Trashing the Dress Good or Bad

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Trashing the dress is a new photographic trend that has recently become a popular way of photographing a bride in an elegant dress in a scene that trashes the dress. It’s fast becoming a great trend and here is an example of one ‘trashing the dress’

It’s a fantastic way of photographing a couple in their natural state. How can anyone argue that the above is not a great picture?  It simply is and depicts happiness in all its glory.

The trend is becoming more and more elaborate and as your wedding day progresses, most brides will usually change out of their dress into something more comfortable and “trashing the dress” photographs is a wonderful way to bring that period of time where the bride wears her dress and uses it as a way of showing her happiness.

We think it a wonderful way to propagate the couple’s happiness and bring the whole day into a set of pictures that show nothing other than joy at being united as one unit.

Many brides dream about their wedding dress for years. Many dresses are stored for years and some are handed down over the years; yet, so many are packed away in boxes as a simple memento for the day. Some even never see the light of day again.

The thought of trashing a dress can appear as a horrific act, yet it has been around since the late nineties and was first introduced by the actress Meg Cummings, on the TV show Sunset Beach as she ran into the sea when her wedding was interrupted. Sources lay claim to their own ideas of when it all started.

trash the dress 2

The trashing of the dress is to an extent an exhibition of the bride’s devilish streak and that while she’s spent time planning her dress, in a messy, damaging way, she wants her dress to symbolize her happiness and while it is lovely to dress up and be made up, extreme settings can be such a photographic opportunity. It’s a popular way of portraying the bride’s happiness and in essence, the polar opposite to the traditional somewhat slightly stiff pictures that can so often be described as “posing”

This is a great way of showing bringing out the couple’s hobbies. If they like walking in muddy areas with wellington boots on, then a picture of the bride in a muddy area in her dress with wellington boots will symbolize her life and what she enjoys doing. If she enjoys water sports, then splashing in the sea with her dress on is a symbolic picture and a lot of fun for those who don’t mind getting wet.

For the artistic bride, a picture of her against a splashed wall full of paint which has hit her dress can be so symbolic and her husband could join in that too. (Obviously that is no good if the suit has been hired)

Whatever her hobby is, there is something which can be incorporated into trashing the dress as a symbol of the beginning of her life as a married woman. Water is a popular choice and can be used in rivers and seas. It’s one of the more common ones around.

Now this picture is highly extreme and it’s anyone guess what the bride’s suggesting here:

The choice is endless as are limits. Trashing the dress is not such a bad idea after all.

trash the dress

Today We look at Montreal Wedding Photographer Chirag Pandya From StudioZoomTech

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Montreal wedding photographer

You have finally got the perfect wedding dress, booked your dream location and the flowers are on order. Now all that’s left is to find a wedding photographer. Given some of the high costs some professionals charge for capturing that special day and memories of the biggest day of your life, you want to be sure that you’ve found the right style, price and package. After all, your wedding is one day, but the photos will last a lifetime

wedding 2

Montreal wedding

How to find the best wedding photographer for your wedding? That’s where marketplace weddings comes in. We try to blog about experienced and upcoming wedding photographers from around different cities and part of the world.Montreal based wedding photographer Chirag Pandya of Studio Zoomtech (


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Has been hard at work since the early 80′s capturing those special moments. Chirag personally recommends doing your research when choosing a wedding photographer as every photographer has his specialy.Chirag specializes in capturing natural, free-style moments as they occur. In 1994 Chirag was named Master Photographer by the Corporation des Maitres Photographes du Quebec.

Wedding Glass



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How to Select a Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photos summer

You’ve spent ages planning the perfect wedding from the location and your wedding dress down to the finer details such as the flower arrangement. Now all you need is someone to capture your special day so you can cherish the memories for life.

First and foremost – do your research. There are so many wedding photographers to choose from that finding the right one for you might take some time. There are plenty of websites out there that can help out, but you can also do a little bit of investigation at some wedding fairs, where you can personally meet photographers and get a sense for their style, not to mention their prices.


There is this trend to find a photographer with an avant-garde style, but honestly, it’s a much better bet to stay traditional. The last thing you want is for your wedding photographs to look dated in ten years time. Opt for someone who has a timeless style and avoid any gimmicks because these go out of fashion very quickly. You also want to avoid a photographer who depends on Photoshop. Find someone who is skilled at capturing the right light and angles, and you’re set for some classy and beautiful memories.

It’s vitally important to meet the photographer before the wedding. You can discuss your needs and requirements, and build up a relationship with them. Meeting up for the first time six months in advance is a good time.

Make sure the images from your wedding are sharp and with good exposure. Many photographers use digital cameras, so make sure they can give you high-resolution images so you can make print copies to give to family and friends.

Wedding photos

Discuss the budget in advance. What you don’t want are any additional costs to surprise you on the day. Check for wedding packages, these are a good way to know what you’re getting and you’ll be able to budget for it.

Do make sure you know what you want. Provide the wedding photographer with a list of shots that you desire, so that way they can plan to capture things the way you want. This will help you to speed up the time it takes on formal photographs, which you have to admit are pretty tedious, so you and your guests can enjoy the party.

Finally, how would you like to receive your images? Are you looking to get them on a disk instead of the traditional photo album? Maybe the photographer could set up a website where your friends and families can take a look at their own liberty. Some packages might give you a mix between prints and digital.

So with a little research and communication, it’s really easy to find the perfect photographer for your special day.

Planning your Church Wedding

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To some of us only a church wedding will do, but the question is where to start? How can you walk down the aisle in a romantic old church to the sound of organ music, whether you’re a sucker for tradition or you’re looking for a religious ceremony?

The first step is to find a church. Check out the local churches in the area and get in contact with the vicar or the priest of that church for more information. This way you can find out whether you’re eligible to get married that church and arrange a time for the wedding. Between the three of you can not only fix the date, but also discuss what will happen next. That way you can be sure that your wedding will run as smoothly as possible. To assist you with this the vicar or priest will invite you to an event to help you prepare for your married life. This won’t be anything that’s compulsory, but many couples find it useful. It also might help to think about the vows you’ll want to say.

In some Parishes, such as in the UK, the banns are announced that you intend to marry in the churches. This allows the chance for any objections on why the marriage might not lawfully happen. This is an old tradition that isn’t practiced much anymore, but for those who are religious or traditional, the occasion when everyone will be praying for you could be a moving experience.

A few days before your wedding, you have the chance to rehearse the ceremony with those who are closely involved with it, just so that everything goes super smoothly on the big day.

On your actual wedding day, you can relax slightly, since the vicar or priest will be doing their best to assure that your special day will be personal, but not only that, a meaningful and spiritual experience for both of you and the guests.

Churches have always been known for their community spirit, and getting married in a church gives you the chance for some support in your marriage. You can also celebrate your anniversary in your church — just don’t hesitate to ask.

While less and less couples are getting married in a church, sometimes it can be a nice traditional and community touch, or even make the more religious members of your family happy. Sometimes it’s worth checking out the options you have.