choosing a caterer…yum!

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Choosing a caterer is one of the most important parts of planning your reception– it will probably be the most money spent on your wedding day so it’s important that you’re please all around with whom you choose. This is the meal that all of your guests will partake in and it is what connects and entertains your guests all night. Your caterer or catering company will be responsible for so much more than just putting a plate in front of your guests– it is here that you’ll most likely book your china, linens, hire your servers, and compile your beverage menu. With all of these tasks under one vendor, it’s someone you should be very happy with.

I attended my second wedding menu tasting last week because while I had a great first tasting with another caterer, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the service, all they had to offer, and the pricepoint. I was more than pleased in attending my second tasting and my fiancee and I will be going with this particular vendor.

Here are some questions to ask your caterer before attending your menu tasting:

1. Have they catered a wedding at the reception venue you chose?

2. What is included in their catering quote ?

3. Are they willing to include all rentals and menu choices for a certain price point?

4. How are dietary concerns met? Allergies, low fat, diabetics, etc.

5. What is the timeline from the arrival of the caterer to serving?

6. What serving options are available– i.e. buffet, plated, family style, etc.

7. Are the willing to create a menu on your specific choices, family recipes, cultural desires, etc?


Happy Tasting!

A Mediterranean menu tasting for my upcoming wedding!

the casbah tea house- dazzle your guests with exotic sweet offerings!

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Freshly brewed mint tea with fresh mint leaves...

New to the  Montreal Wedding Scene is the Casbah Tea House. Started by two North African women, the Casbah Tea House promises to bring the flair and elegance of Moroccan style tea and service to your wedding!

I must say, it’s definitely an exotic and original way to end a meal.  Your wedding guests will be expecting the usual such as ordinary coffee, maybe a cup of Earl Grey, but no, you’ve got something else up you sleeve! Freshly prepared mint tea poured into dainty oriental cups, served with an assortment of intricately prepared oriental sweets.

According to Layla, co-owner of the Casbah Tea House, the secret to brewing good mint tea is in the ingredients. High quality Chinese green tea is added to boiling water followed by an abundance of fresh mint leaves brought in from Morocco daily. The brew is then sweetened to taste and poured while still hot from a certain height into glass tea cups. Pouring from a certain height is key as this allows the concoction to aerate thus improving the flavour! Turkish coffee is also offered for those that insist on a cup of java after their meal!

Sweet offerings are also provided. I sampled several pastries and fell in love with all of them. My favourite though was the “Griywsha”, a tangled mass of fried pastry dipped in honey and sesame seeds. It was sweet, sticky, crumbly and melt-in your mouth all at the same time!

Griywsha, fried pastry dipped in honey & sesame seeds!

If you’re a lover of tea and the orient and want something different for your wedding reception here in Montreal, a Moroccan tea stand is the element to have. Visit the  Casbah Tea House profile  should you need more details.