Wedding traditions and symbols

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Jewish wedding tradtion

Something old, something new and something blue – what do these mean? We hear them and we think of weddings immediately, but do we really know the meanings and the origins behind such phrases. Let’s examine what wedding traditions and symbols signify, to decode the mystery behind marriage.

The classic expression “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and a sixpence in her shoe” comes from Victorian England, and apart from the sixpence, seems to have stuck to our modern wedding days.

The something old refers to the bride’s past family life, and is represented by a family heirloom, like a piece of jewelry. Something new is the wish for happiness in the future, and this is often represented by the wedding dress. Something borrowed is to remind the bride not to forget her friends and family, so it can be something like a piece of jewelry or a handkerchief. Blue is the color of faithfulness and loyalty – this dates back to biblical time when the color represented purity. While the sixpence tradition seems to have gone out of fashion, it’s there to wish the bride wealth.

Muslim wedding

Another iconic wedding tradition is the veil, which is still used in many modern day ceremonies. This is there to hide the bride’s beauty and to ward off evil spirits, but another, less romantic explanation is that in the era of arranged marriages, the bride would cover her face until the groom had committed.

Confetti is a staple in wedding ceremonies, but traditionally this used to be rice or grains. This symbolized fertility, whereas the wedding bouquet is a fairly new tradition from America, that says who ever catches it will be the next one to get married.


Seeing the bride is supposed to be bad luck for the groom on his wedding day, until he meets her at the altar, and apparently it’s also bad luck for him to see the dress before the wedding. So perhaps it’s better not to peek!

The tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold is supposed to protect her from evil spirits that are lurking in the home.


While many couples have opted to go modern for their wedding traditions, many of the above are still seen today in contemporary ceremonies. They’ve all become ingrained in our wedding culture, even if we don’t really stop to think about where and when these traditions came about.

Wedding Trends For 2013

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Chic Sylish wedding decor

Planning a wedding is lots of work and sometimes it’s difficult to find inspiration – so perhaps looking at the current trends for upcoming weddings in 2013 might help.


If you’re thinking about what colors to go with, cool mint is hot right now. Whether you’re looking for chic bridesmaids’ dresses, elegant mint wedding cake to jewelry and even the groom’s suit, mint is the color that’s in right now. Why not get some mint colored crockery or even serve mint colored macaroons. Spice up your white wedding dress with mint accessories and shoes.


Birds are the big thing in fashion and décor at the moment, and naturally, this will spill an avian theme into many weddings in 2013. Nothing says natural, beautiful and stylish like birds for your wedding.


Add a little bohemian spice to your decorations with birdcages filled with bouquets or decorate your tables with birds’ nests and eggs. 

Mint Cupcakes

For an inexpensive way to decorate your wedding, why not go for paper lanterns? They’re festive, beautiful and make any event feel special. You can go for the traditional Asian style, but with many chic designs for lanterns there are plenty to choose from to suit your style.

Wedding cake blue

If you’re wondering what to do with your hair, then the rustic braid is in. There is so much you can do with braids. They’re pretty and creative – perhaps go for something different from the usual curling tongs.

Laser cuts are in for any paper or card design. Make beautiful invitations sent out in laser cut envelopes, or perhaps stylize your place cards.

Wedding cakes

When thinking of doing a themed wedding, then one hot era to aim for in 2013 is recreating the glitz and glamour from the 1920s. Celebrate your nuptials Great Gatsby style, whether it’s with a flapper style wedding dress, accessories or hair, or whether you just want a cool art deco theme for your reception – the 1920s are in for 2013 weddings.

Wedding decor

Other trends to consider in 2013 are garlands and bark. There is a strong theme of nature in the fashion for the upcoming year, and garlands are easy to incorporate – whether they’re real or paper made.


Tree bark also makes excellent candleholders or vases, and adds a country and rustic feel to your décor. You could even go all out and decorate your wedding cake – tree style!

Wedding lanterns

The overall focus of 2013 weddings seem to be rooted in nature, whether it’s flowers, bark or birds to outdoor paper lanterns and rustic braids, the hot trend for wedding is getting back to our country roots. For those of us who prefer something a little elegant there is always the 1920s and mint colored designs for inspiration.

