montreal 101!!

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Being the second biggest city in Canada and the largest French based city in North America could put a lot of strain on city development. Montreal grew to become one of the most bustling cities in North America. Complete with nightlife, arts, education, residential, and downtown districts Montreal has it all including a bustling ethnic community. Montreal’s natural beauty could be the background for wedding photos using great wedding photography businesses such as Creative Perspectives Photography, EYErick, or Nova Photography, the choice is yours. All fantastic photographers ready to capture your special day. The most difficult choice will be the location! Old Montreal, Mont Royal or anyone of the beautiful parks Montreal boast! 

Named one of the world’s most livable cities and “Canada’s Cultural Capital” by Monocle Magazine Montreal has come a long way in terms of comfort, amenities, and opportunities. Today Montreal is an important center for many industries such as commerce, technology, film, tourism, and of course—wedding location. If you have your wedding planned elsewhere you can consider a beautiful and stunning Montreal honeymoon.   Planning a honeymoon in Montreal is as easy as calling any one of Montreal’s wedding tourism based businesses with establishments such as Voyages Unisphere. The nightlife, fine dining as well as the culture are sure to please. Montreal hosts dozens of festivals through out the year, often free of charge such as the Jazz Festival, Just For Laughs and the The Loto-Quebec Fireworks! What better way to spend your summer honeymoon? 

Montreal is also a major hub city; many materials and goods going into Canada and out to the rest of the world will first go through Montreal. This creates much revenue and jobs for the city, and promotes growth. This growth is shown through wedding planning services such as An English Rose, the Event Planner, and Over the Top Events. 

Another important aspect of Montreal is the Saint Lawrence River. This seaway offers boats and ships a path into the great lakes regions and back out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Island of Montreal is also located in the Saint Lawrence River and houses most of the city’s population. An overlook of the Seaway and Montreal Island could be a great wedding site with help from wedding vendors such Cadeux Decor et Plus and Kreavie, and so many more. 

Geographical location could be considered the most important aspect of a city’s success. A city needs to be located somewhere easily accessible and capable of housing many industries without the worry of extreme weather destroying buildings and structures. Montreal is at a great geographical location but also has huge wedding potential for all types of wedding plans and bridal visions. Montreal may work hard but Montreal puts on amazing weddings as well.

All the vendors mentioned in this blog  are available on as well as hundreds of others for the city of Montreal!

georgina avila….events captured with international flair!

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We are so lucky to have such a talented internationally renowned photographer here in Montreal. Georgina Avila’s photos speak for themselves. Please enjoy this latest addition on Montreal Wedding Photographers!

How long have you been a photographer?

I have  ten years of experience in the visual arts media including  graphic design and photography. I have had the honour of being internationally awarded in both fields several times. 

How did you develop a passion for photography? 

It all started when I was quite young! At 8 years of age I remember carrying a camera with me and the passion has been with me ever since. Later on when I studied graphic design at the National School of Arts in Mexico City I realized that it was a better way for me to illustrate and express my ideas and vision. I took my photography onto another level. I realized I could capture so many moments in such a creative and “immediate” way. I could capture the “here and now” and  was able to communicate my  intentions and emotions to the world thus creating more awareness in our society and social change.

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?

Documentary and everyday life, portraits, events (baptisms, etc), fashion, creative, street photography. I am about to release my first book that portrays  the “Street Vendors” and  “Small Trades” people lives in Mexico City. In addition to the book I am about to release a photo exhibition along with it’s website. All these plans will take fruition this summer.

What’s your style of photography? 

Creative, spontaneous, strong concepts and always trying to open people’s minds to new ideas , encouraging and inspiring them to follow their dreams and passions. 

Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?

I do destination wedding, I have done it in Mexico (Playa de Carmen), Toronto and Quebec and I am always open to discuss any destination! My team will be always happy to explore new horizons.

Any advice for brides on choosing a photographer?

What is really important is the chemistry and the communication between the photographer and the bride and groom. To be comfortable and open in order to achieve the best results. I am always opened to new ideas and questions. Of course that creates a great atmosphere that reflects in the photographs.  A good photographer will always adapt to the needs of his clients while keeping his unique style and point of view.

Where is your favourite location to take wedding photos in Montreal? 

