pretty in pink? la vie en rose!

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I’m not ashamed to say it, I LOVE THE COLOR PINK!! When we think of the color pink, we think of the girly, feminine, and bubbly personality that pink possesses. While that maybe true, the color pink can be used to dress up, or dress down your wedding. It can be used to create a classy ambience on your special day, as it can be incorporated into just about anything. There are many shades of pink, and many hues that can be used for various aspects of the wedding, and many ways to wear this fabulous color—pink!

Bridal Party:

There are so many different shades of pink which gives you many options to work with. You can find a shade that compliments your bridal party, including the groomsman. While some men may argue that pink is too girlie for them, you can actually work it into your wedding very nicely. Pair it with a neutral and universal color, such as a mocha brown, a cornflower blue, or even a lighter green.  If your groomsman aren’t too keen on wearing a lot of pink, then consider picking a softer shade of pink for their boutonnière, tie, or vest.


There are so many possibilities while decorating with pink!  Sophisticate your chairs at the reception with large pink satin ribbons to tie around your chairs. Fill each centerpiece with large bouquets of flowers in various shades of pink, along with white roses to offer some variety. Hang pink Chinese lanterns throughout the reception hall to create a majestic, yet modern look with a flirty flair.  Have personalized pink candies made, or customize packs of pink bubble gum for your guests to enjoy and take home. Add drama by combining pink with black as well.

Accent the Bride’s Signature Look:

As the bride, you are the center of attention alongside your groom. You want your guests to always remember your special day, and the picturesque image of you walking down the aisle. Many brides find some sort of accessory or style that shows their signature look. Find a pink accessory and let it play up your wedding gown. Hot pink heals, pink pearls, a pink ribbon to use as a sash on your dress, or a bright pink bangle. Use the color pink to play up your bridal beauty, while creating a flirty yet classy twist to your already breathtaking gown.

Regardless of how you use the color pink in your wedding, there are various ways to incorporate the color pink to accent your wedding with a classy, flirty, and happy ambiance that is sure to compliment nearly any wedding!

The pink themed sweet table featured in this blog was created by Kreavie, an online boutique based in Montreal that specialize in sweet tables and other gourmet foods.