Wedding paper lantern

wedding invites, from frugal to extravagant!

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I was absolutely shocked when I saw how expensive all paper products for weddings are! Who would have thought that something so tiny and thin would cost me 12 percent of my wedding budget! Here are some fanatic ideas for your wedding paper invitations regardless of your budget. There’s always something for everyone!

Note: Many people automatically assume that an e-invite would be the cheapest way to go because it’s….well, free. Don’t even think about it. This fringes on tacky! Spend the extra money to purchase some paper goods and stationery to notify guests of the occasion!

For the budget savvy bride: Clearly DIY is the way to go here. There are many kits you can purchase to DIY or purchase the materials at your local craft or paper good store. Your best inspiration for something like this would be Pinterest– type in keywords like DIY invites, DIY wedding invites, and DIY paper goods and you love what you find! Most of these give a how to as well. Invite your bridesmaids over and have an invite making day, it will be fun and inexpensive!


Image Courtesy of


For the techie bride: If you’re anything like me, you will enjoy and take advantage of all that technology has to offer frazzled brides. I purchased my save the dates from a smaller printing company with vintage and mod romantic designs (PearTreeGreetings); order over 150 and you can get your cards for as little as 53 cents each. They’re amazing designs and if you order in bulk, will save you a ton of money. Many smaller printing companies like this have templates online you can create your invites with customizable colors, shades, themes, and your own photos . ( Check out wedding paper divas too!) Once you’re done, they send you a proof to approve or deny and then you’re on your way!


Invites available at


For the non-existent budget bride: *Sigh*  Don’t we all wish we didn’t have budget constraints? I envy you ;) if you’re one of those brides who does not have a strict limit on funds, you can hire a graphic designer through a friend, freelance site, or places like and they will create your own original design based on what you want or have envisioned. It will be a one of a kind design and invitation set, created just for you! For extra money they can have them printed as well, just depends on your time frame and how busy of a bee you are. Looking for a more elaborate invite? Stick them in aged bottles for ” Message in a Bottle”,  have 3-D invites, hire a videographer to create a video story for  DVD invites, or hire  a techie for an iPhone app invite with details to location, registry info, couples stories, and a slide show of engagement photos.


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diy ball jar crafts…

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Two dollars && nineteen cents ((or less))!

That’s how much the above ball jar costs at any Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or local craft store. Mom’s old canning jars are no longer just to can come fall-time…they’re a wedding staple I’m obsessed with.

As shown above, add a couple wildflowers or flowers from your local florist and you have a perfect wedding centerpiece– these jars are amazingly affordable and so versatile for all aspects of your wedding. From the ceremony at each pew, the reception centerpieces, lanterns, candy bar jars, and more.  Check in as I uncover a few of my favorites throughout the month.

How are you using ball jars for your special day?

an intimate backyard wedding…

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Backyard Wedding Ideas


2012 Wedding Trends– it seems to be a year of going back to the basics, simplicity is key, less is more & all that jazz.
Backyard weddings are a beautiful setting for your wedding. It incorporates elegance, simplicity, and the vintage style we all love. Your backyard can serve as your ceremony and reception, and most of all– your home.


Who said your backyard can't be a wedding venue? Image Courtesy of StyleMePretty


Decor: Flowers, flowers, flowers. Utilize the florals in season (or in your backyard) and encompass them into everything–incorporate them into the hairstyles, decor, background decor, the food tables, etc.


Backyard Weddings: Simplicity & Elegance in your own backyard. Image Courtesy of the Blog



Menu:  Again, because the general tone of your backyard wedding will most likely be casual, your menu can be that as well. Take simple, casual dishes and add some flair. BBQ or smoked meats and grilled kabobs–or things like herb roasted vegetables, marinated and grilled chicken, fruit salsa, and strawberry shortcake. You can’t go wrong with these favorites!


Image Courtesy of


Favors:  Backyard weddings allow you to have a lot of versatility in your wedding favors you choose to set out at the end of the night. A favorite that can be encompassed as a wedding favor AND dessert is a milk and cookie bar. There are plenty of ways to have this at your wedding– just depends on your style & taste.


