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She’s got Kim Kardashian Eyes…..

There may not be a song about Kim Kardashian eyes, but there are plenty of girls out there that want to copy her smoky, wide-eyed look. And why not? Kim may not be one to talk about in the marriage department, but she knows what she’s doing when it comes to putting on her face.

While Kim has reportedly been crazy for MAC products, that doesn’t mean you can’t get ‘the look’ if you use something else. The key is the selection of color.

The key to great makeup begins with the basics-concealer and primer. Concealer applied under the eye area to get rid of any dark circles and primer applied to the entire eyelid is essential for a flawless look. This should be followed by a lightweight foundation that precisely matches your skin tone.

Kim uses cream blush (as we all should)-usually in a peach or coral color. If you have the dark hair and eyes like she does, you can go with peach if you want a monochromatic look or go a bit deeper if you want something with a bit more glam.

Now for those eyes…. The brows need to be neatly groomed and naturally shaped and full. No thin lines here. The next step for ‘Kim eyes’ is to apply a light shade of tan or khaki shadow over the nude primer you’ve already applied. Follow this with deep, dark brown, charcoal, purple or bronze. NOTE: If you go bronze, make it a shade or two darker or lighter than your eyes to make them appear bigger and wider instead of ‘normal’. NOTE: If you use purple, you might want to layer it on top of a deep gray. The color should be deep, dark and go from lash line to just above the crease. Oh, and don’t forget to blend.

Next is the eyeliner. Having dark eyes, you have the option to use black, brown or even purple. A thin line on both the top and bottom lashes. You can smudge the bottom line a bit for a sultry, dreamy look.

Mascara-Kim goes for multiple layers. And even though some might think it a bit much, it sure does work for her-and you, too, if done correctly. On your top lashes…start with lengthening mascara in dark black. Using a flat brush, apply a layer of translucent powder to your lashes and then apply another coat of the lengthening mascara. If you want, you can do this a third time before applying either one or two coats of thickening mascara. As for the bottom lashes, a coat or two of lengthening mascara is sufficient.

Finish the look with a dusting of translucent powder, a shiny but neutral lip color (the emphasis is the eyes) and you’re good to go. If your coloring is compatible, the Kim Kardashian look is a great one for your wedding day. Your radiance will be obvious-but to add a little oomph to your eyes, this might be just the look you are looking for.


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