Centerpieces for Weddings Unique Favors & Centerpiece

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DIY wedding centerpieces

Sometimes traditional flowery centerpieces can sometime feel old-fashioned or, even daresay, unoriginal. As more and more couples are looking to break away from stifling traditions, or at least bring in something new to the ceremony, here are some original ideas for an alternative type of centerpiece.

Beach Theme Centerpiece

Balloons are cute and quirky, and they’re a great way of making a centerpiece stand out with originality. You can still play with flowers in them by having a flower basket anchoring a balloon in gold netting.

flowery centerpieces

The aviary theme has been a hot one in recent weddings, so the use of a birdcage as a centerpiece theme has been on the rise. They are not only eye catching and interesting, but they are also fun and easily dressed up and accessorized for your wedding needs.

Wedding centerpiece

Mirrors are beautiful, and there is just so much you can do with them. You can get ornate gilded looking glasses for a vintage theme, or you can do something modern and quirky with them – maybe use them for table numbers or even quotes.

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece

Organic is a big trend in 2013, and it’s expected to be on the rise well into 2014 too. Wood is a great way of incorporating Mother Nature into your big day. You can combine driftwood with wild flowers for a truly organic and special centerpiece.

If the happy couple is of a literary nature, then books can be used to create some beautiful and original centerpieces. Old books can be fashioned into decorative pieces that can be reused after the wedding or even given away as favors. This is a wonderful idea for those looking for a vintage feel in their wedding.

Peach & Lantern as wedding centerpieces

For a personal touch, you can play around with the use of photographs in a wedding centerpiece. You can get as creative as you want with these, even taking out some adorable pictures of the happy couple as children, all the way up to their engagement photos. The beauty with photographs is that they will be 100% unique and will hold a deep sentimental meaning to the couple in question.

Pink-tinted water with jewels and orchids with a floating candle

Wedding Centerpieces Fall

Other ideas for those looking for a “vintage” feel can find what they are looking for in dainty porcelain teacups. These can be filled with flowers or for a romantic edge combined with candles. Teacups are great for those looking to emulate a country wedding or one with a Victorian feel.

plum centerpiece

The great thing about centerpieces is you have the chance to go crazy with your imagination. So don’t feel restricted by tradition – go out there with your table features.

Wedding centerpiece DIY

Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

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Outdoor weddings work wonderfully on paper – you’re close to nature and under the perfect circumstances they make for the perfect and memorable day. However, they can also be incredibly unpredictable so try to avoid some of the pitfalls with some of these tips.Photo source courtesy of Mishka Designs


Planning is the key, and do take into account what the weather will be like for the time of year you’re planning to get married. Is it going to be very hot and summer or are you likely to have rain? If it’s in the middle of august and the temperature gets up high where you are then make sure your guests have plenty of ice cold water, a fan and sun cream. Hire some electric fans with a generator and invest in a sunshade. For colder days, make sure the guests know to dress warmly or even rent some portable heaters to keep things warm.


Even the best laid plans can go wrong, so it’s always good to have a plan B. Consider what will happen if it’ll rain – make sure you have an indoor location on standby just in case. A good compromise is to have the vows outside and the party indoors. A tent is a good option, but this is only foolproof if you get a light shower and no heavy winds.


This brings us onto the next consideration. Having an outdoor wedding in a wind is something that needs to be planned. Avoid materials in your wedding and bridesmaids dresses which are light – and don’t invest too much into an elaborate hairdo if the wind is only going to upset it.


Food that’s served indoors and outdoors work differently. Having a wedding cake with elaborate chocolate decoration isn’t going to work if it melts under the sun. Make sure you pick caterers with experience with the outdoors. And since drinking a lot under the sun can dehydrate, make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to stock up with. Water is a must, but some homemade lemonades or iced teas are a good substitute.

Flies and mosquitoes can be rather pesky, but invest in some citronella candles and your guests can enjoy their meal without being eaten themselves.

And last but not least – if you’re getting married in a park or on the beach make sure you’ve got a permit for your wedding – the last thing you want is to spend your honeymoon in a cell!

Top Alternatives For Wedding Cakes

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The traditional wedding cake might be synonymous with weddings, but for those of you looking to break with tradition, perhaps these ideas might whet your taste buds. A multiple tiered fondant covered cake might be non-negotiable, but take a look at some alternatives for those looking for trying something a little different.

Cupcakes have been hugely popular at weddings in recent year, and they’re extremely versatile with the number of creative fillings and flavors available. You have the choice to decorate them in any way possible, and they have the potential to be super elegant, just like a traditional cake, and at the same time easy to serve and eat.


A candy bar might be an odd thing to serve up at something as formal as a wedding, but the wonderful thing is that the options to serve up are unlimited. You can even get hold of bars that go with your wedding color scheme.

