oscar inspired wedding dresses

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The Oscars have arrived and bid us adieu, yet the 2012 Oscar trends remain. The world comes together to see the fashion, the glitz, the glamour. Here are three trends that have been inspired by the Golden Globes all around the globe for a bride’s dream gown.



Image Courtesy of newsfashiontrend.com


Grecian Goddess: Celebrities were spotted on this special night in one shouldered, metallic fabric floor length gowns. This embodied an air of elegance, couture, and sexiness all in one. The shimmery fabric and the one shoulder look is a popular one for all wedding seasons this year– it’s the perfectly balanced gown for a bride looking to stay in tune to the trends.

Peplum: This is a style similar to a tunic, with a greater amount of material on the top and a lengthened silhouette on the bottom. This is really a flattering style for any size bride and it’s similar style was seen on big name celebs like Tina Fey and Angelina Jolie.

Off the Shoulder: The off the shoulder dress is one that exudes pure elegance and luxury; this style has a varied style on the bottom; from a ball room bottom, A-line skirt, or mermaid type look. Regardless, it exposes the shoulders and all of their elegance while remaining modest and elegant.

What Oscar look are you sporting?



diy florals with an edge..

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Stumbled across this beautiful photo on Pinterest, and naturally it sparked some DIY ideas of my own. So many brides are set on using fresh florals, but what about ad libbing, being creative, and creating something that not many have done before?


Let’s take this storybook bouquet for a bride’s storybook ending. I love the meaning behind this bouquet. Love truly is a story– it has a beginning, middle, end, and a ton of chapters that are unlike any other book you’ve read. You have a unique story and I feel this conveys that point so beautifully. What do you think?

As a write, author, and journalist I’m actually considering a design like this!

Interested? Check out these DIY blogs on how to make a bouquet such as this!

Love & Tulle,

Hope A.





winter wedding wonderland!

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We’re having a heat wave in Canada (25C in March!) so I thought I’d cool things down with a few ideas for a winter themed wedding!The cool crisp sounds and colors of fall are quietly winding down, and we can look forward to the holidays and winter.  Some brides look to incorporate a holiday theme into their wedding, while others aim to keep the holiday aura and winter theme separate. Regardless, winter is the perfect time to throw a wedding as you will have a variety of color combos, themes, and decor to please brides of all styles.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Winter wedding colors can be categorized into two different color palette: the warm and rich colors and the cool and icy colors. Both, confidently, convey the same winter theme and atmosphere that many brides visualize when designing and planning their wedding. Pictured above are the whites, creams, ivories, and shades of blue – this is a great way of bringing the winter theme and scheme into your wedding without having to bring the holiday, or Christmas theme into it, yet still being able to winterize your wedding.

Warm Winters: Using warm and rich colors such as your reds, purples, and dark greens will winterize your wedding yet bring into it a rich and holiday theme that everyone enjoys. The deep plum colors, a passionate red and a pine green are a great combo for your wedding color palette yet make it easy and versatile to incorporate other winter attributes to your special day.

Regardless of the color scheme you choose, icy or warm,  you can continue to include winterize your wedding through other aspects such as your wedding party dresses (floor length for winter and more formal), the wedding menu (choose richer foods with heavier sauces), and beverages ( set up a hot cocoa or coffee station to warm up your guests).

How are you planning your winter wedding? Got any tips or DIY tricks? Comment Here!

Photos via www.newenglandliving.com , www.bubblybride.com, www.weddingbee.com

7 ways to “wow” your guests…..

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Yes, we know that your wedding is not a time to show off…but a time to celebrate. But who says you can’t show off and wow your guests a little?  

1.  Photo Booth:   A fun added wedding touch that is becoming a huge hit is the photobooth. These can be rented by various vendors, both locally and online. Reserve one for the length of your reception. Here your guests, your bridal party, and you and your new groom can hop in and snap a few funny pictures to keep forever. It’s a great way to have a momento of the special day, and you’re guaranteed quite a few laughs along the way! Visit  Photobooth Montreal to have a booth at your next Montreal big event!

2.  Have a Killer MC & DJ: Everyone looks forward to hitting the dance floor after you and your guests wine and dine. Find a MC and DJ that are personable, fun, and know how to get guests to interact on the dance floor. Nobody likes to go to a wedding that has guests awkwardly dancing or walking across the dance floor—find someone that will make them stand up, dance, and ENJOY! 

