Bridal Makeup Tips For Brunettes and Blondes

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It’s only natural that you want to look fabulous for your wedding day, so how can you create a drop-dead-gorgeous look without overdoing it? The best starting block for any tricks to bridal beauty is to find your best features and to maximize them. Part of your own brand is your coloring, and here we’re going to look at some tips and tricks to make brunettes become unforgettable beauties on their trip down the aisle.



First of all, if you’re a brunette – throw out the pink lipstick. This is great on blue-eyed blondes, but if your coloring is darker it’ll make you look washed out. Pick rich colors like cinnamon, a spicy red or terracotta.


This look is absolutely stunning and really goes with dark hair. You can even dare to try darker colors to draw attention to your lips. If you can’t give up a dark pink lipstick, then put emphasis on the eyes and opt for the chic nude look that’s all the rage on bridal catwalks these days.

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Brunettes are in danger of looking pasty, so give yourself a healthy look by applying a little bit of bronzer on the cheeks. This will not only highlight your cheekbones but it’s a natural look that really pops out the contours on your face. Just avoid overdoing it, otherwise you’ll have an unflattering and cheapening sheen. 



The best way to bring out your features is to go for dramatic eyes, this is a great look for brunettes. This way you can keep the rest of the face looking natural, and you’ll look stunning! If you have brown eyes, then you can experiment with colors like blue or pale lilac. These will help enrich the brown in your eyes. But if you have lighter skin tone, then try to avoid a hard look by opting for dark brown mascara instead of black, where are darker tones and brown eyes look great with black.


Picking the right foundation is vitally important. The wrong color for your skin tone and you’ll either look unhealthy or artificial. Any good department store will give you a consultation for the right look, but do make sure you try out any foundation in natural light to assure that the color has blended in effectively with your skin tone.

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With the right make up, brunettes can look natural and polished at the same time by using warm and rich make up tones to really bring out the features and draw attention to the complex brown shades of your hair. 

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bridal makeup tips for blue eyes

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Women with blue eyes tend to think the only color of eye shadow they can wear is blue. But that’s not so. There are other colors that will make your eyes sparkle and shine. It’s also important to remember that all blues are not created equal.

The same can be said about blue eyes. Some brides have crystal clear baby blue eyes while other brides have gray-blue eyes or deep, dark, almost navy blue eyes. And that is what determines what eye makeup colors look best on you.

If you have light blue eyes, soft blues, grays, silver and pastel pinks will be your most complementary eye colors. Those with gray-blue eyes will achieve better results with grays, silver, and medium to darker blues. Some greens can also work-you’ll just need to experiment with them to see which shades work for you.

For eyes that are deep, dark blue, you have a bit more of a variety from which to choose. Darker shades of blue and green, grays, charcoal and even dark browns look good on women with dark blue eyes.

No matter what shade of blue your eyes are, though, remember to blend the different shades you use; lightest shades at from crease to brow and darker shades from lash line to crease.

If you want to opt for dramatic eye makeup here are step by step instructions on how to achieve smokey eyes:

1: Apply a turquoise eye shadow on entire lid. Blend out with your fingers. After applying a strong blue (“electric blue”) shade where the turquoise color stops – at the top of the eyelid. Blend this into the turquoise color.

2: Apply with a thin brush, the same strong blue shadow under the lower lashes. You can also use a metallic blue eyeliner. Blend gently. Apply finally a silver metallic eyeshadow or highlighter on the top of the eyelid and just below the brow and in her eyes. If you want to create a more “open” effect you can apply a white or silver eyeliner on the wet edge.

As for the rest of your makeup….

  • Most blue eyed women can use white eyeliner with smashing success.
  • Light blue eyes will need to use brown mascara (and brown liner if you don’t use white).
  • Gray and dark blue eyes will use black mascara (and liner if white isn’t used).
  • Pink or peach shades of cream blush; blended carefully and used sparingly.
  • Concealer and foundation in an oil-free formula and in a shade that matches your skin tone flawlessly.
  • Translucent face powder (loose or pressed) with a shine control to make sure your pictures show you in the best light.

