Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

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When you’re looking for a wedding that will be unforgettable, then the reception is the one to invest in. The first thing you should do is to figure out what defines you as a couple. While each of you might have your own interest and quirks, you need to find a nice balance that reflects your personality as a couple.


There is no need for an elaborate theme like a medieval banquet and such, but you can use a single element that will thread your wedding together in the reception. This can be something as simple as a color or a motif. Here are some ideas on making a unique wedding reception.


Firstly, location is key. You need to find somewhere with character that is suited to your needs. Look at unusual venues and ask them about hosting weddings there, like art galleries, historic buildings, gardens and so on.

As we mentioned before, a theme is a great way to link things together, and it’ll also put your wedding on par with an experience that’ll be unforgettable. A part of this is to really pay attention to the décor, and don’t be afraid of either going for classic white, or making a statement with bold color. Go with what works with your personality.


Get creative with tables! You can think of them as unique individuals with their own identity and throw boring old uniformity out of the window. Play with flowers, colors, ornaments and even lighting.

Lighting is an important element to weddings, and is often forgotten. You can get creative here with lanterns, fairy lights, and so on. The imagination is the only limit.


Offer regional food and drinks. It’s a great way to assure that the food is fresh and high quality and often we overlook our own backyards, or to add a personal touch bring your hometown into it if you live far from home. It’s a great way of getting your guests to get to know you.

Wedding decoration

There is nothing like an amateur, bad production to make your wedding memorable – and in a bad way! So go all out and book professional entertainers. Maybe you can go for a group of singing waiters or a group of professional dancers that’ll keep your guests entertained between courses. Have an unusual band play, either you can go for a classical ensemble or a steel drum band play at your wedding. Check out the entertainment before booking, and give your guests a wonderful show.


Wedding traditions and symbols

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Jewish wedding tradtion

Something old, something new and something blue – what do these mean? We hear them and we think of weddings immediately, but do we really know the meanings and the origins behind such phrases. Let’s examine what wedding traditions and symbols signify, to decode the mystery behind marriage.

The classic expression “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and a sixpence in her shoe” comes from Victorian England, and apart from the sixpence, seems to have stuck to our modern wedding days.

The something old refers to the bride’s past family life, and is represented by a family heirloom, like a piece of jewelry. Something new is the wish for happiness in the future, and this is often represented by the wedding dress. Something borrowed is to remind the bride not to forget her friends and family, so it can be something like a piece of jewelry or a handkerchief. Blue is the color of faithfulness and loyalty – this dates back to biblical time when the color represented purity. While the sixpence tradition seems to have gone out of fashion, it’s there to wish the bride wealth.

Muslim wedding

Another iconic wedding tradition is the veil, which is still used in many modern day ceremonies. This is there to hide the bride’s beauty and to ward off evil spirits, but another, less romantic explanation is that in the era of arranged marriages, the bride would cover her face until the groom had committed.

Confetti is a staple in wedding ceremonies, but traditionally this used to be rice or grains. This symbolized fertility, whereas the wedding bouquet is a fairly new tradition from America, that says who ever catches it will be the next one to get married.


Seeing the bride is supposed to be bad luck for the groom on his wedding day, until he meets her at the altar, and apparently it’s also bad luck for him to see the dress before the wedding. So perhaps it’s better not to peek!

The tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold is supposed to protect her from evil spirits that are lurking in the home.


While many couples have opted to go modern for their wedding traditions, many of the above are still seen today in contemporary ceremonies. They’ve all become ingrained in our wedding culture, even if we don’t really stop to think about where and when these traditions came about.

Top Caribbean Wedding Destinations

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 Best Caribean beaches

Nothing says romance more than the Caribbean, but with so many islands to choose from – which is the ideal location for you to exchange rings and say, “I do”?


The great thing about getting hitched on one of the many Caribbean islands is that you can combine your wedding and honeymoon all into one, and save on all the practical hassle that comes with organizing both. Here’s a mini guide to inspire you to marry on a sandy beach under the palm trees.

Sugar-Ridge Antigua


Antigua is a wonderful, idyllic island sporting 365 stunning beaches and an ideal destination for those looking to take a boat out. If you’re looking to celebrate your big day at an all-inclusive and high-end resort, then look no further. The best spots to get married on Antigua are Jumpy Bay, a luxury resort located on a private 300-acre island just off the coast, rich in natural beauty.

Top Caribbean Wedding Destinations


Another great location is the Jolly Beach Resort. This is the largest on Antigua, and offers all-inclusive stays on the beach, and the great thing is the more guests you bring, the more the resort throws in for free!


The Bahamas make up a collection of 700 islands, and offer something for everyone’s taste, whether you’re looking to rent your own island or go to one of the big mega-resorts. You can find lively places like Nassau and Paradise Island or something more laidback and remote like the Exumas.


The lush green island of Jamaica is a unique place in itself, with its laid-back atmosphere and rich culture. The island has so much to offer those looking to get married from beautiful beach weddings, a traditional affair in one of the big grand houses from the colonial era or simply head off the beaten track. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a non-traditional wedding experience and there is just so much you can do there.



Aruba is a popular place for weddings, however there are some laws stating that you might need to file the paperwork in a town hall. But while you might legally tie the knot in a less romantic setting, have no fear, you can still celebrate with that perfect beach wedding with all your friends and family.

Caribbean Wedding Destinations

A final destination to consider is St. Lucia, which is famed for its natural beauty and is a long-time favorite with brides and grooms. To make things run smoothly, try to find a wedding planner on the island to take care of everything for you. 



How to Select a Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photos summer

You’ve spent ages planning the perfect wedding from the location and your wedding dress down to the finer details such as the flower arrangement. Now all you need is someone to capture your special day so you can cherish the memories for life.

First and foremost – do your research. There are so many wedding photographers to choose from that finding the right one for you might take some time. There are plenty of websites out there that can help out, but you can also do a little bit of investigation at some wedding fairs, where you can personally meet photographers and get a sense for their style, not to mention their prices.


There is this trend to find a photographer with an avant-garde style, but honestly, it’s a much better bet to stay traditional. The last thing you want is for your wedding photographs to look dated in ten years time. Opt for someone who has a timeless style and avoid any gimmicks because these go out of fashion very quickly. You also want to avoid a photographer who depends on Photoshop. Find someone who is skilled at capturing the right light and angles, and you’re set for some classy and beautiful memories.

It’s vitally important to meet the photographer before the wedding. You can discuss your needs and requirements, and build up a relationship with them. Meeting up for the first time six months in advance is a good time.

Make sure the images from your wedding are sharp and with good exposure. Many photographers use digital cameras, so make sure they can give you high-resolution images so you can make print copies to give to family and friends.

Wedding photos

Discuss the budget in advance. What you don’t want are any additional costs to surprise you on the day. Check for wedding packages, these are a good way to know what you’re getting and you’ll be able to budget for it.

Do make sure you know what you want. Provide the wedding photographer with a list of shots that you desire, so that way they can plan to capture things the way you want. This will help you to speed up the time it takes on formal photographs, which you have to admit are pretty tedious, so you and your guests can enjoy the party.

Finally, how would you like to receive your images? Are you looking to get them on a disk instead of the traditional photo album? Maybe the photographer could set up a website where your friends and families can take a look at their own liberty. Some packages might give you a mix between prints and digital.

So with a little research and communication, it’s really easy to find the perfect photographer for your special day.