Old Montreal will always be a great location! Canal Lachine is gorgeous beside the canal. Montreal has many different areas where you can go depending on what you want to achieve, the character of the client and of course other factors such as the seasons and weather. Mile End is beautiful, the mountain Mont Royal during autumn is stunning… Any location is fine as long as you capture the LOVE and the MAGIC! 

Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day?  

After so much work planning and running to arrive to this unique and special day, please just ENJOOOOOY!!

Please visit Georgina’s websites for more information and photos:





a day to remember captured by nova photography…

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 “Words of wisdom” is what comes to mind when I read the responses given by a wonderfully talented Montreal based wedding photographer. With a style that’s unique Nova Photography will capture your wedding day with candid photos and  a true reflection of you and your bridal party. I hope you enjoy this interview,  the insightful answers given and of course the photos!

 How long have you been a photographer? How did you develop a passion for photography?

“I’ve spent much of my adult life traveling the world and exploring its beauty which is how I first discovered that I have a natural talent for capturing the uniqueness of a place or a decisive moment. It was the wedding of a friend of mine that got me interested in shooting them. I’ve been doing so professionally for about five years now.”

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?

“I’ve long been into documentary-style, travel photography.  There is no substitute for the feeling of satisfaction acquired when you capture that perfect candid shot that just speaks volumes about the subject without saying a word–his frame of mind, his drive, his story. However, I’ve come to enjoy working in a studio for very different reasons. It is nice sometimes to have perfect control; to see an image in your mind and then take the necessary steps to achieve it.”

What’s your style of photography?

Non-obtrusive photo-journalistic-style photography is my preferred method when I’m travelling and is an essential part of every one of my weddings but when it comes to weddings, my artistic shots are my favourites. I like to allow the bride and groom to express the emotional bond between them visually. That emotion is the key ingredient. Throw in a little direction, a little imagination and the right backdrop and it comes out looking fabulous.

What inspires you as a photographer?

“I’m inspired by all that which words cannot describe, like human emotion or the intrinsic beauty of the mundane. I’m inspired by the creativity of others, by the wisdom of nature.” (more…)

emilie olson wedding photography….fresh & modern….

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I am so excited to  present our final Montreal photographer interview for the year 2010. What can I say, I’ve saved the best for last! Emilie Olson’s style is a breath of fresh air, modern and oh so pretty! Don’t take my word for it, take a look at her stunning pictures and decide for yourself!


1-How long have you been a photographer? 

I suppose the correct answer is when I purchased my first DSLR. I knew right away that I was stepping into something that would turn my life upside down. Photography became my hobby six years ago with the purchase of my first real camera and I soon started working for companies in Montreal as an assistant wedding photographer. I’ve now been running my own business for 3 years.

2-How did you develop a passion for photography? 

I grew up around art my entire life. My mother, known in Montreal as a painter, dabbled with all sorts of mediums. I learned a thing or two growing up, but nothing struck me as my own. I started to explore her copy of Photoshop in 2004. I quickly began spending full days manipulating free images I found online. Eventually, having learned Photoshop completely on my own, I knew the next level was to take my own images and manipulate those. I realized that for an amazing outcome the image had to be taken with thought and precision, so I began to learn the art of photography. My beginning as a graphic artist had evolved … and it was meant to be! I think if I hadn’t spent so much time familiarizing myself with editing programs, my images wouldn’t have the same unique quality and signature that mine do. I’m a firm believer that when working commercially, editing is just as much of the creative process as the image-taking. 

3-What other genres apart from weddings do you do? 

My focus is the wedding industry, although I’ve taken on work with models, actors and musicians. Working with people has always been my greatest interest. I’m constantly intrigued by the emotion that can come across in a photograph, even if there isn’t a person in the frame. This is why I love shooting weddings so much. 

4-What’s your style of photography? 

I can’t express enough how lucky I was to work alongside some amazing photographers in Montreal during my training. I’ve taken inspiration from my mother and these wonderful artists. Thanks to her I feel that I’m very playful with colour and texture. I constantly strive to find these elements when shooting on location. I love to create movement in a still image by working with the lines and light that I have to work with. With these technical aspects down, I also draw a lot of inspiration from fashion photography. I like to stay fresh and modern using this type of flare with my images. 

5-What inspires you as a photographer?

Light. There are very few days that I don’t stop to look around at what the light is doing to the same things that I pass everyday. This is a huge factor on jobs such as weddings, light comes and goes, changes throughout the day, it’s my job to step in and take advantage by using or manipulating it as I see fit. 