You most likely know what colors work best for you-your wedding day shouldn’t be an exception. As a matter of fact, you may not even add anything to your daily makeup routine-many brides don’t. So go with what you know and you’ll be as radiant as a bride can be.





wedding makeup for dark complexions and dark eyes

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The Right Makeup for Brides with Dark Complexions and Dark Eyes…….

By the time your wedding day arrives you probably have a pretty good idea of what colors look good on you when it comes to eye shadow and lipstick. But just in case you are one of those girls who don’t bother with much more than mascara and lip gloss on a daily basis but want to step it up a notch for your wedding, here are a few tips on how to be a more polished and glamorous you-not Chuckles that clown in drag.

  1. Foundation is meant to even out the color and tone of your skin-not paint on a new one. If your skin is very dark, you might need to select a shade lighter than your actual skin. Use a light, oil-free product that glides on effortlessly. And remember that less is more. A little goes a long way.
  2. Brows are meant to be left in their natural state-not plucked away and then painted on. Just neaten them up and let them follow their natural line. If you need to, fill in the spaces by smudging with a brow pencil the same color as your brows.
  3. Cream blush is best for all skin types and colors. Cream goes on more evenly, stays in place and doesn’t fade. Darker complexions generally do better with peaches and corals. Apply sparingly and blend well. Remember…Chuckles lives under the big top.
  4. Eye shadow colors most suitable are browns and tans as well as copper and gold tones. A great way to make your eyes appear brighter and larger is to apply a bit of gold shadow on the inside corners of your eyes. If a bit more color is what you have in mind, pinks also work well on people with dark skin. And since this is a special occasion, a light dusting of shimmer on your just under the brow will give you a bit of extra glow. Be careful, though, too much glitter reflects off the flash of the photographer’s camera.
  5. Eyeliner and mascara should be black and WATERPROOF. Liner is applied in a fine line on both upper and lower lash lines and mascara applied to curled lashes; a layer of lengthening and a layer of lash-thickening to top lashes and a single layer of lengthening to the lower lashes.
  6. Glossy, kissable lips in reds, burgundies or coffee colors look best. Be sure to line your lips to avoid ‘bleeding’ and do a double take in the mirror just before you go to meet your groom to make sure your teeth aren’t wearing any of it.
  7. Finish off with a blotting paper. Loose powder is optional, but when applied lightly, sets everything in place.
















which look will you go for?

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We’ve pulled some of the top hair and makeup styles of the season—which style do you plan to wear on your wedding day?
Wearing your hair up has definitely remained a constant all year. While the bun, hair length, and hair accessories have varied style-to-style, bride to bride, wearing hair up has definitely taken the lead on the hair style charts this past year. Adding accessories to personalize your style, such as feathers, birdcage veils, or gems clipped in throughout your hair, wearing hair up in an elegant bun is a universal style for brides of all styles and kinds.

The dramatic look. Accent your eyes and eyebrows with a bold color, a plum or mauve eye shadow and a pink lipstick to accent your features, while adding dramatic flair to your makeup palette. Having your hair up allows your makeup and features to be accentuated, and adds a bold look to the bridal makeup ensemble.

The classic look. Classic red lips and skin tones on the eyes with blush is a classic makeup look that is a “safe” look for all brides with all skin tones and face shapes. It highlights the lips with a bold color, yet will trail the attention down to the detail and look of the dress.

The natural look. This is a great look for darker skin tones, as you’re able to accent your skin color and playing up your fabulous dress. Stick to skin colored eye makeup, a neutral blush (or bronzer) and faint pink on the lips. Shown here, you can see how the eyes pop by using natural colors and all attention is drawn toward the natural features of the face and highlighting the dress. We spend so much time and money on finding the perfect dress…chose a makeup palette and hairstyle that makes all eyes gravitate toward your bridal gown style!

