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The Royal Wedding Rundown….

Last fall media outlets worldwide was discussing Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement. Today, they are still talking about it with just as much anticipation and excitement as if it were the day after Prince William popped the question. Yes, everyone is talking about it—the royal wedding is nearly here. The royal nuptials are set for next week, April 29th at 5am Eastern Standard time and will be broadcasted worldwide. Wondering why on earth they would get married that early? Due to the fact that the wedding will be taking place 11am London time, those of us in the Western Hemisphere will have to endure waking up early and brewing a pot coffee to watch the wedding of the decade.   

While many details, vendors, and aspects of the royal wedding are remaining a secret ready to be unveiled (yes, pun intended) for the big day, there are some points of interest that everyone is a buzz about as we count down to the happy –ever-after-affair that will be here before we know it.

Let’s turn our attention to the trinket that is making women all over the world drool with envy. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring.  The stunning piece of jewelry, was given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles, is encrusted with diamonds with a  huge sapphire in the middle.  Valued at £80,000, it is a jaw dropping ring that has everyone talking even after nearly six months since the proposal. Can’t get enough of it? You can snag a look alike here…

The dress? We still have no idea! Last week it was released that Sophie Cranston of the Libélula label will be making the wedding gown for this monumental occasion. There are no solid details on what sort of dress, fabric, or anything of that nature. One thing we are sure of: it will be original and absolutely breathtaking.

The cake will be a traditional fruit cake, not to everyone’s liking but oh well….

As for the couple’s honeymoon, many speculations are being made but nothing has been confirmed. The intense publicity has made it so that any details or arrangements are kept under wraps even as we near closer towards the big day so we are just going to have to wait patiently. Where do you think Prince William and the future Princess will spend their honeymoon? Any takers?

Until next week we will have to endure the waiting game but in the mean time take a look at this: : . Obsessed a bit, aren’t we?


celebrity bride-to-be guide for 2011

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Everywhere you look, the stars we love on the red carpet and in Hollywood are getting engaged and tying the knot! Since the celebrities in Hollywood and across the world are ones that show us the latest styles, trends, and hottest news….why shouldn’t they have the best wedding planning tips and styles to take a look at?  We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most talked about soon-to-be brides for 2011. Which one do you admire most?

Bride to be #5: Leann Rimes and  Eddie Cibrian became another one of Hollywood’s beloved engaged couples on Christmas eve. The couple battled engagement rumors in November so it didn’t come as a huge surprise to friends and family but was still a shock to the happy bride to be. Rimes was seen sporting a five-carat oval diamond engagement ring set in rose gold and the couple has no wedding date set. 


Bride to be #4: Reese Witherspoon and CAA agent Jim Toth are among the most recent engaged celebrities in Hollywood. The couple got engaged in late December, and plan for a wedding in fall of this year. This will be Reese Witherspoon’s second marriage and Toth’s first.  Her ring is a knockout, at four carats designed by William Goldberg diamonds. 

Bride to Be #3 Kat Von D and Jesse James: Controversy has definitely struck over this rocker couple. Hollywood is abuzz as Jesse James had been reportedly cheating on wife and actress Sandra Bullock in early 2010 and began dating Kat Von D shortly after.  The couple has never been happier, they claim, and Kat Von D’s ring is a modern and untraditional design by Neil Lane.


Bride to be #2 Natalie Portman and Black Swan costar Benjamin Millepied had two big announcements over the holidays : engaged AND expecting. The happy couple met last year when they began filming this multi-million dollar hit movie, and sparks have been flying ever since. This 29-year old actress has had quite a year and it isn’t over yet. Portman is not only expecting her first child this year, but is also predicted to have her upcoming movie with Ashton Kutcher, No Strings Attached (opening February 11th) to be another major hit. Portman revealed her engagement ring at the People’s Choice Awards last Sunday, dropping jaws with her one of a kind ring.


Bride to be #1 Kate Middleton & Price William  were the top searched, tweeted, and talked about couple near the end of 2010 and they aren’t losing any popularity anytime soon. The Price proposed to his girlfriend and college love of nearly eight years on November 16th, 2010. The couple was on vacation in Africa with friends  when Price William popped the question. The ring may look familiar to some people as Price William used his mother’s, Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring which is also surrounded by 14 diamonds and worth an estimated 30,000 pounds. The couple is not only in the spotlight due to the fact that the royal family is about to have a royal wedding—but the royal wedding planning, designing of the gowns, the fashion, the cake, and the venue are receiving the upmost exposure. The Royal Wedding is set for April 2011, and the couple is currently extremely busy getting things together for the wedding of the decade that will linger in history for years to come.