Unique Wedding Venues

8th April, 2013 - Posted by Lia - No Comments

seattle wedding at the seattle aquarium

Your wedding day is special, and while getting married in a registry office or town hall is an easy option, sometimes it’s nice to go all out and get married somewhere original. Here are some ideas to inspire you on where to day “I do.”


A chapel is classic, but a small and intimate one can bode for an affair of the same nature. Instead of going for a large church, a small-scale chapel can help you make some classic touches and gives you more control so that everything is perfect. If you want to keep things simple with a small amount of guests, then a chapel helps to maintain a cozy, intimate atmosphere without coming across too informal, plus they’re a beautiful location to get married in.



Are you passionate about art or butterflies? Then pick a location based on what you love. Why not try something different like the butterfly habitat at the local zoo or at your favorite art gallery? With some research, permission and planning, turning that into a dream come true could be easier than you imagined. It might require more work, but it’ll definitely be worth it. Do you love wine? Then get hitched at a winery – you’ll not only have wonderful views, but plenty of good wine at the reception!

unique wedding venues in a Cave

There is nothing quite as romantic as a wedding on a waterfront, whether it’s a beach, a lake or simply a river. A waterfront wedding gives you the chance to work on many themes, like you can opt for a nautical theme too. You can get creative and get married on a boat, ferry, dockside restaurants or parks on waterways.


You can also get married at a historic building or a museum. You’ll get a stunning and memorable location for your big day. Some venues offer great rental discounts and you’ll have an impressive backdrop for your wedding photos. It’s worth doing some research, even if it looks like some of your choices might not seem accessible on first glance.

Wedding themes

A public or private park offers a great opportunity for a romantic wedding. It’s both beautiful and economical, but while an outdoor wedding is unpredictable, a bit of planning can help you be prepared for any event. Set up a tent or find an outdoor location with some covered space.

Wedding venue wih sharks

Are you an extreme couple? Well, you can go all out and get married in some whacky locations, like during a scuba dive, skydiving or even mountain climbing. A bold wedding is a brave move, but it would definitely be a wedding to remember. As long as you get the appropriate licenses and permissions before the big day, and make sure you stay safe, then this could be an alternative option to become man and wife.