How to Select a Wedding Planner

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Planning a wedding is one of life’s most stressful experiences – so why not take the edge off and hire a wedding planner? If you decide to go down this route, then you need to make sure you’ve got the right wedding planner to match your needs. Here are some tips to help you find the right fit.

One thing that’s important to take into account is that the very first impression is everything. When you meet a wedding planner – go with your instinct. It’s vitally important that you pick someone you’re comfortable with, if you’re going to leave your big day in the hands of someone else you’ll need to trust them and you’ll also need to have a good relationship. The same goes for taste. You need to like your planner’s aesthetic. Take a look at their website. Do the photos and testimonials appeal to you?

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Weddings are expensive affairs, so make sure that the planner knows your financial situation. It’s hugely important that they plan a wedding that doesn’t break your bank account. Draw up a budget and be firm on it. Make sure they keep you up to date with the costs so you have no nasty surprises. A good planner should be able to tell you what to prioritize and what to cut.

Be clear on vendors. A good planner will come up with a selection of retailers and caterers with a list of prices. Discuss this together on which one would be the optimal choice for your wedding. This is a good time to find out how the planner can get the best deals with these vendors for your wedding. Perhaps the planner has a good relationship and gets a discount. This can play to your advantage rather than going out and looking for a place on your own.

Los Angeles Wedding Planner

Your wedding is about you, and a good planner knows that your needs come first. They need to be flexible about working with your preferred vendor, for example.

When meeting your planner, you need to find out what they can contribute. You might have your own ideas, but a good planner might be able to expand on your original idea to bring things above your expectation. You might have the idea for a theme and your planner can help bring that to life in a way you couldn’t have imagined.

Organization is key, and you need to make sure your planner can deliver a projected timeline and milestones. This will help you see how the planning process is coming along and what needs thinking about. You’ll get an impression just how your wedding is going to shape up and you can tell whether your expectations will be met.

an english rose presents andy & bianca’s wedding…

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I have had the privilege of working with Bianca and Andy in designing their Montreal Destination Wedding for the past year and it all came together in a very romantic elegant affair at the Windsor Ballrooms on a very special day of July 2nd.. not because it was Canada weekend, but because Chris and I were also married on the 2nd July – so of course another match made in heaven!

Bianca and Andy both live in Winnipeg so we planned and worked together at a distance with Bianca coming to Montreal every few months and I ensured we maximized her visits with vendor selections, tastings and design meetings!

With Bianca’s family coming from Haiti and Andy’s family from India, it was great to bring in some cultural & spiritual elements especially during the ceremony where they honored their grandparents who were no longer with us!

As guest took their seats for dinner the room glowed in subtle gold, from the high floral centre pieces that were natural earth tones with a touch of soft pink through to the Organza overlays which were adorned in gold sequined flowers – perfectly matched with the Bridemaids who wore Bronze/Gold colored dresses and the MoH (Maid of Honor) in a Dusky Pink dress.

After dinner the bride made a surprise entrance in a stunning Indian dress escorted by an all Male Indian Dance group who came in from Toronto to entertain the guests – it certainly sent a buzz around the room and kicked off the party!

Another nice touch was the wedding favors which were given out to each guest personally by the Bridesmaids just after dinner, while I played ‘reporter’ with the Videographer getting great video stories from each of the guests to add to Bianca & Andy’s memories of a perfect day….

Photo Credit: Feddel Photography, Cake: P&B Patisserie, Flowers: Flora International

Article written and wedding planned by An English Rose !

montreal 101!!

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Being the second biggest city in Canada and the largest French based city in North America could put a lot of strain on city development. Montreal grew to become one of the most bustling cities in North America. Complete with nightlife, arts, education, residential, and downtown districts Montreal has it all including a bustling ethnic community. Montreal’s natural beauty could be the background for wedding photos using great wedding photography businesses such as Creative Perspectives Photography, EYErick, or Nova Photography, the choice is yours. All fantastic photographers ready to capture your special day. The most difficult choice will be the location! Old Montreal, Mont Royal or anyone of the beautiful parks Montreal boast! 

Named one of the world’s most livable cities and “Canada’s Cultural Capital” by Monocle Magazine Montreal has come a long way in terms of comfort, amenities, and opportunities. Today Montreal is an important center for many industries such as commerce, technology, film, tourism, and of course—wedding location. If you have your wedding planned elsewhere you can consider a beautiful and stunning Montreal honeymoon.   Planning a honeymoon in Montreal is as easy as calling any one of Montreal’s wedding tourism based businesses with establishments such as Voyages Unisphere. The nightlife, fine dining as well as the culture are sure to please. Montreal hosts dozens of festivals through out the year, often free of charge such as the Jazz Festival, Just For Laughs and the The Loto-Quebec Fireworks! What better way to spend your summer honeymoon? 

Montreal is also a major hub city; many materials and goods going into Canada and out to the rest of the world will first go through Montreal. This creates much revenue and jobs for the city, and promotes growth. This growth is shown through wedding planning services such as An English Rose, the Event Planner, and Over the Top Events. 