Pies are usually a great hit and you can get them in a variety of flavor and fillings, whether you make them yourself or find a trusted bakery. They can be as sweet or as tangy as you wish – perhaps even serve a variety.

One creative way to cater to all the sweet-toothed guests is to organize a cookie buffet. The hardest part to pull this off is narrowing down the selection since there are just so many types to choose from. Chocolate chip cookies are always a great hit, but maybe some macadamia nut or peanut cookies are a super choice. Not to mention such a wide variety such as biscotti, sandwich cookies and macaroons. Pick something that will go well with coffee, wine or even champagne, but take care of those who have nut allergies though.

If you’re getting married on a hot summers day, then ice cream is a popular choice and can be dressed up with nuts, sauces and even fruits. Ice cream is such a versatile dessert that it’s one that’s hard to go wrong with. And with sorbets and Champagne ices around, the only limit is your imagination.

Are you looking for a carnival themed wedding? Then why not eschew the wedding cake for cotton candy and caramel apples? You can dress up all your fairground treats to accommodate your wedding needs.

If you’re looking to cater to impress, then try out the croquembouche, a traditional French pastry with fluffy an bite-sized cream stuffed choux pastries formed into a cone and assembled with strings of caramel syrup. You can suspend this with sugar-spun ribbons and drizzle it with chocolate or caramel. This gravity defying dessert is bound to stun your guests.

Planning a bridal shower for the modern bride

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Plan a bridal shower like you would any party, whether it’s an intimate affair or a big event, the success to a good party is through careful planning. Set up a committee of trusted friends who can help to make things more fun and help run smoothly. Putting together an invite list can also help to organize things a little better and get your bride on board for this to make sure no one is missed out.

The traditional bridal shower is held two months to two weeks before the wedding, and etiquette dictates that it should take place in the early afternoon, but we’re not quite sticklers for tradition, so go with what suits the bride the best. Some might want a brunch-time party whereas other night owls might prefer something after dark.

Coming up with a self-contained theme isn’t essential, but having one does make life a little easier when it comes to the actual planning. It can help with the décor, the catering and even the gift giving. It can be a loose theme, but make sure it suits the bride herself.

Picking the right décor can be helped if you’ve chosen a theme as above, but if not, then just pick an elegant color scheme and run with that. Decorate the key areas like the bar, catering area, gift table and any other important places. Choose the right banners, centerpieces and festive decorations to bring the place to life a bit.

Food and drinks are important, and this is where the time of day is important. For a brunch, go for an elegant brunch food fare, whereas something held late night might want to be a bit on the light side. You can choose to find an external caterer or get everyone to contribute their own dishes. This is a nice way to provide a personal touch to your bridal shower.

Make sure you have some activities planned, whether it’s from anecdotes and cute games, to having a blast on guitar hero, having a bridal shower with plenty to do is a sure fire way to keep everyone amused.

Last, but definitely not least, are the gifts. Make sure you get the details of your bride’s wedding list at one department store, but sometimes it’s nice to go for something a little less mainstream. The traditional household gifts for the kitchen or the house are sure successes, but maybe going for something a littler naughtier like some sexy lingerie will go down well, or maybe a get away for the bride and her future husband.

Ideas to Inspire a Winter Wedding

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The traditional reds and greens might make us think of winter and Christmas, but there might be something tacky about this color combination and takes away from the festivity of your wedding while focusing on another holiday all together. At the moment, pick a less-is-more color scheme, perhaps silver and white is an elegant and wintery color scheme that would work really well at a wedding. Maybe accent it with some crystal or sparkling accents for some glamour, or even some white satin and ribbon details.

The traditional winter flowers fall the usual candidates of rose and lilies but why not try to step outside the usual box and opt for some alternative blooms – try some full flowers, like hydrangeas. You can also dress up some white boutonniers with some greenery and dress it up with crystal detailed ribbons.

Center pieces for a winter wedding usually falls back on the warm candle lights, but you there is a better way to heighten some drama in your wedding. Opt for some ice carved vases or sculptures; hang some light reflecting crystals from the ceiling and decorate the hall with candles to spark off some light.

A classical pianist might be understated and elegant, but why not spice things up a bit with something a bit different – like an a capella quartet or hire a single musician like a cellist for something alternative.

The Cocktail Hour is one of the most fun parts of the wedding ceremony, but don’t start off your marriage in a rut of classic warm drinks like hot chocolate and apple cider – give your guests a taste of surprise with some hot white chocolate or some creative, but warming cocktails.

The fondant on a wedding cake might be very festive, but get creative with the toppings with some seasonal ingredients like roasted chestnuts or even chocolate covered cranberries. Decorate the cake with sugar ribbons or even crystallized sugar dropping to give your cake some extra glamour.