My couples are also a huge part of my inspiration. Usually we’ll meet for coffee a few times before and after the big day. By the end of our time together I’ve almost fallen in love with each and every one of them! 

6-Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?

I’ve had requests to shoot in Mexico this summer although due to scheduling conflicts I wasn’t able. Of course I would be thrilled to book a destination wedding. I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite destination but I have to say Italy comes straight to mind!

7-Any advice for brides on choosing a photographer?

Take your time and love the photographer you choose. Since I now work with couples who’re already familiar with my work I’m happy to have that going into the process with them. Its important for you to be comfortable with the style you’re going with for your wedding day. 

8-Where is your favourite location to take wedding photos in Montreal?

Call me biased since I grew up in the country, but driving out of the city to find remote fields and areas has always interested me the most. I’m normally working in an urban setting and I absolutely love it, but my heart goes out to the quiet corners that look secluded and very magical. More so than the actual location, I’m interested in the light we have to play with on a given day, and as I mentioned above, with interesting lines, texture and colour available. Chemistry between the couple can also make all the difference between a good shot and a fantastic one, regardless of where you are.

9-Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day? (Sweet  & Short)

Don’t let stress take over. I’ve seen many wedding-related catastrophes (minor, of course) and when the couple looks back through the photos, that’s what they’ll remember if they let it show on their faces. This day is yours, so enjoy it, however the cards may fall!

be original, trust the eye behind eyerick photo…

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We recently asked Heyrick, the man behind the camera at EYErick Photo here in Montreal a few questions and here’s what he had to say! Enjoy!

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been shooting for many years, but I have been doing it as full time business for 2 years now.

How did you develop a passion for photography?

This starts back as far as I was 10yrs old with my first 35mm camera. I was using bed sheets in lieu of backdrops, homemade props and friends as models. I also had the privilege of having access to a dark room while I was a boarding student in a private school. I still remember the feeling of developing my negatives and prints –   I knew then something was burning inside. Still is today. 

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?

I like to explore creative photo projects which involve artistic direction, stylists, make-up and hair. I like seeing so much talent reunited in one room and witnessing magic taking place!

What’s your style of photography?

I cannot nail it to one style as I like to adapt my style to what my clients are looking for.  Personally, I try not to stage anything since I want the pictures to be as natural as possible. In terms of post processing, I like blending in vintage and contemporary effects… something with a timeless feel to it.

What inspires you as a photographer?

I’m inspired at so many levels, but it always involves the human aspect. Getting to know my customers, their love stories, their culture, their passions,  then it usually sets the tone and inspires me for finding out the locations, the moods and will also influence my post processing style.

Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?

I haven’t covered a destination wedding yet, however a fantasy destination wedding would certainly be in Greece with vibrant blue waters and pure whites!

Any advice for brides on choosing a photographer?

Choosing a photographer isn’t like any other wedding vendors. Beyond the “business transaction”, you need to personally connect with the Photographer as this will be the person you will be spending the most time with on your wedding day! You need to feel comfortable at every level, and this will transpire in every picture.

Where is your favourite location to take wedding photos in Montreal?

I like exploring areas with different textures, architecture styles and contrasts. In this sense, I don’t have one favourite spot to shoot wedding photos since Montreal is interesting in a way that you can go from chic to grungy on the same street. I always scout out locations a few days before the shoot and prepare an itinerary which makes the entire shoot more productive and efficient! This means, factoring in many important aspects such driving to the various spots, parking, walking around. In case of rain, I always prepare a Plan B itinerary which involves shooting inside different buildings.

Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day? (Sweet  & Short)

Delegate and trust your entourage. They will make your day perfect in every way… sit back & enjoy!

EYErick Photo Studio can be contacted here.

chocolate martini anyone?

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When planning your wedding, you may have to make a few difficult decisions. One of these may be the decision on whether to include a bar at you wedding reception. It is traditional to offer guests various alcoholic beverage options. While this is ideal, it can get very costly, very fast. There are ways around this dilemma though, it all depends on the situation, budget, and you and your grooms vision for your wedding:

Open Bar: Okay, we’ll be honest….everyone loves an open bar! Many love the freedom of having the bar open all night throughout your reception. However, depending on the number of guests, the amount of alcohol ordered, and what kind of alcohol is being served it can get extremely pricey. Our advice? If you can afford it, then wonderful! If your budget is a bit more modest, then stick to one of our next options.  Meet with the bartender before hand and concoct a signature cocktail or drink for your special day! Figure out what drink flavors, mixes, or combinations best represent you and your future spouses relationship, or even use your favorite drink as the signature drink!

