings of even the most famous celebrities. Eventually, they come back down to earth realizing they are not millionaires, but still, the costs associated with a wedding are high. How does a couple get the wedding that they want without putting themselves financial ruin? Couples have many choices to make, and certain choices enable them to save as much money as possible, all while maintaining the sense of style that accompanies the wedding dreams of many brides, from all walks of life.


The first great way to save some money is to not do have the wedding on a Saturday, because Saturday is the most popular day for a wedding, which can cause an inflated rate due to competition. Because wedding venues want to fill up their schedules, the cheapest dates are typically on Fridays and Sundays, which venues have trouble filling. Location and venue also play a key role in the price of a wedding. Yes, that fancy hall or ballroom will always look amazing and elegant but a couple will pay handsomely for it.


There are gardens that have facilities for receptions, bed and breakfasts, and even a barn or the church can become beautiful sites for a wedding, especially with the right decorations.


DIY wedding cakes


By personally creating items for the wedding, couples can save even more money. Although wedding invitations may not seem like a very high cost factor at first, templates are readily available, and a hand-designed invitation adds a personal touch. Once designed, they can easily be printed on cardstock at home, rather than paying a third party to do a similar job. Second, centerpieces can be made by hand. Something as simple as a steel bucket and some flowers from the grocery store can save a lot of money compared to using a traditional florist. A wedding cake is a necessity, but a complete spread is not.

DIY weddings

Once can also make their own treats for dessert and save some cash at the same time. It is amazing what a little white paper holder can do for homemade brownies. Another way to save some major money is by limiting the alcohol. One could decide to stick to simply beer & wine, however if that doesn’t appease all your drinking guests, one could think about buying their own bottled alcohol based on the most popular drinks. If necessary, they will be able to return whatever is unopened.

DIY Cupcake


Finally, the best thing once can do to save wedding money is to enlist some help from friends and family. By asking around, huge savings can be made on recommendations. Friends may recommend a great and reasonable photographer, or the perfect DJ who knew how to set the mood at dinner and tear it up at the reception.


They key to a wedding on a budget is to think outside the box. Putting an unconventional twist on traditional wedding idea it will leave the couple happy, impressed and most importantly, with enough money to spend on the honeymoon.


Wedding Cakes and Sweets

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One of the key features of a wedding is the cake and sweets, which can be tricky, since it’s virtually impossible to cater to everyone’s taste.  There are some ways over overcoming this, like having a multi-flavor tiered cake. Traditionally, a large tiered cake with icing and fondant is the popular choice for weddings, but recently little towers of cakes or even cup cakes are gaining popularity in weddings.

Cheap Wedding cakes

It helps to pick a theme for the wedding, and using the icing, sugar paste flowers, lacework and even monograms and motifs can help to find the right theme. Usually, a good cake maker will come and prepare the cake on the site.

rose chocolate and white

There is a tradition that the top tier of the cake needs to be kept for the first anniversary. You’ll want to carefully wrap it up and store it in a cool and dry place, or simply you could freeze it. However, you could just store some of the sugar craft details in a glass container.


Some tips to help you get the perfect cake. Try to pick the cake after choosing the theme and take along the sample materials and colors to the cake maker. Do make sure you have sample tastings and if you’re going to include fresh ingredients to bear in mind that this will have to be made in advance, plus take into account of any allergies your guests may have.


If you’re serving dessert, then avoid having the same flavor for the cake, so a chocolate dessert and a cake might be just too much. Also, if you want to preserve a tier of the cake, make sure you discuss this with your cake make so you can store it the best. However, also check the practicalities, like whether delivery and assembly is included in the cost of the cake, and ask for a written contract including a deposit.

Wedding Cakes and Sweets

Arrange a time with the venue when you can access and set up the cake table.

You can get creative with the wedding cake. Cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular, and this is a way of accommodating a variety of flavors for guests with different tastes, plus cupcakes are easy to transport and assemble. The great thing about modern weddings is that it’s become more convenient to cater and set up shop, however for the traditionalists out there, there are still plenty of ways of having that perfect wedding cake.

Wedding cakes


Top Caribbean Wedding Destinations

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 Best Caribean beaches

Nothing says romance more than the Caribbean, but with so many islands to choose from – which is the ideal location for you to exchange rings and say, “I do”?


