Wedding Favors and Centerpieces

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Wedding cupcake favors

Whether you are self-planning your big day or you have a wedding planner to manage your day, wedding favors and your table’s centerpieces need some consideration. There is an endless choice of both available and here we look at some unusual ideas to give you some ideas on these tasks which need doing.


Flowers are the most popular centerpieces for wedding tables and choice is now probably at its largest than ever before. You’ll likely want to keep the flowers in keeping with your wedding bouquet. It’s a good idea to keep cases of a clear glass so as not to overpower the table settings and opt for a simply, yet sleek, eye-catching design.

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This idea is perfect and keeps the bride and groom as the main feature. It’s your day and people are there to celebrate the coming together of you both. It’s a simple arrangement and is easily put together.

Another idea is to place bowl-shaped vases as centerpieces and fill them with remnants of your life together, such as shells from romantic holidays you have collected or other bits of memories you have built up together.

Here is an idea which we love:

Wedding favors

If you like candles then you can combine candles with flowers. Be careful though if you have children attending your wedding as excited children can be somewhat perilous in terms of waving their arms around. You could place on a children’s table something more child-friendly.

Paper is a vital commodity and this is a fabulous idea for a table centerpiece. It’s also a way Wedding Favors

The choice is endless for wedding favors and no matter how large or small your budget you will be able to do something that is just simple, yet will give your guests something to remember your special day.

This is a very simple design which has is affordable and can be made by a friend. The stand is pre-made and the little butterfly-shaped card holders are easily able to put together.

You can place any little reference in the parcels for your guests to keep as a memento of your special day.

You can also use a number of other gifts for your day. This is a wonderful idea.

Wedding Centerpieces purple

Wedding favors are such a special memento of your special day for your guests to keep. You can choose from a funky theme, such as those with a touch of humor for your guests, you can place a touch of individual flair on your wedding favors and develop your own ideas from the many sites that are available for ideas. You can have a ‘sweet’ theme, a romance theme or stick to something that you and your betrothed have built memories on.

Your wedding favors are a symbol of your day as you join together in union for the rest of your lives and this little gesture is such a lovely gesture by way of thanking your guests for joining you as you start your new life together.

Wedding Centerpieces purple

How to Make a Wedding Reception Fun

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Weddings can either be time for celebration, but often guests flinch at the invitation, worrying it’ll be a stuffy affair, so the last thing you want is for your friends to think the same thing. So here are some tips to liven things up at your wedding celebration.

The first dance will have everyone’s eyes on you, and while there is something timeless about a Viennese Waltz or a sappy romantic tune, try to jazz this up a bit. This is the time to shock your guests – surprise them with a sexy Latin dance or a jazzy swing step. This will definitely set the tone for a lively party.


Bored children at a wedding could very easily lead to disaster, so make sure you’ve got a game plan to entertain them. Set up an area for them, perhaps in a separate room with a babysitter who can set up movies for them to watch or even just give them a couple of tables with coloring books, toys and such.


Toasts can be brilliantly witty, but sometimes they run on and on leaving guests to look at their watches often. Prep your toasters to keep it down to two-minute max and to keep long-drawn stories for the anecdotes during drinks.

A wedding is a party, so give out some favors like noisemakers or masks. Encourage the guests to let their hair down and have a bit of fun once the formalities are all over and done with.

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Get rid of the sit down dinner and get your guests involved. Great food is a good way to celebrate, but when everyone gets what he or she likes it’s even better. Set up a customizable food station where people can either have a pasta bar or a grilled cheese stations they can pick and choose from. It’s fun and everyone gets what he or she wants!

Melissa and Alfredo's Wedding

Nothing kills a party more than having all your guests leave early, so give a reason for them to stay. Plan some fireworks or an exciting surprise and tell them about it. It’ll give them an incentive to stay on until the very end.

But, sometimes the best parts are the bits the guests don’t see coming. Plan a surprise that will awe your guests until the very end, like a mariachi band or a troupe of belly dancers.


Going back to formal matters, make sure you arrange seats thoughtfully. The last thing you want is to sit people next to each other who don’t get on. Pick people you know would have a lot in common or great chemistry and build up based on that. That way you’ll have a great ambience at the wedding.

And last but not least, order food that isn’t formal or stuffy. You want the wedding to be fun, so go for what you would eat. If you fancy something exotic then go for Spanish tapas or Mexican. Be creative and everyone will have a great time! If you prepare a wedding thoughtfully and creatively, you’ll find people will have the time of their life and talk about it for the rest of it.


inexpensive wedding favor ideas….

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Remember going to your friends’ birthday parties? It was always so much fun to getting that goodie-bag of party favors when your mom came to pick you up. It was a ‘thank you for coming’ gesture; a gesture that now extends to weddings.

Most of the time the wedding favors are placed at each individual table setting at the reception. This is the easiest way to make sure everyone receives one. Other possible means of distribution, however, include attaching the favors to the wedding program or handing them to the guests as they are greeted at the door before the ceremony.

