chameleon dress to the rescue, bridesmaids rejoice!

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Tired of the traditional bridesmaid dress?  Perhaps you are looking for a style that goes beyond the plain cookie cutter taffeta dress.  A bridesmaid option that we are just head over heels for is the convertible bridal dress. Convertible dresses and gowns debuted at NYC and London Fashion week this year for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection and are making an appearance at bridal boutiques near you.

One of the greatest aspects of these dresses is the versatility. Most of us have bridesmaids who are all of different shapes and sizes; beautiful nonetheless, but all different body types. With a dress like this, you don’t have to worry about that ! There are nearly15 different ways to wear a convertible bridesmaid dress (depending on the label), meaning there will be a way to wear the gown that will compliment each of your bridesmaids.

When planning a wedding, brides are always looking for ways to make their special day more original and out of the box. A convertible dress such as this is a fun twist to add to your bridal party. Your bridesmaids can wear the dress as a halter, one shoulder, strapless, or half sleeve, and more. Each bridesmaid can wear the same color convertible dress, or switch it up to match your wedding colors. The material varies form satin or  to your traditional taffeta dress. It’s an excellent way to compliment each bridesmaid, while still having  a bridal party that is breathtaking and looks great standing next to you!

Another perk of choosing a convertible bridesmaids gown is the affordability. Perhaps some of your bridesmaids can’t afford an expensive gown, while some can.  Diminish the awkwardness of price ranges and affordability by choosing one gown that everyone can afford. Different designers and companies offer these dresses for different prices, but they range between $85-$150, while others can have a more hefty price tag of over $200, depending on the label and material. 

Allow your bridesmaids to maintain their style, let them feel comfortable, and find a style that works for them as they choose a way to wear their gown.  It’s a great way for your bridal party to all feel good about themselves, while still looking great standing next to you on your wedding day. Another perk? The classic bridal line” you can wear this bridesmaids dress again after the wedding!” You sure can! With 15 different ways to wear it, they can wear this dress again and again! A local Canadian company that specializes in the chameleon dress is Isadora Clothing. Dresses can be viewed and ordered on, simply search for the chameleon dress.


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