The great thing about getting hitched on one of the many Caribbean islands is that you can combine your wedding and honeymoon all into one, and save on all the practical hassle that comes with organizing both. Here’s a mini guide to inspire you to marry on a sandy beach under the palm trees.

Sugar-Ridge Antigua


Antigua is a wonderful, idyllic island sporting 365 stunning beaches and an ideal destination for those looking to take a boat out. If you’re looking to celebrate your big day at an all-inclusive and high-end resort, then look no further. The best spots to get married on Antigua are Jumpy Bay, a luxury resort located on a private 300-acre island just off the coast, rich in natural beauty.

Top Caribbean Wedding Destinations


Another great location is the Jolly Beach Resort. This is the largest on Antigua, and offers all-inclusive stays on the beach, and the great thing is the more guests you bring, the more the resort throws in for free!


The Bahamas make up a collection of 700 islands, and offer something for everyone’s taste, whether you’re looking to rent your own island or go to one of the big mega-resorts. You can find lively places like Nassau and Paradise Island or something more laidback and remote like the Exumas.


The lush green island of Jamaica is a unique place in itself, with its laid-back atmosphere and rich culture. The island has so much to offer those looking to get married from beautiful beach weddings, a traditional affair in one of the big grand houses from the colonial era or simply head off the beaten track. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a non-traditional wedding experience and there is just so much you can do there.



Aruba is a popular place for weddings, however there are some laws stating that you might need to file the paperwork in a town hall. But while you might legally tie the knot in a less romantic setting, have no fear, you can still celebrate with that perfect beach wedding with all your friends and family.

Caribbean Wedding Destinations

A final destination to consider is St. Lucia, which is famed for its natural beauty and is a long-time favorite with brides and grooms. To make things run smoothly, try to find a wedding planner on the island to take care of everything for you. 



Top Tahiti and Bora Bora Wedding Destinations

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So you have finally decided to get engaged and are planning your wedding and have bought the perfect wedding engagement rings  and now you are ready to plan your Honeymoon in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


The Polynesian Island of Tahiti inspires thoughts of turquoise colored seas, bright blue skies and Gauguin’s brilliant color palette. With the island’s immaculate beaches and drastic mountain peaks, it’s easy to see why Tahiti is gaining in popularity as an important wedding destination. Anyway, here is our mini-guide to get you started on where to get hitched in Tahiti.

boat Tahiti

The InterContinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa offers breathtaking views of Mount Otemanu, which means you’ll have some wedding snaps that’ll look like you got married on a movie set.

Bora bora (3)

The property has areas suited to a beach wedding, but you’ll also find a chapel on site, if you’re looking for something a little more traditional. However, this isn’t any ordinary chapel, since it has a glass floor with views into the crystalline waters, with an altar that frames the mountainous backdrop.



Four Seasons Bora Bora offers a stunning selection of wedding locations that’ll take you beyond the usual Polynesian beach wedding. You can get married in a chapel with views of the lagoon, making it perfect for a sunset wedding.


The tiny island of Moorea is just 50 minutes by ferry from the Tahitian capital of Papeete, with vistas of the South Pacific that make the whole journey worthwhile. It’s a little cheaper than Bora Bora, but no less beautiful. Each room at the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa is decorated in traditional Polynesian style, without sacrificing the luxury element. You can have a traditional wedding here, with a flower-decked villa and traditional Tahitian dancers.  


You can also opt for Legends Resort on Moorea, where you have the site spread out across 17 acres of hillside with stunning views of the surrounding sea. While it might not offer any overwater bungalows, it does have some stunning villas and one of the best restaurants in Tahiti on site. 


If you’re looking for an economical option for your guests, then try hosting them in the vicinity of the capital Papeete, like the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti, where you can organize a wedding on Moorea, with beautiful and dramatic natural backdrop.



The St. Regis Bora Bora resort is ideal for a potential wedding setting, since this place is definitely a stand-in for paradise. You have a number of ceremonial spaces to choose from, such as white sandy beaches or a lush green lawn next to a spa. The site has its own planning staff to ensure things run smoothly for you.




Wedding Trends For 2013

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Chic Sylish wedding decor

Planning a wedding is lots of work and sometimes it’s difficult to find inspiration – so perhaps looking at the current trends for upcoming weddings in 2013 might help.