Another important aspect of Montreal is the Saint Lawrence River. This seaway offers boats and ships a path into the great lakes regions and back out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Island of Montreal is also located in the Saint Lawrence River and houses most of the city’s population. An overlook of the Seaway and Montreal Island could be a great wedding site with help from wedding vendors such Cadeux Decor et Plus and Kreavie, and so many more. 

Geographical location could be considered the most important aspect of a city’s success. A city needs to be located somewhere easily accessible and capable of housing many industries without the worry of extreme weather destroying buildings and structures. Montreal is at a great geographical location but also has huge wedding potential for all types of wedding plans and bridal visions. Montreal may work hard but Montreal puts on amazing weddings as well.

All the vendors mentioned in this blog  are available on as well as hundreds of others for the city of Montreal!

wedding plans made simple with a true montreal professional….

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I’m talking from experience when I say that planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming. If I could turn back time and do it all over again I would definitely hire a wedding planner, someone who’s a professional in the field and most importantly someone who keeps the smile on your face on your wedding day! Jaime Korey from Over The Top Events  is a Montreal based seasoned wedding planner who’s at the top of her game. If hectic planning is not your cup of tea, she’s the one to call! We recently had the pleasure of interviewing her, getting to know more about her services, her approach as well as wedding trends for this year! Enjoy!

What can you tell me about your business and what you can offer your clients?

We offer personal service.  We actually strive to ensure our clients not only receive the best quality of style and service but receive a response in remarkable time (less then 24hrs).  Working for Over the Top Events are myself (owner and designer), one full time assistant, and during peak season of weddings we bring on one additional assistant, and two stagiers. We offer concept design and planning of weddings, corporate functions and of course special occasions.  Our average client has a mid to high end budget, however our passion is creating dreams for all our clients, we never turn a client away. We have planned and developed weddings for all cultures, as well as a couple of celebrities which we are very proud of.

What makes your business unique from other wedding planners?

I have a strong social and corporate background, with managing teams for both corporate and non-for-profit of over 100 people, I am positioned to manage and cater to any size of event.  With over 10 years of budget management and supplier negotiations,  I hold all the qualifications and understanding to contract negotiate as it is part of the responsibility, ensuring my client gets the best price is crucial without compromising quality of service.

  • I listen to my clients and keep communication open as there is no limit to emails, meetings or phone calls with us.
  • I hold Resort Group and event management of 6 years – Wedding Planning for 10+ years
  • With my knowledge of destinations (travelled & worked throughout North and South America, Caribbean, British West Indies, Mexico and Europe) creating a destination wedding goes without saying that I am your gal as I know the ins and outs of some of the most beaitufl locatins in the world, whether for the nicest pier for your ceremony, or the best location for your honeymoon, – so gives me a wider perspective on life
  • I design and develop events full time which allows my clients to be able to have my undivided attention.  This is my livelihood, which I take seriously, I am qualified and certified, with full liability insurance
  • I am extremely detail oriented and, know how to prioritize tasks and responsibilities, all the while handling numerous logistics and timelines at one, which permits my clients to have all the confidence that their event is always on my mind.
  • I’m a true believer in treating others as you wish to be treating.  Having said that when working any style of event, having a team player attitude is key, as we are all there for one purpose-creating an unbelievable event which will hold very dear to the client’s hearts.

What would you advise someone that are about to start their wedding plans?

Try not to get overwhelmed with all the details.  The most important thing to remember is that this wedding is yours and your fiancé, many times families opinions and egos get in the way of what you actually wish to have.  

Whether you are prepared to have a budget in mind or not, you need one to begin the ground work.  Discuss with a  professional your options so as to be better positioned in knowing what’s out there.  This is what I do, it’s my job to ensure I am familiar with not only vendors who have been around for a while, but as well all the up and coming ones!

Hire a planner, we have all the tips and tricks, and all the knowledge in developing YOUR wedding, all the while keeping you as stress free as possible.

Any advice on how a bride should go about hiring a professional to help with wedding plans?

First and foremost I cater to my clients and not my suppliers, meaning we don’t take any referrals fees.  I am often presented with the question what is your commission rate (from vendors) and I respond with the obvious, the discount is to be applied to my client.  When selecting vendors to work with, I consider my clients, and from there I am able to move forward with presenting 3 top selections from each vendor category along with a full description. 

Brides and grooms alike hire a planner because they are either (or both) overwhelmed and have no time to do all the leg work.  Ensuring that the lines of communication is always open, as well as selecting reputable and reliable vendors provides peace of mind.

Have you noticed a remarkable wedding trend for 2011?

-          more couples are opting for a unique wedding

-          color was and continues to be huge

-          bridesmaids are stearing clear of the traditional bridesmaids dress

-          there has been more third party entertainment

-          couples are becoming more comfortable with outside the box ideas.

 You can visit  the Over The Top Events Blog for the latest wedding trends and photos!