Limited Bar: This is a great idea if you still want your guests to feel like they have some freedom, yet it won’t cost you a large portion of your budget. By having a limited bar at your wedding, your guests do have the open bar option but for a limited time. You will select certain hours, such as an hour or two in the beginning, or throughout the time the meal is served. By having control over when your guests flock to your bartender, you can keep costs down while still having a good time.

Cash Only Bar:  Some deem this as tacky, but if carried out with class it can be done! As I said before, alcohol can get expensive! Save on costs by offering a “Cash Only” bar. Guests can still enjoy as many beverages as they want but not at a detriment to your bank account. Have a classy and elegant sign near the bar that reads “Cash Bar Only”, and allow guests to take it from there. By allowing your guests to pick up their own tab on the bill you can breathe easy, and enjoy a drink or two yourself without worrying about additional costs.

No Alcohol Served: There is nothing wrong with not having alcohol served at your wedding. It’s your special day, your choice, your agenda. Perhaps you don’t have the funds for any sort of bar or you feel uneasy with the cash only option. Sometimes the bride and/or groom can have issues with family members drinking one too many (who’s family doesn’t have one of those!?) which creates an awkward situation for everyone. Minimize the stress by eliminating the alcohol from your wedding, it’s your decision as it is YOUR day!

Keep in mind that regardless of what decision you choose for your bar options, it’s you and your groom’s decision. Your guests will still be able to enjoy themselves at your wedding with or without a drink in their hand!


Brahm Mauer Bar Services is a Montreal based company founded in 2009. They offer over 200 different Martinis, signature cocktails and the most entertaining and professional staff in the business. They will take into consideration your theme, budget, wants & needs to customize a package specifically for you. They can be contacted here: Brahm Mauer Bar Services

p.s i love you, bianca morello photography…

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This month’s featured photographer is Montreal’s  Bianca Morello. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing her, she graciously answered our numerous questions and was kind enough to share photos of a beautiful wedding she recently shot! Enjoy!

1-How long have you been a photographer?

Well, I’ve always been immersed in the arts, ever since I was a child, about 9 years old. I started with oil painting and it quickly became a hobby I fell in love with. Like photography, oil painting encompasses a lot of the same technical rules when understanding light and composition just to name a few, so it was only natural for me to transition into photography. I’d say I began in 1999 with black and white film and a 35mm camera and eventually as time passed I evolved with technology and the digital age!  I’ve been trained in photography, but of course to a certain extent. Once a photographer knows how to use their camera and it has become an extension of them, then really, your creativity can shine. You really need to have the eye for creativity and a sense of personal style which eventually comes with experience.

Before wedding photography, I was more involved with fashion photography, computer graphics and also in charge of all visual marketing for some years, and as for wedding photography, to be honest, I never thought I would love it this much!  With an honours double major in Communications and Fine art Cultural studies as well as a formal education in Digital imaging, and artistic background growing up, I felt I was ready to explore my passion for photography even further, and I have absolutely no regrets! I will be going on my third year in 2011, as my first year, I was freelancing with a handful of great colleagues, learning a lot of the business and slowly building my reputation.

2-How did you develop a passion for photography?

Well like I said, I think it was just a natural progression. However, it did begin with me shooting a friends wedding! I was offered the opportunity and really couldn’t refuse! I was so excited! It was a beautiful event and very intimate, and it gave me the drive and curiosity to push myself even further and eventually I was freelancing for other studios.

My passion was already there, but because I had studied Fine Arts and Cultural studies, what I love most about weddings is the beautiful traditions and customs and getting a glimpse of other cultures and experiencing something so beautiful on a weekly basis.

For those who know me, know I am a romantic at heart and a big sap! So weddings were right up my alley! I love the intimacy and beauty of such a sacred event and especially all those special moments in between. Shooting a wedding for me is like an emotional roller coaster ride! I’m up and happy and laughing with great people and then I’m holding back tears at the ceremony, then capturing beautiful and intimate moments that are so sensual between a bride and groom and their love, then back to party mode at the reception! I can’t help but love every minute of it!

3-What other genres apart from weddings do you do?