3.  Original Wedding Favors:  We know that these can get a bit pricey but there are plenty of ways to WOW your guests with your tiny favors they get to take home. How about 99 cent flip flops in your wedding colors? Simple, cheap, but original. Check out Nadia’s Cookie Boutique : you can personalized cookies with your photo of choice and your guests will have a cute momento of your wedding they can eat and enjoy! 

4.  Bedazzle them with your Décor:  Take the time to budget and find original decorations for your reception. Perhaps you and your fiancé travel a lot, include memories or souvenirs from each trip on each table. High school sweethearts? Place momentos of your years together (like movie stubs, prom tickets, old pictures) on each table.  Never underestimate the beauty and importance of light: check out places like IKEA for modern lamps that run under ten bucks to add some extra touches to the reception hall. Chinese lanterns are another affordable option, they’re available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. For all your decorating needs look no further than Decor & More Gift Shoppe in Montreal.

 5.  Rock the Dance Floor: We have all seen the YouTube phenomenon of posting the wedding couple and wedding party’s dance routines—why not come up with one of your own? It ALWAYS surprises guests when the newlywed couple begins to dance slow and then breaks out into a funky routine. Meet up with a dance instructor, dance student from a nearby school, or a friend who has dance experience to create special choreography that will leave your guests impressed!

 6.  Specialty Bars: A “bar” at your wedding doesn’t have to be alcohol related. There are other types that guests enjoy that are original and simple. One of the most popular recently is the candy bar. Set up a long table with specialty candies, bright colored goodies in different sized vases and jars. You can even do some research and find some old time candies to bring back memories. Provide tiny paper bags and silver scoopers so guests can take what they want to enjoy at the wedding or bring it home. Montreal’s KREAVIE creates the cutest sweet tables ever!

 7.  Interact: A simple gesture that leaves guests feeling touched is  when the bride and groom take the time to sit down and enjoy the company of their guests. Many-a-time guests attend a wedding and don’t even get to enjoy visiting with the bride or groom because they are so busy. Take some time to interact with those that came, it will be the most simple, yet the most genuine gesture you can do at your wedding— showing you care will certainly wow them!

“fall” in love…an autumn wedding!

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As summer winds down, we can look forward to the sounds and scenes of autumn. What a beautiful season to pick to have your wedding surroundings. Cool crisp air, harvest colors and the warmth and vivid beauty that surrounds us in the fall. There are a couple of different ways to embrace fall themes into your special day by incorporating various autumn infusions into your wedding day. Vibrant colors and elegant decor are a great way to incorporate an autumn theme into your wedding, through various ways:



Flowers:  While you are entitled to pick whatever flowers you want, make sure the flowers you are looking for your wedding in the fall are in season. Choose colors that represent the change in seasons, the harvest theme, and the bountiful colors and foliage of fall.  Some “safe” flowers that are available all year include roses, orchids, tropical flowers, and gerber daises, holly, amaryllis, daphne, iris, winter jasmine, cotoneaster, narcissus and montbretia, . If you want a specific type of flower you do have the option of special ordering it from your florist, however special order flowers may be more pricey. . Accents of the fall season are the same colors, and may also include dark green leaves, or red berries.




Colors: Pick the warmer colors on the color wheel. Explore hues that are the most warm and vibrant such as shades of orange, red, yellow, and  matte green. To add more of a formal flair to your wedding, consider incorporating the color black into your decor, theme or bridal party along with your fall colors. This adds a formal air to your wedding if you feel your fall wedding maybe deemed as too casual, it is absolutely stunning!



Seasonal Props: Take advantage of the perks of getting married in the fall! You are able to add a festive autumn theme without looking very hard. Consider decorating centerpieces with pumpkins, vibrant squashes, or newly fallen leaves that still have their warm fall colors. Center your wedding gift favors around the season as well. Candy corn, maple syrup bottles or candies work wonderfully and are affordable if bought local.  Name cards and invitations for a natural wedding could be created using natural materials such as leaves and natural rice paper. A pressed leaf inside an invitation would be a delightful surprise that could set the tone. Also keep in mind that invitations don’t have to be white. You don’t need to go with a bright yellow invitation, but you can find a paper that has a subtle fall shade.


