montreal 101!!

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Being the second biggest city in Canada and the largest French based city in North America could put a lot of strain on city development. Montreal grew to become one of the most bustling cities in North America. Complete with nightlife, arts, education, residential, and downtown districts Montreal has it all including a bustling ethnic community. Montreal’s natural beauty could be the background for wedding photos using great wedding photography businesses such as Creative Perspectives Photography, EYErick, or Nova Photography, the choice is yours. All fantastic photographers ready to capture your special day. The most difficult choice will be the location! Old Montreal, Mont Royal or anyone of the beautiful parks Montreal boast! 

Named one of the world’s most livable cities and “Canada’s Cultural Capital” by Monocle Magazine Montreal has come a long way in terms of comfort, amenities, and opportunities. Today Montreal is an important center for many industries such as commerce, technology, film, tourism, and of course—wedding location. If you have your wedding planned elsewhere you can consider a beautiful and stunning Montreal honeymoon.   Planning a honeymoon in Montreal is as easy as calling any one of Montreal’s wedding tourism based businesses with establishments such as Voyages Unisphere. The nightlife, fine dining as well as the culture are sure to please. Montreal hosts dozens of festivals through out the year, often free of charge such as the Jazz Festival, Just For Laughs and the The Loto-Quebec Fireworks! What better way to spend your summer honeymoon? 

Montreal is also a major hub city; many materials and goods going into Canada and out to the rest of the world will first go through Montreal. This creates much revenue and jobs for the city, and promotes growth. This growth is shown through wedding planning services such as An English Rose, the Event Planner, and Over the Top Events. 

Another important aspect of Montreal is the Saint Lawrence River. This seaway offers boats and ships a path into the great lakes regions and back out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Island of Montreal is also located in the Saint Lawrence River and houses most of the city’s population. An overlook of the Seaway and Montreal Island could be a great wedding site with help from wedding vendors such Cadeux Decor et Plus and Kreavie, and so many more. 

Geographical location could be considered the most important aspect of a city’s success. A city needs to be located somewhere easily accessible and capable of housing many industries without the worry of extreme weather destroying buildings and structures. Montreal is at a great geographical location but also has huge wedding potential for all types of wedding plans and bridal visions. Montreal may work hard but Montreal puts on amazing weddings as well.

All the vendors mentioned in this blog  are available on as well as hundreds of others for the city of Montreal!

georgina avila….events captured with international flair!

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We are so lucky to have such a talented internationally renowned photographer here in Montreal. Georgina Avila’s photos speak for themselves. Please enjoy this latest addition on Montreal Wedding Photographers!

How long have you been a photographer?

I have  ten years of experience in the visual arts media including  graphic design and photography. I have had the honour of being internationally awarded in both fields several times. 

How did you develop a passion for photography? 

It all started when I was quite young! At 8 years of age I remember carrying a camera with me and the passion has been with me ever since. Later on when I studied graphic design at the National School of Arts in Mexico City I realized that it was a better way for me to illustrate and express my ideas and vision. I took my photography onto another level. I realized I could capture so many moments in such a creative and “immediate” way. I could capture the “here and now” and  was able to communicate my  intentions and emotions to the world thus creating more awareness in our society and social change.

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?

Documentary and everyday life, portraits, events (baptisms, etc), fashion, creative, street photography. I am about to release my first book that portrays  the “Street Vendors” and  “Small Trades” people lives in Mexico City. In addition to the book I am about to release a photo exhibition along with it’s website. All these plans will take fruition this summer.

What’s your style of photography? 

Creative, spontaneous, strong concepts and always trying to open people’s minds to new ideas , encouraging and inspiring them to follow their dreams and passions. 

Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?

I do destination wedding, I have done it in Mexico (Playa de Carmen), Toronto and Quebec and I am always open to discuss any destination! My team will be always happy to explore new horizons.

Any advice for brides on choosing a photographer?

What is really important is the chemistry and the communication between the photographer and the bride and groom. To be comfortable and open in order to achieve the best results. I am always opened to new ideas and questions. Of course that creates a great atmosphere that reflects in the photographs.  A good photographer will always adapt to the needs of his clients while keeping his unique style and point of view.

Where is your favourite location to take wedding photos in Montreal? 

Old Montreal will always be a great location! Canal Lachine is gorgeous beside the canal. Montreal has many different areas where you can go depending on what you want to achieve, the character of the client and of course other factors such as the seasons and weather. Mile End is beautiful, the mountain Mont Royal during autumn is stunning… Any location is fine as long as you capture the LOVE and the MAGIC! 

Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day?  

After so much work planning and running to arrive to this unique and special day, please just ENJOOOOOY!!

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a day to remember captured by nova photography…

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 “Words of wisdom” is what comes to mind when I read the responses given by a wonderfully talented Montreal based wedding photographer. With a style that’s unique Nova Photography will capture your wedding day with candid photos and  a true reflection of you and your bridal party. I hope you enjoy this interview,  the insightful answers given and of course the photos!

 How long have you been a photographer? How did you develop a passion for photography?

“I’ve spent much of my adult life traveling the world and exploring its beauty which is how I first discovered that I have a natural talent for capturing the uniqueness of a place or a decisive moment. It was the wedding of a friend of mine that got me interested in shooting them. I’ve been doing so professionally for about five years now.”

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?

“I’ve long been into documentary-style, travel photography.  There is no substitute for the feeling of satisfaction acquired when you capture that perfect candid shot that just speaks volumes about the subject without saying a word–his frame of mind, his drive, his story. However, I’ve come to enjoy working in a studio for very different reasons. It is nice sometimes to have perfect control; to see an image in your mind and then take the necessary steps to achieve it.”

What’s your style of photography?

Non-obtrusive photo-journalistic-style photography is my preferred method when I’m travelling and is an essential part of every one of my weddings but when it comes to weddings, my artistic shots are my favourites. I like to allow the bride and groom to express the emotional bond between them visually. That emotion is the key ingredient. Throw in a little direction, a little imagination and the right backdrop and it comes out looking fabulous.

What inspires you as a photographer?

“I’m inspired by all that which words cannot describe, like human emotion or the intrinsic beauty of the mundane. I’m inspired by the creativity of others, by the wisdom of nature.” (more…)

a personal favorite….creative perspectives photography!

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An insight into Victoria de Martigny , the lady behind the lens of Montreal’s Creative Perspectives Photography! You can really feel the passion and  enthusiasm in her responses and her photos really capture the moment beautifully. I hope you enjoy reading her answers  and viewing stunning photos of Billy & Laura’s recent wedding as much as I have!

How long have you been a photographer? How did you develop a passion for photography?

It struck me from a young age that a photograph was a very treasured memento of a special occasion that truly made people happy.   Like many little girls, I was mesmerized by bridal magazines and the stunning photos of beautiful brides that crowded their pages.  I was also enamoured with National Geographic and wanted to BE the photographer camped out on the African plains to catch a shot of a Cheetah cub… I begged my parents to buy me a camera and when I received my first 35mm film camera as a gift from them for my 8th birthday, I was thrilled!   Unfortunately, as an 8-year-old, I didn’t have the budget to travel to Africa, so I took photos of the family pets instead :-)  I also took pictures of people; my family, the lady at the grocery store, the neighbours – pretty much anyone who would not shoo me away when I pointed my camera at them!  

It was really in high school that I found my niche as a photographer though, when I was asked to be the Candids editor for our yearbook.  I brought my 35mm camera with me everywhere, delighting in the opportunity to catch and document special moments – many of which still make me smile to this day.  I found that through my lens, I was able to look at a scene with a different perspective and see things that other people didn’t.  In the years since high school, I have continued to upgrade my equipment, develop my skill and shoot a variety of subjects.  My images have appeared in newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns, corporate brochures and even on the side of two mini-vans for the Ecomuseum Zoo! 

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?

I love photographing all types of celebrations including weddings, engagements, maternity shots, births & baptisms, family portraits, grads, sports, birthday parties and anything else you can think of.  Occasionally I do nudes and at a recent gallery showing with several other photographers won the “People’s Choice” award for one of my nudes. 

I am also a HUGE animal lover, so whenever I have the opportunity, I hit the trails with my gear and photograph wildlife.  I’ve won awards for some of my wildlife images from the SPPQ (Society for the Promotion of Photography in Quebec) and  Because my family of furry friends is so important to me, I always have an open invitation for clients to bring along the family pet during portrait sessions, whether it be a dog, cat, bird, snake… whatever.  I love them all!    

What’s your style of photography?

The three words I would use to describe my style are Bold, Bright and Beautiful.  I like to capture candid moments as they happen naturally and try to be unobtrusive while I work.  I’m a romantic at heart, so my favorite shots are the ones that show true emotion.  I prefer to shoot in locations with beautiful natural light, but have an entire portable studio setup which I use when supplemental lighting is needed.  Most importantly, I like to have FUN while I work and I bring that attitude to every shoot so that the experience can be positive and enjoyable both for me and my clients. 