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flawless makeup on your wedding day with ally zwonok…

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It’s your beautiful face people are going to be staring at all night long, leave a lasting impression with the help of  Ally Zwonok a professional makeup artist based in Montreal!   We’ve even interviewed her on your behalf and asked all the pertinent questions with the goal of making your choice easier!

1)  What is your background? Where did you learn to apply makeup?

I come from an incredibly artistic family, my mother worked in Fashion for 25 years and my father was a Rock Star! I began my education in Media Arts (TV, Film, Radio) and realised I needed to do something more creative. From a young age I loved playing around with makeup and it’s always been something I was good at. I then chose to pursue my career at Lasalle College as a Professional Makeup Artist, then specialised in Airbrush Makeup!

2) How did you get started as a makeup artist?

Montreal has a lot of competition and great artists so I had to make myself different from others. I basically worked really hard and took every opportunity that came my way just so I could gain experience. Before I knew it I was working with famous designers and celebrities!

3) What is your typical week like?

I don’t have a “typical week”…which is actually great! I’m either on set doing a photo-shoot, makeup applications for different types of occasions, weddings, teaching a course or working with my Cosmetics Line which I launched in 2009!

4) How do I book you for my wedding date? Do you require a deposit? What about a contract?

 I highly recommend a trial for all brides. This is where we build a relationship work together to create your own unique look. If you are satisfied with the trial, we then proceed to booking. I do require a deposit and a signed contract in order to reserve the wedding date.

5) Will it be YOU at my wedding or another artist? What happens if you can’t make it on my day?

Yes! The trial is my vow that I will be the one applying your makeup! In case of emergency I have a team of incredible artists who can substitute for me.

6) How many weddings have you done? Do you normally work with brides? Yes, I work with many, many brides! Probably close to, 100 in the past couple of years!

7) Do you have a  portfolio?

 Absolutely! You can go to, there are plenty of photos as well as some tutorial videos!

8) What size of bridal party do you accommodate? How long will it take to get makeup for my bridal party?

I can accommodate as many as time permits. I like to calculate 25 minutes per bridesmaid and a little longer to perfect the bride! If I cannot accommodate everyone in the given time slot, I bring along my wonderful assistant!

9) What methods of payment do you accept?

 For now cash or check, I’m working on accepting interact and credit cards in the new year.

10) What kinds/brands of products do you use? Is this makeup good for pictures or photography?

I have actually designed my own cosmetics line; Alter Ego Cosmetics! The products contain all the good stuff: Vitamin B, Sunscreen, Wheat-germ and not tested on Animals, (which is very important to me!) Perfect for photographing and lasting all day!

11) How do I keep my makeup fresh for the whole day? How will the product wear? What about color-matched products to touch up with?

 I work with Airbrush foundation which basically requires minimal touch-ups. I would recommend purchasing the lip gloss or lip stick you choose, as this is the only thing you will need to re-apply!

12) I have skin allergies or severe acne. Can you work with me? Do you airbrush? How about covering blemishes or my tattoo? Do you apply false lashes?

 Not a problem, I use hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic products which don’t produce or agitate acne prone skin. In fact, Airbrush is great for blemishes and uneven skin it provides great coverage with a light feeling! And Yes…I love false lashes and highly recommend them for all brides!!

 13) Do you charge a travel or location fee? How far do you travel for that fee?

If your wedding is located on the island of Montreal or close to it there is no additional charge. I have gone as far as Tremblant, New York and Florida, so this is something we would have to discuss!

14) What happens at the Trial Run? Do I come to you for this appointment? How long will the Trial Run take?

 I have a lovely makeup studio based in the West Island where I do all applications and wedding trials. During the trial run we discuss various styles in order to create the perfect look. I would suggest looking though magazines or the internet for some ideas! Usually takes about an hour.

15) On my wedding day, do I come to you, or do you travel to my venue (or where I’m getting dressed)?

 For the wedding day, I offer a mobile service for your comfort and convenience!

16) Do you sell cosmetic products?

I do sell Alter Ego Cosmetics, so just in case you forget your lip stick or gloss…I have you covered!!