Wedding stationery trends for 2013

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Even in our digital age, paper still carries something romantic about it and we hardly think the tradition of the paper invitation is going to die out any time soon. The year 2013 brings in a whole new set of themes and trends that are going to spill out onto the wedding stationary, so let’s take a look at what those are this time.

Wedding stationary Pink


The fairytale wedding is making a comeback, but not only that, rustic is huge this coming year, so it makes sense to marry the two together. The gorgeous velvet and colored wedding dresses from designer Oscar De La Renta make us think back to medieval princesses and courtly love, and with the surge of princess tales in the cinema lately, it makes sense that more and more brides are looking to get their happily ever after. For this trend, look to an enchanted forest for inspiration, from a mix of flowers, leaves and natural fabrics, all with a touch of decadence, of course.


Wedding stationary

Vintage is huge this year and nothing says more than Victoriana than good old-fashioned lace. It’s beautiful, feminine and makes us immediately think of brides and weddings. This is a beautiful feature to include in with your stationary.


Continuing with the vintage theme, homespun designs are continuing to gain popularity. This can be achieved by combining various fabrics, buttons and other materials together, whether it’s a quilted pattern with rustic designs to something with a chic feel to it, it’s a good direction to go in.

Wedding stationarybutterflies


Floral patterns are huge this year, especially in the stationary area. It’s a trend that is looking to stay firmly put for a while, and offers so much freedom for creativity. You can opt for something vintage, chintzy, modern and in a variety of colors from something stronger to pastel shades.



Keeping in with the vintage feel, retro geometrics are back. If florals are not your thing, then why not try to modernize things a bit with bright and vibrant shades that come in a variety of geometric patterns. These look really chic and elegant printed and offer a change to really get the creative juices running for your stationary designs.



Whether you’re looking for something romantic, chic or even out-there, there are plenty of ideas to draw inspiration from. The great thing about the above trends is that they can be customized to suit your own tastes and needs.

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Wedding Trends For 2013

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Chic Sylish wedding decor

Planning a wedding is lots of work and sometimes it’s difficult to find inspiration – so perhaps looking at the current trends for upcoming weddings in 2013 might help.


If you’re thinking about what colors to go with, cool mint is hot right now. Whether you’re looking for chic bridesmaids’ dresses, elegant mint wedding cake to jewelry and even the groom’s suit, mint is the color that’s in right now. Why not get some mint colored crockery or even serve mint colored macaroons. Spice up your white wedding dress with mint accessories and shoes.


Birds are the big thing in fashion and décor at the moment, and naturally, this will spill an avian theme into many weddings in 2013. Nothing says natural, beautiful and stylish like birds for your wedding.


Add a little bohemian spice to your decorations with birdcages filled with bouquets or decorate your tables with birds’ nests and eggs. 

Mint Cupcakes

For an inexpensive way to decorate your wedding, why not go for paper lanterns? They’re festive, beautiful and make any event feel special. You can go for the traditional Asian style, but with many chic designs for lanterns there are plenty to choose from to suit your style.

Wedding cake blue

If you’re wondering what to do with your hair, then the rustic braid is in. There is so much you can do with braids. They’re pretty and creative – perhaps go for something different from the usual curling tongs.

Laser cuts are in for any paper or card design. Make beautiful invitations sent out in laser cut envelopes, or perhaps stylize your place cards.

Wedding cakes

When thinking of doing a themed wedding, then one hot era to aim for in 2013 is recreating the glitz and glamour from the 1920s. Celebrate your nuptials Great Gatsby style, whether it’s with a flapper style wedding dress, accessories or hair, or whether you just want a cool art deco theme for your reception – the 1920s are in for 2013 weddings.

Wedding decor

Other trends to consider in 2013 are garlands and bark. There is a strong theme of nature in the fashion for the upcoming year, and garlands are easy to incorporate – whether they’re real or paper made.


Tree bark also makes excellent candleholders or vases, and adds a country and rustic feel to your décor. You could even go all out and decorate your wedding cake – tree style!

Wedding lanterns

The overall focus of 2013 weddings seem to be rooted in nature, whether it’s flowers, bark or birds to outdoor paper lanterns and rustic braids, the hot trend for wedding is getting back to our country roots. For those of us who prefer something a little elegant there is always the 1920s and mint colored designs for inspiration.

Wedding paper lantern

wedding decor 2011!

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I hope everyone had a great New Year, 2011 is going to be an exciting and fun year with many weddings to plan for and enjoy!

Each year, new wedding decorating trends are created and made popular. 2011 is sure to be a year of memorable weddings, with decorating trends more fun and creative than ever.  While some decorating trends from 2010 are carrying on into the 2011 wedding season, some new décor ideas are just making their debut.                                           

Centerpieces Colorized: Centerpieces decorations really vary based on the wedding theme, the couple’s personality and style, and the budget at hand. This year, couples are mixing and matching shapes and colors to create bold and brightly colored centerpieces sure to be an eye catching part of the evening. Mix it up a bit and take some risks.  Modern shapes and bold colors are hotter than ever, so weave that into the theme of your reception table décor. Go beyond the coordinated look of traditional centerpieces and create an artistic table that guests will want to ooh and awe over all night long. 

Celebratory Confetti: Everyone loves confetti…until you have to pick up the mess on each table afterward! Save yourself time and hassle by finding less messy and annoying confetti décor. Confetti-like décor does not necessarily have to be something lightweight and traditional, pick something tiny and complimentary to your wedding theme that you can spread across the table as filler space.  Depending on the theme,  you could decorate your tables in a confetti-like fashion with low-cost items such as sea shells, flower petals, playing cards,  jewels, stained glass pieces,  or colored tiny glass rocks. 

Fantastic Fabric: Tulle, lace, and floral swags are trends that continue to come back year after year. Intertwine Christmas white lights into the tulle and lace to create a majestic and intimate feel at your reception. Use patterned material or floral swags to decorate your chairs. Decorating with these fabrics can be affordable too! Check out your local fabric stores for discounted and clearance fabric in bulk rolls.

Personalization Preferred:  This year, personalization is everything. Use you and your husband or bride to be initials on various parts of your wedding décor. This day is about you and your fiancé, so play it up by incorporating your names, favorite colors, and initials throughout your special day. Add your initials in elegant script font to the programs, have personalized M & M’s as a take home gift for your guest, and talk with your baker about a personalized replica of the two of you as cake topper. Simple, personalized touches like this will make your wedding a personal affair to remember.

Here’s to a great new year in 2011! It’s sure to be a year of new trends, styles, and weddings that will be memorable. Marketplace Weddings can’t wait to be a part of it!