Trashing the Dress Good or Bad

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Trashing the dress is a new photographic trend that has recently become a popular way of photographing a bride in an elegant dress in a scene that trashes the dress. It’s fast becoming a great trend and here is an example of one ‘trashing the dress’

It’s a fantastic way of photographing a couple in their natural state. How can anyone argue that the above is not a great picture?  It simply is and depicts happiness in all its glory.

The trend is becoming more and more elaborate and as your wedding day progresses, most brides will usually change out of their dress into something more comfortable and “trashing the dress” photographs is a wonderful way to bring that period of time where the bride wears her dress and uses it as a way of showing her happiness.

We think it a wonderful way to propagate the couple’s happiness and bring the whole day into a set of pictures that show nothing other than joy at being united as one unit.

Many brides dream about their wedding dress for years. Many dresses are stored for years and some are handed down over the years; yet, so many are packed away in boxes as a simple memento for the day. Some even never see the light of day again.

The thought of trashing a dress can appear as a horrific act, yet it has been around since the late nineties and was first introduced by the actress Meg Cummings, on the TV show Sunset Beach as she ran into the sea when her wedding was interrupted. Sources lay claim to their own ideas of when it all started.

trash the dress 2

The trashing of the dress is to an extent an exhibition of the bride’s devilish streak and that while she’s spent time planning her dress, in a messy, damaging way, she wants her dress to symbolize her happiness and while it is lovely to dress up and be made up, extreme settings can be such a photographic opportunity. It’s a popular way of portraying the bride’s happiness and in essence, the polar opposite to the traditional somewhat slightly stiff pictures that can so often be described as “posing”

This is a great way of showing bringing out the couple’s hobbies. If they like walking in muddy areas with wellington boots on, then a picture of the bride in a muddy area in her dress with wellington boots will symbolize her life and what she enjoys doing. If she enjoys water sports, then splashing in the sea with her dress on is a symbolic picture and a lot of fun for those who don’t mind getting wet.

For the artistic bride, a picture of her against a splashed wall full of paint which has hit her dress can be so symbolic and her husband could join in that too. (Obviously that is no good if the suit has been hired)

Whatever her hobby is, there is something which can be incorporated into trashing the dress as a symbol of the beginning of her life as a married woman. Water is a popular choice and can be used in rivers and seas. It’s one of the more common ones around.

Now this picture is highly extreme and it’s anyone guess what the bride’s suggesting here:

The choice is endless as are limits. Trashing the dress is not such a bad idea after all.

trash the dress

Wedding Favors and Centerpieces

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Wedding cupcake favors

Whether you are self-planning your big day or you have a wedding planner to manage your day, wedding favors and your table’s centerpieces need some consideration. There is an endless choice of both available and here we look at some unusual ideas to give you some ideas on these tasks which need doing.


Flowers are the most popular centerpieces for wedding tables and choice is now probably at its largest than ever before. You’ll likely want to keep the flowers in keeping with your wedding bouquet. It’s a good idea to keep cases of a clear glass so as not to overpower the table settings and opt for a simply, yet sleek, eye-catching design.

wedding favors 2014

This idea is perfect and keeps the bride and groom as the main feature. It’s your day and people are there to celebrate the coming together of you both. It’s a simple arrangement and is easily put together.

Another idea is to place bowl-shaped vases as centerpieces and fill them with remnants of your life together, such as shells from romantic holidays you have collected or other bits of memories you have built up together.

Here is an idea which we love:

Wedding favors

If you like candles then you can combine candles with flowers. Be careful though if you have children attending your wedding as excited children can be somewhat perilous in terms of waving their arms around. You could place on a children’s table something more child-friendly.

Paper is a vital commodity and this is a fabulous idea for a table centerpiece. It’s also a way Wedding Favors

The choice is endless for wedding favors and no matter how large or small your budget you will be able to do something that is just simple, yet will give your guests something to remember your special day.