Menu: Coordinate your wedding menu around the autumn theme.  Enjoy the late summer and early fall vegetables such as corn and squash. Discuss with caterers how your entrées can be prepared while still keeping the autumn theme throughout the entire meal’s palette. Consider giving your guests the option of a main course that is more classic and typical of autumn themes such as oven roasted chicken with thyme, pheasant with sage, or duck and for dessert a maple syrup creme brulée or a tart apple tarte tatin!

There are many ways to incorporate the sounds, sights, and smells of the beauty of autumn. Stay creative, take advantage of the beauty offered by autumn, and enjoy the cozy color scheme and ambience.

pretty in pink? la vie en rose!

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I’m not ashamed to say it, I LOVE THE COLOR PINK!! When we think of the color pink, we think of the girly, feminine, and bubbly personality that pink possesses. While that maybe true, the color pink can be used to dress up, or dress down your wedding. It can be used to create a classy ambience on your special day, as it can be incorporated into just about anything. There are many shades of pink, and many hues that can be used for various aspects of the wedding, and many ways to wear this fabulous color—pink!

Bridal Party:

There are so many different shades of pink which gives you many options to work with. You can find a shade that compliments your bridal party, including the groomsman. While some men may argue that pink is too girlie for them, you can actually work it into your wedding very nicely. Pair it with a neutral and universal color, such as a mocha brown, a cornflower blue, or even a lighter green.  If your groomsman aren’t too keen on wearing a lot of pink, then consider picking a softer shade of pink for their boutonnière, tie, or vest.


There are so many possibilities while decorating with pink!  Sophisticate your chairs at the reception with large pink satin ribbons to tie around your chairs. Fill each centerpiece with large bouquets of flowers in various shades of pink, along with white roses to offer some variety. Hang pink Chinese lanterns throughout the reception hall to create a majestic, yet modern look with a flirty flair.  Have personalized pink candies made, or customize packs of pink bubble gum for your guests to enjoy and take home. Add drama by combining pink with black as well.

Accent the Bride’s Signature Look:

As the bride, you are the center of attention alongside your groom. You want your guests to always remember your special day, and the picturesque image of you walking down the aisle. Many brides find some sort of accessory or style that shows their signature look. Find a pink accessory and let it play up your wedding gown. Hot pink heals, pink pearls, a pink ribbon to use as a sash on your dress, or a bright pink bangle. Use the color pink to play up your bridal beauty, while creating a flirty yet classy twist to your already breathtaking gown.

Regardless of how you use the color pink in your wedding, there are various ways to incorporate the color pink to accent your wedding with a classy, flirty, and happy ambiance that is sure to compliment nearly any wedding!

The pink themed sweet table featured in this blog was created by Kreavie, an online boutique based in Montreal that specialize in sweet tables and other gourmet foods.

rachel a. clingen- wedding & event design with flair

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The team at Rachel A. Clingen have been leaders in the wedding and event industry for more than 18 years. David and Rachel the husband and wife duo, along with their experienced design crew have been transforming venues and wedding tents all over Canada. They are unique to the wedding industry as all their services are provided ‘in house’ for a less complicated design experience and to ease the stress of multiple vendors.

Rachel believes that wedding decorating and floral has become as important or as necessary to brides as her wedding gown itself! . The owner of the company explains, “Most brides will attend other weddings before their own and want to ensure that theirs is one of a kind.”  Rachel continues, “brides are realizing that making their day unique is more then just changing the colour of the flowers. We have certainly noticed a trend over the past number of years that brides are becoming very interested and serious about their weddings being ‘original’.”  

Rachel believes focusing on one element entirely such as flowers or even fabric work to create a theme or atmosphere is like trying to paint a picture with only one colour.  “We like to design utilizing different mediums. Certainly including flowers but also creating texture with props and fabric decor, such as backdrops or chair covers. This allows much more flexibility when trying to meet the unique needs of each client.”

Rachel A. Clingen offers two convenient ‘one stop shop’ locations, one in Caledon and one inThornhill where brides can choose their wedding flowers, backdrops, chair covers, linens and centrepieces from their comprehensive portfolio. 

As the bridal market and awareness continues to grow in Toronto,  wedding decorating by Rachel A. Clingen will insure customers have many options to choose from.

For more information visit: Rachel A. Clingen