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Today I was daydreaming about different and original ideas for this age-told tradition– what do you think?

Something Borrowed.

A fantastic read for your honeymoon or on the flight en route. Love + Marriage+ Something Borrowed. Check that off your list!


Something Blue:

Take your something new ((scroll down further)) and turn it over to have your bridesmaids write in BLUE something special you want to remember for years to come. It’s a creative way to cross the something blue off the list+ you have your bestie’s words of wisdom to carry with you throughout your marriage on the soles of your feet. 


Something Old:

You’ve seen the traditional broach or bracelet being placed on the bride before she walks on the aisle. Why not incorporate it into the bouquet? A broach, doily, or handkerchief. 

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Something New:

Choose a new shoe design by your favorite designer. Don’t sweat the price– you’ve worked hard to make your special day come true, splurge a little…you’ve earned it!

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an intimate backyard wedding…

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Backyard Wedding Ideas


2012 Wedding Trends– it seems to be a year of going back to the basics, simplicity is key, less is more & all that jazz.
Backyard weddings are a beautiful setting for your wedding. It incorporates elegance, simplicity, and the vintage style we all love. Your backyard can serve as your ceremony and reception, and most of all– your home.


Who said your backyard can't be a wedding venue? Image Courtesy of StyleMePretty


Decor: Flowers, flowers, flowers. Utilize the florals in season (or in your backyard) and encompass them into everything–incorporate them into the hairstyles, decor, background decor, the food tables, etc.


Backyard Weddings: Simplicity & Elegance in your own backyard. Image Courtesy of the Blog



Menu:  Again, because the general tone of your backyard wedding will most likely be casual, your menu can be that as well. Take simple, casual dishes and add some flair. BBQ or smoked meats and grilled kabobs–or things like herb roasted vegetables, marinated and grilled chicken, fruit salsa, and strawberry shortcake. You can’t go wrong with these favorites!


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Favors:  Backyard weddings allow you to have a lot of versatility in your wedding favors you choose to set out at the end of the night. A favorite that can be encompassed as a wedding favor AND dessert is a milk and cookie bar. There are plenty of ways to have this at your wedding– just depends on your style & taste.


Cookies & Milk Wedding Favors: Adorable favor idea for a backyard wedding. Image courtesy of



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Stumbled upon this DIY idea on Pinterest the other day and fell in love with it. A simple DIY aisle runner that people will talk about ever after your wedding day. This timeline is simple to make either at home by using printable iron on images using printable fabric paper, or at your local printing company. Track you and your fiancee’s journey from your baby photos to the day you first met and beyond. It’s a great display of your journey, and is also an extra detail that your guests will enjoy looking at.


Love & Wedding Planning,

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