Apart from weddings, I really enjoy maternity and newborn photography, as well as natural light photography, which allows me to go to my clients home and on location to better accommodate them if they so chose the option. This is especially appreciated for newborn photography. I can understand all the diaper changes and feedings so this option really does make my clients more at ease when they are in the comfort of their own home. It’s also great to have those special moments captured in a familiar environment and in their new nursery as well.

4-What’s your style of photography?

In the end I can only be me, but my style can be described as candid, journalistic, fashion-like with a sense of authenticity and perhaps a touch of fine art as well.

I love capturing the moments as they happen and limit the amount of direction I give my couples. I do however need to guide them to a certain extent, but I tell them to just be who they are and their natural personality will always shine through. At this point we have met more than once and as a libra, I do my best to adapt! I notice that when you pose the couple too much, there may be something off or unnatural if it doesn’t reflect them and really, that’s not the point of my work and passion.

As far as my style of retouching, well, I’m always inspired by the couples themselves and I typically just put on my music and feel the image as opposed to making it what it isn’t. As crazy as it sounds to some people out there, I do color correct all my images given on dvd, I don’t believe in “shoot and burn”. You are paying a price for images and you want to be able to use and most often than not, “shoot and burn” photos will definitely need some adjustments. A camera can only do so much, but post processing in photoshop or any other software can bring that image to life, it is our darkroom, even if its simply adjusting the light and temperature of the photo, meaning overall color enhancements.

For album photos, I do extensive retouching and each photo to me, tells its own story, so I treat them as such. I retouch each one individually with no batch processing involved, even if it is more time consuming. This does not mean it should be this way or no way, it is simply my choice and to each his own.

5-What inspires you as a photographer?

Well, my website bio describes it best!

My inspiration is truly guided by the elegance of beautiful brides and the strength of handsome grooms…the smiles and laughter of precious babies and children…travel which has opened my mind and heart…& finding true love has inspired me even more…Its the beauty, simplicity and complexity of love and all those happy moments in between. Even sadness can be beautiful, but lets hope that doesn’t occur on a wedding day!

6-Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?

As of now, I haven’t had the pleasure to shoot a destination wedding.

I think I would love to shoot a wedding in New Zealand! I love nature and its natural formations but then again, I’ve always loved historical buildings and a castle somewhere in Europe would be a dream as well!

This is definitely something I am looking forward to though! Montreal is beautiful and diverse, but the wedding season here only lasts for so many months due to the weather and I would definitely not refuse a wedding down south or anywhere in the world for that matter! It would be beautiful and exotic and if anyone is looking for a destination photographer, I’m just a plane ticket away!

7-Any advice for brides on choosing a photographer?

Yes of course! I tell all my couples when they meet me that budget of course is important, but it is definitely not the only factor involved in the decision-making.

Clients today really need to be educated about the logistics behind any photography service. We photographers don’t simply just show up and snap photos the day of, we have a lot of work behind the scenes that they need to know about. For a typical wedding contract, a photographer can spend anywhere from 40+ hours and great photographers don’t cut corners to supply you with the best service and quality they can provide. Without going into specifics, it can be very costly to maintain!

I also always recommend a 1 on 1 meeting with your photographer because there are many intimate moments between a couple and with family members, and having a photographer you trust and are comfortable with makes all the difference in capturing beautiful and natural candid moments or lasting family portraits! This goes hand in hand with budget, quality, style, and most importantly, PROFESSIONALISM!…Integrity is key and even if you think you are paying a few hundred more than the last guy, down the line when all is said and done, you will have these memories for a lifetime! And you wont even remember the price you paid for the service years down the line. So better not to sacrifice your lifetime memories for a mere savings when you already have perhaps a few thousand on the line? This is simply how I see things.

8-Where is your favourite location to take wedding photos in Montreal?

I don’t think I have a favorite location really, every wedding I shoot has their own unique beauty and I want to be in an environment that my couples are comfortable with. I always ask my couples about what their style is, and if there is any location that is meaningful to them, or if they have a themed wedding, well I do my best to supply a location that will best suit their needs. In all honesty, a good photographer will make any location look amazing! But for me, the more uncommon places can be the most interesting!

9-Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day?

Your wedding day only comes once in a lifetime, there are no redos or reshoots, One  should never compromise on what reflects them and their partners personalities and style, and in the end this is your day, and it’s a day you will never forget!

 You can reach Bianca Morello here:  Bianca Morello Photography