oscar inspired wedding dresses

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The Oscars have arrived and bid us adieu, yet the 2012 Oscar trends remain. The world comes together to see the fashion, the glitz, the glamour. Here are three trends that have been inspired by the Golden Globes all around the globe for a bride’s dream gown.



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Grecian Goddess: Celebrities were spotted on this special night in one shouldered, metallic fabric floor length gowns. This embodied an air of elegance, couture, and sexiness all in one. The shimmery fabric and the one shoulder look is a popular one for all wedding seasons this year– it’s the perfectly balanced gown for a bride looking to stay in tune to the trends.

Peplum: This is a style similar to a tunic, with a greater amount of material on the top and a lengthened silhouette on the bottom. This is really a flattering style for any size bride and it’s similar style was seen on big name celebs like Tina Fey and Angelina Jolie.

Off the Shoulder: The off the shoulder dress is one that exudes pure elegance and luxury; this style has a varied style on the bottom; from a ball room bottom, A-line skirt, or mermaid type look. Regardless, it exposes the shoulders and all of their elegance while remaining modest and elegant.

What Oscar look are you sporting?



designer we love: reem acra

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Reem Acra is a well known Lebanese fashion designer who’s headquarters are located in New York, but continues to be a legend worldwide. Although she studied in Paris and New York, and her designs are loved all over the world, Reem spends most of her time and energy continuing to brand herself in the NYC area. Her designs incorporate modern elegance with a European flair, and she is most known for her bridal designs and her uncanny talent for incorporating embroidery into her designs.


Her 2012 collection included off the shoulder, both shoulder, sweetheart, and strapless designs all with embroidery and/or floral embroidered embellishments.


I’m in love.

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My Favorite Things: The One Shoulder

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A reoccurring trend I absolutely love is the elegant yet sexy one shouldered wedding gown. It’s been a classic favorite over the past couple years, each year presenting a new design more beautiful than the next.

A favorite bride that we remember from past years’ is Guy Sebastian’s (Australian Idol’s winner) beautiful bride, Jules Egan. The gown was designed by Master/Slave, a famous Australian designer. It’s one shoulder design encompassed a vintage floral cluster with mauve and off white ribbons on the shoulder. Guy Sebastian still talks about how fabulous his bride looked on their wedding day.

Just a quick couple update: the couple is still happily married, Sebastian just released new tracks and his wife is a happy designer after having a successful Aussie fashion week. Fashion, love, and music? This couple still has it all.


xo Hope

Photo Taken from Polka Bride via polkadotbride.com

alternatives to the traditional white gown…

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The original custom of wearing a white wedding gown was to signify the purity of the bride. If a woman was married before, was widowed or divorced, then she was not supposed to wear a white gown at her next wedding. As with many customs and traditions, things change or are forgotten.

The white wedding gown is still fashionable for weddings, but no longer holds traditional values. Today women are putting tradition behind them, and opting for fashionable replacements for the white wedding gown.

Many couples are looking for a wedding that will stand out among the rest. They are getting married in parks, on the beach, on bridges, on cruises, and many other out of the way places. Some even go as far as parachuting out of a plane or bungee jumping off a bridge. The point being, don’t be afraid to experiment. This is your special day. Make it fun and memorable. Maybe you will want a medieval gown, or a simple silk shift. You might even want to mix a few different traditional things together like an old, lace gown with a pastel veil and red rosettes. You may want something simple or something extravagant. 

Choose bold colors like bright red, green or blue if you really want to stand out. Combinations of different colors and lengths are also becoming very popular. You may decide you want a red wedding gown with white rosettes, or a white wedding gown with red rosettes. You may even think of something in a short skirt or a pants suit in white satin.

Wedding gown styles are now left up your individual tastes, unless you decide to go traditional because of your families or faith. People are getting married in shorts and tee shirts, matching ensembles, short skirted suits, and original hand made gowns. Many couples choose to follow current trends,  others just want their individualism to stand out.

A wedding is a special occasion, one that will be remembered for a life time. You should choose what you want as your wedding apparel, after all, it is your special day and you will want memories that you will enjoy and talk about long afterward.