If you’re thinking about what colors to go with, cool mint is hot right now. Whether you’re looking for chic bridesmaids’ dresses, elegant mint wedding cake to jewelry and even the groom’s suit, mint is the color that’s in right now. Why not get some mint colored crockery or even serve mint colored macaroons. Spice up your white wedding dress with mint accessories and shoes.


Birds are the big thing in fashion and décor at the moment, and naturally, this will spill an avian theme into many weddings in 2013. Nothing says natural, beautiful and stylish like birds for your wedding.


Add a little bohemian spice to your decorations with birdcages filled with bouquets or decorate your tables with birds’ nests and eggs. 

Mint Cupcakes

For an inexpensive way to decorate your wedding, why not go for paper lanterns? They’re festive, beautiful and make any event feel special. You can go for the traditional Asian style, but with many chic designs for lanterns there are plenty to choose from to suit your style.

Wedding cake blue

If you’re wondering what to do with your hair, then the rustic braid is in. There is so much you can do with braids. They’re pretty and creative – perhaps go for something different from the usual curling tongs.

Laser cuts are in for any paper or card design. Make beautiful invitations sent out in laser cut envelopes, or perhaps stylize your place cards.

Wedding cakes

When thinking of doing a themed wedding, then one hot era to aim for in 2013 is recreating the glitz and glamour from the 1920s. Celebrate your nuptials Great Gatsby style, whether it’s with a flapper style wedding dress, accessories or hair, or whether you just want a cool art deco theme for your reception – the 1920s are in for 2013 weddings.

Wedding decor

Other trends to consider in 2013 are garlands and bark. There is a strong theme of nature in the fashion for the upcoming year, and garlands are easy to incorporate – whether they’re real or paper made.


Tree bark also makes excellent candleholders or vases, and adds a country and rustic feel to your décor. You could even go all out and decorate your wedding cake – tree style!

Wedding lanterns

The overall focus of 2013 weddings seem to be rooted in nature, whether it’s flowers, bark or birds to outdoor paper lanterns and rustic braids, the hot trend for wedding is getting back to our country roots. For those of us who prefer something a little elegant there is always the 1920s and mint colored designs for inspiration.

Wedding paper lantern

Vintage wedding ideas for 2013

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Vintage is in right now, and with the Great Gatsby craze of the moment, we can expect to see many 1920s themed weddings in 2013. But vintage doesn’t necessarily mean flappers and gin; you can come up with your own blast from the past that’s uniquely yours.


While planning a wedding is part of the fun, it can also be really stressful. To get it right involved meticulous planning and structure ideas before we put them into action.


One popular theme that can give a little personal touch to your big day is to pick a retro style from the 60s, 40s and even 20s offering a touch of the past with modern comforts.


A vintage style wedding involves a lot of detail – from the decoration to wedding invitations; even the bride’s dress and grooms suit should also fit the time. And what about photography and transportation? You can hardly do a Victorian style wedding with a stretched limo! It’s important to decide how authentic you’re going to be – all out period drama, or just a hint from the past.

Vintage Wedding gown

Picking an era is the fun part, the 1920s makes one think of glamour and an irreverent spirit, equipped with Rolls-Royces and low-rise tassel dresses and tuxedos. The 1960s we think of the elegance of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, whereas if you’re up for a hippy wedding then the 1970s could be fun. The trick of getting the vintage wedding right is in the details, but in a subtle way as to not make it totally overbearing.

Vintage wedding

When you’ve picked your era, decide what kind of touch you want to add – decadent, romantic or even ecological, just because it’s based on a different time doesn’t mean you don’t get to stamp your own finger print to it. If you’re going with 1950s, then pick a Frank Sinatra soundtrack or a live jazz band. Make your invitations with that antique touch.


The right venue can also act as the perfect stage for your wedding. For a 1950s wedding, a country house with a nice garden with a live, tuxedo-clad band would be idea. For those wanting something more antique, like the 1920s, an old mansion with a classy, formal dinner with silver wear is perfect. Get out the pearls and the champagne!


And last but not least – the bride’s dress. With vintage being so in for 2013 it shouldn’t be difficult to find the right dress.



Pick a 1920s style wedding dress or a 1950s full skirt and knee-length gown for that final touch. The groom could even dress up with vintage style elegance, with a look inspired by Mad Men to accompany his 1950s bride.





Wedding photos rustic vintage

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