Cookies & Milk Wedding Favors: Adorable favor idea for a backyard wedding. Image courtesy of



Hangover Helper

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Depending on what type of bar you have at your wedding, your guests may have a bit too much fun dancing and drinking the night away!  Check out this hangover kit to send home with your guests. It was recently trending on the bridal communities as possibly encouraging guests to drink too much and leaving the wedding not in the best form. What do you think? Would you have something like this at your wedding, or do you feel it encourages guests to drink too much? I think it’s a cute idea! Kit includes a water bottle with a label of your wedding day, eye mask, Tylenol, and tums! I love the packaging too!

Love & Wedding Planning,


Hope A

Hangover Kit includes: Light Blocking Mask, Tylenol, Tums :: Photo Courtesy of The Knot

Butterfly Beauty

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Spring is here, and that means one of the busiest times of wedding season!

Here’s a trending idea for your Spring or Summer 2012 wedding– Butterflies!

We aren’t talking real ones, that might make your guests a little bit squeamish ;)


Check our these fantastic ideas for incorporating butterflies into your special day’s Spring or Summer theme.



1. Who said your bouquet had to be flowers? Use paper or fabric butterflies for a bouquet that looks like it could flutter away any minute.

2. Have your seamstress attack tiny fabric butterflies to the tulle of your flower girl’s dresses for an added detail that guests will think is downright adorable.

3. Wedding favor “out of the box” idea– Butterfly Lollipops. Purchase in your wedding colors for some fun flavors and a treat your guests can enjoy on the way home.

4. Your bridesmaids will love these fun ballet flats- easy to dance in and enjoy your special day. Adds a perfect final touch to your bridesmaid’s ensemble and is a shoe they can wear all spring or summer long!


Love & Wedding Planning,


Hope A.

the frugal bride….

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Planning a wedding isn’t easy—it’s time consuming, expensive, and sometimes overwhelming.

There are ways to cut corners in your wedding planning without loosing the classiness or quality of the wedding you’re trying to create. It is possible to plan a fun, affordable, and dare I say it, EASY wedding without it looking like a hot mess:

1. Ceremony:  Many modern day brides are having more intimate and tinier ceremonies, then hosting a large wedding reception the day of or at a later date. This creates more of a private and intimate ambience, saves money on the ceremony location due to a smaller amount of guests.  This way the happy couple can say their vows, have close friends and family present but also allow it to be a private and quieter moment.

2. Connections: If you have friends in different avenues of the wedding business (bakeries, DJ services, catering, bartending, etc) then don’t be shy about asking for some help as you book your services! If they’re able to get you discounted rates on many services, then why not use their connections? If your friend is a bartender…ask them to make your guests drinks! Have a friend that DJs downtown? Have him spin tunes at your reception! Is your friend’s mom a culinary genius? Ask her to cater the wedding!  Your friends love you and want to help, just ask—it’ll save you $$ and they’ll be happy to help.

3.  Location:  While a traditional wedding and reception maybe held in a church and then a reception hall, you can save time and money by altering your dream wedding location.  Consider an alternative location…your favorite park,  the alumni house at your old university, or your parent’s large and spacious backyard. It’s amazing how any location can be transformed to the scene and vision you would like it to be, and doesn’t need to be limited to the traditional church or reception hall scene.

4.  Time: Have your heart set on a 3 pm ceremony and 5 pm dinner? You may be able to save quite a bit of money if you hold your ceremony and/or reception just an hour or two earlier than you originally wanted. Be sure to also compare prices when renting reception venues. Note the difference in room rental prices on 4 hour reception vs. a 6 hour reception, the price differences can be in the HUNDREDS. 

5.  Secondhand: Many people turn up their nose at the idea of secondhand items for their wedding, or anything for that matter. Don’t chalk it off quite yet, websites like and are extremely popular sites with different categories of once-used items from past brides weddings. You can purchase centerpieces, lights, lanterns, tulle, even bridesmaid and wedding dresses all secondhand and all used—ONCE. Save up to 90% on all things wedding in excellent to mint condition.

Keep track of your budget with our free budget planner at!