This is a very simple design which has is affordable and can be made by a friend. The stand is pre-made and the little butterfly-shaped card holders are easily able to put together.

You can place any little reference in the parcels for your guests to keep as a memento of your special day.

You can also use a number of other gifts for your day. This is a wonderful idea.

Wedding Centerpieces purple

Wedding favors are such a special memento of your special day for your guests to keep. You can choose from a funky theme, such as those with a touch of humor for your guests, you can place a touch of individual flair on your wedding favors and develop your own ideas from the many sites that are available for ideas. You can have a ‘sweet’ theme, a romance theme or stick to something that you and your betrothed have built memories on.

Your wedding favors are a symbol of your day as you join together in union for the rest of your lives and this little gesture is such a lovely gesture by way of thanking your guests for joining you as you start your new life together.

Wedding Centerpieces purple

Centerpieces for Weddings Unique Favors & Centerpiece

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DIY wedding centerpieces

Sometimes traditional flowery centerpieces can sometime feel old-fashioned or, even daresay, unoriginal. As more and more couples are looking to break away from stifling traditions, or at least bring in something new to the ceremony, here are some original ideas for an alternative type of centerpiece.

Beach Theme Centerpiece

Balloons are cute and quirky, and they’re a great way of making a centerpiece stand out with originality. You can still play with flowers in them by having a flower basket anchoring a balloon in gold netting.

flowery centerpieces

The aviary theme has been a hot one in recent weddings, so the use of a birdcage as a centerpiece theme has been on the rise. They are not only eye catching and interesting, but they are also fun and easily dressed up and accessorized for your wedding needs.

Wedding centerpiece

Mirrors are beautiful, and there is just so much you can do with them. You can get ornate gilded looking glasses for a vintage theme, or you can do something modern and quirky with them – maybe use them for table numbers or even quotes.

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece

Organic is a big trend in 2013, and it’s expected to be on the rise well into 2014 too. Wood is a great way of incorporating Mother Nature into your big day. You can combine driftwood with wild flowers for a truly organic and special centerpiece.

If the happy couple is of a literary nature, then books can be used to create some beautiful and original centerpieces. Old books can be fashioned into decorative pieces that can be reused after the wedding or even given away as favors. This is a wonderful idea for those looking for a vintage feel in their wedding.

Peach & Lantern as wedding centerpieces

For a personal touch, you can play around with the use of photographs in a wedding centerpiece. You can get as creative as you want with these, even taking out some adorable pictures of the happy couple as children, all the way up to their engagement photos. The beauty with photographs is that they will be 100% unique and will hold a deep sentimental meaning to the couple in question.

Pink-tinted water with jewels and orchids with a floating candle

Wedding Centerpieces Fall

Other ideas for those looking for a “vintage” feel can find what they are looking for in dainty porcelain teacups. These can be filled with flowers or for a romantic edge combined with candles. Teacups are great for those looking to emulate a country wedding or one with a Victorian feel.

plum centerpiece

The great thing about centerpieces is you have the chance to go crazy with your imagination. So don’t feel restricted by tradition – go out there with your table features.

Wedding centerpiece DIY

Wedding Cakes and Sweets

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One of the key features of a wedding is the cake and sweets, which can be tricky, since it’s virtually impossible to cater to everyone’s taste.  There are some ways over overcoming this, like having a multi-flavor tiered cake. Traditionally, a large tiered cake with icing and fondant is the popular choice for weddings, but recently little towers of cakes or even cup cakes are gaining popularity in weddings.

Cheap Wedding cakes

It helps to pick a theme for the wedding, and using the icing, sugar paste flowers, lacework and even monograms and motifs can help to find the right theme. Usually, a good cake maker will come and prepare the cake on the site.

rose chocolate and white

There is a tradition that the top tier of the cake needs to be kept for the first anniversary. You’ll want to carefully wrap it up and store it in a cool and dry place, or simply you could freeze it. However, you could just store some of the sugar craft details in a glass container.