What inspires you as a photographer?

I am still inspired by that treasured photograph and the smile it will bring to my clients’ faces.  I am very attentive during the initial consultation; listening for clues into clients’ lives, what makes them work as a couple, how they interact, their sense of self and sense of style – and I work extremely hard to reflect those elements as I capture their celebration in a natural way.  I like to get to know who my clients are as people and what’s important to them because ultimately that helps me create images that will be meaningful to them. 

I am also constantly inspired by other photographers.  I am an active member of the Lakeshore Camera Club, I participate in online wedding photography forums and regularly take photography workshops to continually expand my creative vision.  This year I was selected to participate in a 5-day wedding photography workshop with Jasmine Star  – one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world – which was broadcast live to an audience of almost 200,000 people.  I am also an accredited member of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), ASMP (American Society of Media Professionals) and NAPP (the National Association of Photoshop Professionals) which are all invaluable sources of inspiration.

Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?

Have camera – will travel!!  I am definitely available to do destination weddings.  Whether the destination is a two-hour drive to Mt. Tremblant or an 8-hour flight to Paris, I can accommodate any destination request.

My ideal destination wedding would be somewhere romantic and beautiful, with unique landscapes which would provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photos:  A beach in Australia at sunset… a vineyard in California… the ruins of Machu Pichu in Peru… in front of the Louvre in Paris… a castle in England… a tent on the plains of Africa, with giraffes and elephants and lions in the background… I could go on forever!

Any advice for brides on choosing a photographer?

1-      PHOTOGRAPHER’S STYLE:  When choosing a photographer, make sure that you look at their portfolio to be sure you like their style and ask to see the final images from a complete wedding.  Many photographers will showcase their best shots but you want to be sure that they can provide consistently good images for every stage of the day from getting ready to the reception.  Larger studios often sub-contract their weddings to a multitude of freelance photographers, so while you may love the work on the studio’s website, those shots may not have been taken by the photographer who will shoot YOUR wedding, so ask to see the portfolio of YOUR photographer.

2-      PERSONALITY:  You will be spending one of the most personal and intimate moments of this day with your photographer, so it’s important that you like the person, are comfortable being yourself with them and trust them to do their job while you enjoy your day.

3-      CREDENTIALS:  Once you like the style and personality of a potential photographer, don’t let their salesmanship and charm convince you to sign a contract yet!  Ask about their experience shooting weddings, their photography training and memberships in professional associations.  Since wedding photography is an unregulated industry anyone with a decent camera can claim to be a wedding photographer.  After your day is over, it is the photos that you will look back on fondly for years to come, so make sure your photographer truly is a professional that can deliver on their promises.

4-      CONTRACT:  Make sure you have a written contract that clearly defines the services provided and the associated cost(s).  While it may seem easier not to deal with a contract, it is much better to ensure that your expectations are defined in writing BEFORE your wedding day.  A professional photographer will have a written contract that will cover everything from the cost you’re paying to what happens if they are unable to photograph your wedding due to illness.  Make sure you know if the photographer will charge you extra for retouching, travel, a second photographer, overtime, etc.  Also make sure that the contract covers product delivery so that you know when you can expect your prints and/or albums to be ready – otherwise you could find yourself waiting months or even years before you see anything!

Where is your favourite location to take wedding photos?

I love to take wedding photos in outdoor locations with beautiful natural light.   The Montreal Botanical Gardens offers a variety of lovely settings when the weather cooperates as do many of the parks in the city.  Old Montreal can also be a stunning backdrop for wedding photos when time permits.  For the more adventurous and non-traditional couples I like to shoot in unexpected locations (such as these shots of Billy and Laura at a chocolate factory) which can provide unique and artistic images.

Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day? (Sweet  & Short)

These are my top 5 pieces of advice for a bride on her wedding day:

  1. Eat breakfast.  No matter how hectic things may be in the morning, your body will need energy for what is sure to be a long (and amazing!) day.
  2. Stay hydrated.  Designate one of your bridesmaids to have bottled water for you to sip on the way to the ceremony, during the formal portraits and at the reception. 
  3. Pack an “Emergency kit”.  Include things like Tylenol, tampons, safety pins, kleenex, extra lip gloss, breath mints and comfy shoes to change into later.  One of your bridesmaids can also be responsible for keeping this handy.
  4. Take time to taste the food, laugh with your girlfriends and dance with your husband. 
  5. Most of all, remember to HAVE FUN, SMILE and know that today, YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL.