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Over the past couple of years, Bollywood has taken society by storm. There is a Bollywood craze in North America and in countries across the world. It hit North america when the  2008 film, “ Slumdog Millionaire”  hit theatres and ever since then, it has  sparked an interest in this age-old culture. Bollywood is making its appearance everywhere in many different ways.  Fitness clubs are offering Bollywood dance classes, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine restaurants are gaining quick popularity, and the films, dance, and fashion of Bollywood is making it all over the world. 

Whimsical Bollywood Style Wedding Cake

Bollywood is noticed and cherished through many factors, one of which being the bright colors and intricate patterns on the clothing and fabrics. If you are looking to add an original twist to your wedding, or perhaps getting in touch with part of you and your family’s culture, consider going Bollywood for your wedding theme.  There are Bollywood stores and online vendors that offer you the best costumes and accessories for your wedding day.

The colors are what makes Bollywood style so fantastic. The bright and vivid colors are what defines and  creates the elaborate costumes and culture of Bollywood. Incorporating this into your wedding add originality to your special day.

A Bollywood theme can be used in every aspect of the wedding. Creating or having a brightly colored sash to put around your wedding gown, or across your shoulder will add some flair. Decorate the ceremony and reception Bollywood style by hanging tapestries or rent a tent and decorate the ceiling with the fabrics, colors, and intricate interior design of Bollywood culture.

If you are interested in incorporating the Bollywood entertainment to your wedding, look no further. Bollywood is becoming so popular there are most likely plenty of bands that play Bollywood music,  and dance companies that will come and teach your guests the dance steps. If you are looking to save money on on DJ and entertainment, make a playlist of Bollywood favorites on your iPod or CD player.

Regardless of how you incorporate the traditions and beauty of Bollywood, it is sure to be a hit.  Your wedding will leave a lasting impression as your wedding will shine, while it is celebrated in Bollwood color and flare.

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It’s definitely colorful!! Maybe one day you’ll write about Oriental weddings!


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It was my pleasure Khadija!!


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