Some tips to help you get the perfect cake. Try to pick the cake after choosing the theme and take along the sample materials and colors to the cake maker. Do make sure you have sample tastings and if you’re going to include fresh ingredients to bear in mind that this will have to be made in advance, plus take into account of any allergies your guests may have.


If you’re serving dessert, then avoid having the same flavor for the cake, so a chocolate dessert and a cake might be just too much. Also, if you want to preserve a tier of the cake, make sure you discuss this with your cake make so you can store it the best. However, also check the practicalities, like whether delivery and assembly is included in the cost of the cake, and ask for a written contract including a deposit.

Wedding Cakes and Sweets

Arrange a time with the venue when you can access and set up the cake table.

You can get creative with the wedding cake. Cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular, and this is a way of accommodating a variety of flavors for guests with different tastes, plus cupcakes are easy to transport and assemble. The great thing about modern weddings is that it’s become more convenient to cater and set up shop, however for the traditionalists out there, there are still plenty of ways of having that perfect wedding cake.

Wedding cakes


Vintage wedding ideas for 2013

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Vintage is in right now, and with the Great Gatsby craze of the moment, we can expect to see many 1920s themed weddings in 2013. But vintage doesn’t necessarily mean flappers and gin; you can come up with your own blast from the past that’s uniquely yours.


While planning a wedding is part of the fun, it can also be really stressful. To get it right involved meticulous planning and structure ideas before we put them into action.


One popular theme that can give a little personal touch to your big day is to pick a retro style from the 60s, 40s and even 20s offering a touch of the past with modern comforts.


A vintage style wedding involves a lot of detail – from the decoration to wedding invitations; even the bride’s dress and grooms suit should also fit the time. And what about photography and transportation? You can hardly do a Victorian style wedding with a stretched limo! It’s important to decide how authentic you’re going to be – all out period drama, or just a hint from the past.

Vintage Wedding gown

Picking an era is the fun part, the 1920s makes one think of glamour and an irreverent spirit, equipped with Rolls-Royces and low-rise tassel dresses and tuxedos. The 1960s we think of the elegance of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, whereas if you’re up for a hippy wedding then the 1970s could be fun. The trick of getting the vintage wedding right is in the details, but in a subtle way as to not make it totally overbearing.

Vintage wedding

When you’ve picked your era, decide what kind of touch you want to add – decadent, romantic or even ecological, just because it’s based on a different time doesn’t mean you don’t get to stamp your own finger print to it. If you’re going with 1950s, then pick a Frank Sinatra soundtrack or a live jazz band. Make your invitations with that antique touch.


The right venue can also act as the perfect stage for your wedding. For a 1950s wedding, a country house with a nice garden with a live, tuxedo-clad band would be idea. For those wanting something more antique, like the 1920s, an old mansion with a classy, formal dinner with silver wear is perfect. Get out the pearls and the champagne!


And last but not least – the bride’s dress. With vintage being so in for 2013 it shouldn’t be difficult to find the right dress.



Pick a 1920s style wedding dress or a 1950s full skirt and knee-length gown for that final touch. The groom could even dress up with vintage style elegance, with a look inspired by Mad Men to accompany his 1950s bride.





Wedding photos rustic vintage

Wedding Centerpieces

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Centerpieces set the theme for the room and define the décor. Depending on the theme you’re going for, your centerpiece will be the defining element in capturing the essence of your wedding day. There are many ways to create effective centerpieces, from lighting to mirrors, flowers to water dyes, the only limitation here is what your imagination is capable of.


To set the mood, you want one large centerpiece to catch your guests’ eyes, but then replicate that in miniature on each table. For example, you have a large floral display on the main table, size that down on the individual tables scattered round. An effective way to illustrate this is to invest in vases of varying sizes, that way you can cater your floral arrangements appropriately around the house.