The question isn’t so much whether or not to make favors a part of your wedding, but instead, what the favors will be. Couples want to give guests something meaningful without it eating up too large a portion of their wedding budget. Sound impossible? Not really.

  1. Unless the gift is something disposable (candy or gum), don’t put your initials or the date (other than the year) on it.
  2. If possible, choose something that stays in sync with the theme of your wedding-candles with seashells embedded within for a beach-themed wedding or a small terracotta pot and a package of flower seeds for a garden or country wedding.

Other possibilities include:

  1. Small customized gift bags of gourmet coffee with cute messages can be ordered from
  2. Gold or silver plated bookmarks
  3. Chrome or brass bottle openers in the shape of something in conjunction with your wedding’s theme. Once again, is an excellent source. They have flip-flops, hearts, doves, seashells and more.
  4. Coasters-glass, bamboo, wooden or the moisture-absorbing stone
  5. Mints and chocolates in a decorative tin or box
  6. Salt and pepper shakers
  7. Christmas ornaments-the only date mentioned should be the year
  8. Note pads and pens.

Something practical, inexpensive, yet unique-that’s what you’re going after. After all…it is your wedding and your day.




diy “s’more” wedding favors…

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Who doesn’t like s’mores? Why not give your guests a treat they can take home and enjoy later. This do-it-yourself project is simple yet elegant as well as being budget friendly yet thoughtful. You can even play around with the ingredients and come up with exotic variations  by using chocolate grahams, white chocolate squares and  homemade coconut marshmallows. Use your imagination and be creative, as long as you use good quality ingredients you can’t go wrong!


Cost breakdown for this project (using basic ingredients):

Gusseted Cellophane Bags: $35 for 100 / 6 boxes Honeymaid Graham Crackers: $18.00 / 6 bags Jet-Puffed Marshmallows: $10 / 100 Hang  Tags: $6.99 / Silver Pen: $3.00  or Custom Stamp & Ink: $30 / Hersey’s Chocolate Bars: Pack of 36 $23

Total: $96, or $.96 each per 100.

Custom Tags: $126, or $1.26 each per 100.


Photo sourced at









Hangover Helper

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Depending on what type of bar you have at your wedding, your guests may have a bit too much fun dancing and drinking the night away!  Check out this hangover kit to send home with your guests. It was recently trending on the bridal communities as possibly encouraging guests to drink too much and leaving the wedding not in the best form. What do you think? Would you have something like this at your wedding, or do you feel it encourages guests to drink too much? I think it’s a cute idea! Kit includes a water bottle with a label of your wedding day, eye mask, Tylenol, and tums! I love the packaging too!

Love & Wedding Planning,


Hope A

Hangover Kit includes: Light Blocking Mask, Tylenol, Tums :: Photo Courtesy of The Knot

wedding decor 2011!

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I hope everyone had a great New Year, 2011 is going to be an exciting and fun year with many weddings to plan for and enjoy!

Each year, new wedding decorating trends are created and made popular. 2011 is sure to be a year of memorable weddings, with decorating trends more fun and creative than ever.  While some decorating trends from 2010 are carrying on into the 2011 wedding season, some new décor ideas are just making their debut.                                           

Centerpieces Colorized: Centerpieces decorations really vary based on the wedding theme, the couple’s personality and style, and the budget at hand. This year, couples are mixing and matching shapes and colors to create bold and brightly colored centerpieces sure to be an eye catching part of the evening. Mix it up a bit and take some risks.  Modern shapes and bold colors are hotter than ever, so weave that into the theme of your reception table décor. Go beyond the coordinated look of traditional centerpieces and create an artistic table that guests will want to ooh and awe over all night long. 

Celebratory Confetti: Everyone loves confetti…until you have to pick up the mess on each table afterward! Save yourself time and hassle by finding less messy and annoying confetti décor. Confetti-like décor does not necessarily have to be something lightweight and traditional, pick something tiny and complimentary to your wedding theme that you can spread across the table as filler space.  Depending on the theme,  you could decorate your tables in a confetti-like fashion with low-cost items such as sea shells, flower petals, playing cards,  jewels, stained glass pieces,  or colored tiny glass rocks. 

Fantastic Fabric: Tulle, lace, and floral swags are trends that continue to come back year after year. Intertwine Christmas white lights into the tulle and lace to create a majestic and intimate feel at your reception. Use patterned material or floral swags to decorate your chairs. Decorating with these fabrics can be affordable too! Check out your local fabric stores for discounted and clearance fabric in bulk rolls.

Personalization Preferred:  This year, personalization is everything. Use you and your husband or bride to be initials on various parts of your wedding décor. This day is about you and your fiancé, so play it up by incorporating your names, favorite colors, and initials throughout your special day. Add your initials in elegant script font to the programs, have personalized M & M’s as a take home gift for your guest, and talk with your baker about a personalized replica of the two of you as cake topper. Simple, personalized touches like this will make your wedding a personal affair to remember.

Here’s to a great new year in 2011! It’s sure to be a year of new trends, styles, and weddings that will be memorable. Marketplace Weddings can’t wait to be a part of it!