diy wedding ideas or tips for 2013

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Weddings are expensive affairs, but money shouldn’t be an obstacle in getting married. It’s perfectly possible to have a lovely, intimate wedding that you’ve set up yourself at a fraction of the cost.

Some cite DIY weddings as being tacky or cheap, but done the right way they can be classy, intimate and even romantic.

If you have a large backyard or know someone with a good wedding space, then you can skip the high budget venues and just use your back garden. How you decorate and set up the space is up to your own imagination.

Decorations can be done on a budget – lanterns are all the rage in 2013 and are a really cheap and effective way to decorate your space. If you’re having a back garden wedding, thread up some lanterns or fairy lights to create a festive and beautiful feel.

You can cut back on costs by designing your own invitations. Just a search in google can yield plenty of software’s for designing invitations and then take them to your local print shop. You’ll save a ton of money and get the invitations you desired – perfect!

Another annoying little expense is table place cards but there is a way this can be avoided all together. Assign table numbers to each invite and on the day there is no need for expensive place cards. You could even hire someone to usher people to the right tables.

When it comes to food, one cute way of getting your guest to contribute is to have a “pot luck” thing going on – have each guest bring a dish of their choice, perhaps state in the invitation if you want an entrée, a dessert, drinks etc. I attended a wedding that followed this idea and it was charming, elegant and fun. People got to either show off their catering skills or even just help give something back to the happy couple.

There is no need to spend money on expensive planners or top range caterers. With a little creativity and imagination it’s possible to have the perfect and intimate wedding to celebrate with.

No money for an official band? No worries, see if you have any musical friends who’d be happy to jam a little at your wedding. It might not be a formal and stuffy affair of most weddings, but it can certainly give you that little personal touch.

diy wedding confetti with a twist

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I recently stumbled upon a really adorable idea. The bride who’s wedding was featured on was kind enough to share this little diy wedding project. It’s little touches like this that make a wedding memorable.


Materials needed:

Thickish Paper (I used the luxe fino cream cover weight paper from Paper-Source) Double stick tape Xacto Knife or Paper cutter Ink Jet printer

1. I used the creme paper from Paper-Source and printed a pattern on both sides of an 8.5″ x 11″ paper. However you could also use any two sided patterned paper (usually found in scrapbooking supplies)

2. Cut the paper down to 6″ squares.

3. Dog ear the paper on one edge about 1″ in, so that the folded part runs to a point at the corner.

4. Run double stick tape along the folded edge.

5. Take the opposite corner from the folded edge and the most folded in corner and bring them together. (then press down so the double stick tape sticks)

6. Then create your labels. I again printed on plain paper.

7. Cut the labels out. (mine say… After “I Do” Please shower the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle)

8. I used double stick tape to then adhere the labels as well.

9. Then fill them with confetti or rose petals. I had them in baskets for people to pick up at the ceremony.


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diy ball jar crafts…

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Two dollars && nineteen cents ((or less))!

That’s how much the above ball jar costs at any Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or local craft store. Mom’s old canning jars are no longer just to can come fall-time…they’re a wedding staple I’m obsessed with.

As shown above, add a couple wildflowers or flowers from your local florist and you have a perfect wedding centerpiece– these jars are amazingly affordable and so versatile for all aspects of your wedding. From the ceremony at each pew, the reception centerpieces, lanterns, candy bar jars, and more.  Check in as I uncover a few of my favorites throughout the month.

How are you using ball jars for your special day?