A creative technique for flower arrangements is to buy some colorful vase filler and top up some martini glasses and add some flower heads on top. Do you have large lilies on your table, then set only a few small lily heads in the glasses decorated round the tables. You can also go in the favor of candles and opt for floating candles in martini glasses or glass pearls.

garden themed centrepieces, wedding centerpieces, centerpiece

Another eye catching centerpiece idea is to opt for hanging glass orbs. You can do a lot with this, whether you chose to go with elaborate floral displays or candles.


Rustic colors and textures are in season this year, and a great way to capture that is to use bark in your decoration and centerpieces, birch is a particularly great choice in doing this. You can couple these with wildflowers, berries or even dried flowers to recreate that countryside charm. Ghost wood branches and natural branches are also effective to capture the feel of the outdoors.


For a modern, avant-garde feel, use some midollino sticks to create a sense of height and shape. Go wild with the colors, deck the top with flower heads, again there is just so much you can do with this. Other alternative flower displays are agora vase stands, vials and mirrored vases, to give a futuristic element to your displays.

winter wedding centerpieces

Wedding center Piece 2013

Candles wrapped in diamond mesh wrap invoke a sense of glamour and festivity. They’re an inexpensive and beautiful way of crafting a centerpiece that’ll add class to your wedding.

Wedding Center Piece

The options are limitless, and you’re really spoiled for choice with the number of ideas out there for centerpieces. Decide on what kind of wedding you’d like to have and then you can go crazy with the designs, techniques and applications of your centerpieces.

Wedding Center Pieces floral

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta

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Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta White Satin pump 2013Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta  2013 collection

Oscar De La Renta is one of the top designers of wedding couture and has had almost every female celebrity turn to his creations. His wedding line blends a romantic sense of tradition with something modern and edgy. He’s one of the top designers in the world for bridal wear and accessories. 

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta Summer Bridal Dress 2013

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta  Bridal look 2013 Summer

Born in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Oscar De La Renta moved away from his Caribbean roots to branch out into the fashion world of the USA, where he became internationally known in the 1960s as one of the couturiers to dress the first lady Jackie Kennedy. Later on in his life, he won numerous awards for his designs and would go on to dress film stars and even royalty.

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta White Corded Chantilly Lace 2013

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta  Bridal Look Spring

The beauty of Oscar De La Renta’s designs is that he has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a traditional bridal dress with white lace and embroidery detail, with ball gown cuts and chapel trails. Other traditional white brides dresses with untraditional cuts include the White Satin pump, with an ivory silk faille trumpet gown with long sleeves decorated with Chantilly lace overlay.

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta White Satin Mule With Silver Crystal

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta 2013

For something a little more gamine, you can try a white satin mule with silver and crystal embroidery. This design is playful, with its camellia cotton guipure sweetheart dress over a tulle petticoat. A far cry from the traditional ballroom cuts!


Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta Antique Silver and Crystal Headband 2013

The exciting thing about Oscar De La Renta is his alternative designs, whether they deviate not only in color, but also in design from the traditional bridal wear. One of his dresses in the 2013 collection is a crimson crush pleated silk velvet gown in a column design, finished off with an ivory crush pleated tulle trim. The dress might not make you think of virginal bridal dresses, but conveys images of romantic heroines with flowing red hair in Pre-Raphaelite paintings, ideal for brides looking for a romantic look beyond the cliché.

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta Antique Silver crystal headband 2013

Or, if you’re looking for something seasonal for the spring, then the pink and blue organza flower gown, detailed with sequins and embroidery is ideal for a springtime wedding. Blue is in this season, and Oscar De La Renta offers many original, beautiful, feminine and sexy dresses for any bride looking for something blue instead of the traditional white.

Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta Bridal look

To many Oscar De La Renta is the optimal wedding dress designer to many brides, since he captures the imagination of women all over looking to walk down the aisle.



Bridal Couture Oscar De La Renta Ivory Silk dress