have a classy bachelorette & bachelor party!

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As a modern day bride, you may notice that so many things are untraditional and unconventional. Brides are having male maid of honors, couples don’t always change their last names, and then there’s the  wedding party danced down the aisle with 3 million YouTube hits. Times are changing, and brides and their significant others are doing some things differently.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are one of the events in the pre-wedding events that are being altered and changed to make everyone feel comfortable. Perhaps you and your fiancée aren’t too comfortable with each of you getting wild and crazy like your early college days. Perhaps money is tight and your MOH and Best man would rather collaborate, or perhaps you and your groom have mutual friends who want to celebrate together. Or maybe the wild night out on the town isn’t your style? Regardless of the reason, couples are now more than ever enjoying bachelor and bachelorette party alternatives:

His:                                                       Hers:

Golf Outing.   The boys can enjoy a day out on the golf course rather than staying up all night drinking on the town. After spending a day out on the green, hitting up a sports bar or steakhouse will be the perfect end to this bachelor party. Spa Day.  Enjoy a day of pampering and relaxation at a spa day with your girls. Select a customized package, enjoy a refreshing lunch halfway through the day while being treated like a queen. 
Comedy Show.  The guys will enjoy a nice dinner, a couple beers, and a night full of laughs. Check out VIP options so the groom and his men will feel like celebrities! Concert.  Enjoy some rock stars for your own by taking you and your girls to a concert that you all love.  Listen to your favorite radio stations to try and score some front row seats and backstage passes!
Camping Trip. Let your man and his buddies get into primal mode, pack up the canoe and beef jerky while kicking back relaxing the rustic outdoor living for a weekend.  Shopping Trip.  Grab your girls and a bunch of spending money and hit the closest metropolitan city near you for a nice weekend of dining out and hitting some of your favorite stores. NYC, , Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, LA, Miami, Boston, find a big city and hit it up in big style!

an english rose, wedding & event planner….

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I am pleased to feature An English Rose, one of Montreal’s most professional wedding planners on my blog. Rachel Cripps-Gervais, president and owner of An English Rose took the time to answer our questions with well thought out responses, many hints and tips for brides and grooms as well as an insight into current wedding trends. Enjoy!



What can you tell me about your business and what you can offer your clients?

  • Founded in 2007
  • 3:  myself, husband, admin staff
  • Wedding, Honeymoon & Event Planning
  • Mid – High End Wedding Planning
  • Individual Consulting & Mentoring to Full Planning Wedding Design
  • Multi-Cultural, Same Sex, Multi-Religious
  • This summer I worked on my first Hollywood family wedding

What makes your business unique from other wedding planners?

  • ME – I have a strong corporate background, managed teams of over 100 and had to liaise with junior staff to Board level Executives.  Worked with external suppliers for 20 years, negotiations and management of suppliers.
  • HR background give me good listening and communication skills including mediator when needed
  • Hotel management background for 7 years – Wedding Planning for 10+ years
  • Travelled & worked throughout Europe, Africa, North America and Asia – so gives me a wider perspective on life
  • My husband is also a certified wedding planner, so gives a male perspective for the Grooms.  He has also spent 20 years living and working in the US, Morocco, India, UK and more.. again giving a global mindset.
  • This is my full time occupation, which I take seriously, I am qualified and certified, incorporated company with full liability insurance
  • Strong organization & project management skills (not everyone in this business has!!)
  • Fully engaged with my team of vendors that are hired for an event – we all pull together and support each other to ensure the wedding or event is a huge success.  How you treat people is key – you never know who or where you will see people again.
  • I like to Blog and network with other Wedding individuals, always staying on top of the world of weddings

What would you advice someone that just are about to start their wedding plans?

  • Sit down and talk with your fiancé and both agree the vision and the style of the wedding, along with location etc – ensure you are both aligned on what you want.
  • Work out your budget and understand that the more guests you have the more cuts you may have to make in other areas of the wedding. 
  • Hire a wedding planner who will give you peace of mind and let you enjoy the planning process, they will also have hints, tips and come up with cost saving ideas!

How do you go about hiring a professional to help you with your wedding plans?

  • I meet with them face to face and conduct a full hour interview on all the services they offer, including pricing, payment terms and contract details
  • I then check out their premises: office, studio space, kitchens etc  – take photographs for my file
  • Ask for references which I follow up on
  • I then can present my clients with a 3-page summary on each vendor I present along with relevant photographs
  • This ensures anyone presented to my clients are reputable and reliable and I have met personally and referenced – gives clients peace of mind and reduces a lot of the leg work.


Have you noticed a remarkable wedding trend for 2010?

  • Shorter style Bridesmaid dresses
  • Cultural Dance Routines for Entertainment during dinner
  • Indian Dancers
  • African Dancers & Drummers
  • Hungarian Dancers
  • Ukranian Dancers
  • Acrobatic Dance Show


You can reach An English Rose here.