It’s so tempting to escape the snow and the cold of the winter with a honeymoon to the warmer regions of the earth, but the snow-capped mountains for some skiing can be equally romantic. Why not hire a ski lodge with a log fire where you and your new spouse can snuggle up together while it’s cold outside. We can’t think of anything more romantic and sexy!

Planning your Church Wedding

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To some of us only a church wedding will do, but the question is where to start? How can you walk down the aisle in a romantic old church to the sound of organ music, whether you’re a sucker for tradition or you’re looking for a religious ceremony?

The first step is to find a church. Check out the local churches in the area and get in contact with the vicar or the priest of that church for more information. This way you can find out whether you’re eligible to get married that church and arrange a time for the wedding. Between the three of you can not only fix the date, but also discuss what will happen next. That way you can be sure that your wedding will run as smoothly as possible. To assist you with this the vicar or priest will invite you to an event to help you prepare for your married life. This won’t be anything that’s compulsory, but many couples find it useful. It also might help to think about the vows you’ll want to say.

In some Parishes, such as in the UK, the banns are announced that you intend to marry in the churches. This allows the chance for any objections on why the marriage might not lawfully happen. This is an old tradition that isn’t practiced much anymore, but for those who are religious or traditional, the occasion when everyone will be praying for you could be a moving experience.

A few days before your wedding, you have the chance to rehearse the ceremony with those who are closely involved with it, just so that everything goes super smoothly on the big day.

On your actual wedding day, you can relax slightly, since the vicar or priest will be doing their best to assure that your special day will be personal, but not only that, a meaningful and spiritual experience for both of you and the guests.

Churches have always been known for their community spirit, and getting married in a church gives you the chance for some support in your marriage. You can also celebrate your anniversary in your church — just don’t hesitate to ask.

While less and less couples are getting married in a church, sometimes it can be a nice traditional and community touch, or even make the more religious members of your family happy. Sometimes it’s worth checking out the options you have.

Champagne Inspired Weddings

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Nothing says celebration like a bottle of Champagne, and what better way to inject some bubby fun into your wedding than by trying out some of these Champagne inspired ideas.

If you really want to wow your guests and show them they’re in for a good time, then fill the entrance hall of the reception space with pale yellow balloons that evoke the bubbles of a glass of Champagne. Make sure you have your photographer lying in wait to capture the looks on your guests’ faces when they come in.

For those who prefer to drink Champagne rather than walk through its bubbles, the set up some Champagne towers. You can’t get any more indulgent or elegant than this stack of coupes, and if you pick a reasonably priced sparkling wine, then they’re much cheaper than the traditional floral centerpieces and look classier too, not to mention you can cut back on the wait staff.

Champagne pairs well with everything, but sometimes there are certain couplings that are a marriage made in heaven. Pick food that enhances Champagne’s natural crispness. One piece of decadence is celery root custard served with caviar. Just delish! Or for a sexy, traditional combination, pair your bubbly up with some raw oysters. Blue cheese gourgeres also pair wonderfully with the sparkling wine.

Popping the Champagne and spraying it round might get everyone in a festive mood, but it’s firstly a waste of good Champers and it’s also messy. Why not try an alternative to spray your newlyweds down the aisle by uncorking Champagne-confetti cannons. Instead of spraying the bride and groom with wine, shower them with paper. Much more fun, colorful and saves on good Champagne.

You can also use Champagne to spice up some mix drinks, try some of these exotic combos to get the palate going, like citrus and Thai-chili sparkler or Champagne-Apple punch. 

For the brides who really love wine, then include Champagne grapes into the bouquet. Combine orchids, pale garden roses and a flowing passion wine and the grapes. It can also double up as a gorgeous display if you place it in an ice bucket during the reception. 

If you’re on the experimental side, then why not try out a Champagne gelatin as an alternative to the real thing. Make it into a delightful desert or amuse-bouche with some whipped cream, and if you’re feeling extra daring, then opt for Rosé Champagne for a pink color.

autumn wedding ideas…

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Getting married in the autumn can be a beautiful time – the colors of the trees, the smells in the air. I don’t know about you, but autumn for me marks the beginning of a new life so what could be more fit for a new marriage than an autumn themed wedding.

Autumn is colorful and rustic, and it also carries something romantic about it in the cool and crisp air that smells of fallen leaves. Nature is at its most beautiful then so imagine what it would be like to have an outdoor wedding during this time.

Planning and coordinating a wedding is no walk in the park, but if you pick a theme and stick to it, it can make life a lot easier. Thanks to nature, an autumn theme makes life so easy – just pick earthy colors of reds, oranges or even moss in a variety of tones that suit your needs. You have a lot of inspirations for autumn themed decorations and combining this with candles can give you a loving touch.

For an autumnal color scheme pick burnt oranges, burgundy reds or even a chocolate brown. It’s easy to combine these colors for an elegant scheme, but even to use these on their own can also depict a bit of decadence.

Opt for a rustic feel to add to the autumn feel. Decorate with corn dolls or even outside flowers. An avian theme would go nicely with the autumn feel with birds’ nests table decoration scattered with some colorful leaves. Hire a barn or simply a marquis and add a touch of glamour with some deep orange or red colored lanterns – or even white, if you’re looking for something sparklier.

Gowns and tuxes can also maintain the theme, and even with a white bridal dress, you can have it decorated at the bottom with embroidered leaves and have the bridesmaids dresses a rich chocolate brown or burnt orange. Skip the dainty shoes and opt for more non-traditional shoes such as cowboy boots to reflect the rustic nature of autumn! Tuxedos need not necessarily be black and the choice for a brown or even a tweed jacket could complement the natural themes.

Carry the theme right into the food with seasonal dishes made from locally sourced produce that’ll guarantee to maximize taste. Even the wedding cake flavours should embrace what the fall season has to offer, think apple and cinnamon or even a delicious and rich  pumpkin butterscotch cake as well as rich chocolate!  You can opt for a three-layer wedding cake decorated with autumnal motifs such as leaves, branches and fall flowers to name but a few.

The great thing about planning an autumn wedding is that you’ll never be short of ideas, and the season itself can perhaps fill you with inspiration for that perfect wedding.



yellow wedding accents…

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Yellow, like most colors, comes in a wide variety of shades and hues and can be teamed with both complimentary and contrasting colors to make for a stunning wedding.

When deciding which shade of yellow to use, you need to keep the season of the year and the tone of your wedding in mind. For instance, use deep golden tones in the fall rather than the pastel or brighter shades that we usually see during the spring and summer months. Brighter, sunnier shades of yellow are acceptable for less formal weddings, while more formal affairs should use more conservative pale and muted shades.

When it comes to decorating with yellow, three are several flowers to choose from and ways to incorporate them into a number of different themes.

Daisies, with their bright yellow centers are quite common, but with good reason. They are quite durable in spite of their delicate look, and can be used for outdoor country-styled weddings, quaint garden weddings and simple, yet lovely indoor spring time nuptials.

Yellow roses represent joy, friendship and a new beginning. Yellow roses are appropriate in all but the most casual of weddings. Pair them with lilacs to fill the church with a heady scent or with ivy and ferns for a more classic look.

Yellow tulips are available year-round and can be used for any wedding-no matter how formal (or not) it

Sunflowers and black-eyed Susie’s are sturdy and plentiful throughout the summer months. But their strong personalities lend themselves to country or old-fashioned themes.

Depending on the shade of yellow you use, the following colors with well with yellow: pink, white, green, black, lavender, grey, brown, coral and even red.

Yellow can also be used with a bright, sunny beach theme or destination wedding or as an accent for a shimmery silver or gold theme. Here are some image-ideas to perhaps inspire you to add yellow, eben in small doses to your wedding theme!









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Wedding Trends 2012- Make your Wedding All That and More..

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Fads and trends come and go in every industry; the wedding industry being no exception. So if  you are planning to say ‘I do’ within the next few months, here are a few insider tips to keep in mind for a stylish and fashion-conscious event.

Wedding gowns are more sophisticated looking. A more fitted ball gown or mermaid style gown rather than the puff and fluff of the little girl princess look that’s been around for a while, is what brides are wearing now. You’ll also see less tulle and more lace, pearls and beading. Another trend in wedding gowns is the sheer neckline. Instead of strapless and low-cut, we’re seeing more dresses with or without sleeves in which there is a rounded or v neck with sheer fabric to the neck that includes embroidery and/or beading.



As for color, shades of purple (lavender, plum and everything in between) are THE color for 2012 weddings. Purple is one of those colors that can look good on basically everyone in some shade or another, so you needn’t worry about that. Flowers are easy, too. Roses come in shades of lavender, tulips, hyacinths, carnations, orchids…you’ve got your choice.



Autumn weddings are pushing June to back seat when it comes to most popular time of year to get married. The weather is more conducive for outdoor weddings, honeymoon travel tends to be less expensive in the fall and let’s face it…this is just a beautiful time of the year, plus you get to serve your guests fruit dipped in caramel, how fun is that!


Quality over quantity. That’s what brides urban and city brides are going for these days. In other words, brides would rather opt for a smaller guest list in order to have a church filled with flowers and a prime rib reception over a church filled with guests and serve ham and chicken strips. The quality over quantity attitude has carried over to the more rural areas as well. But these brides tend to invest their quality in the photographer and reception venue; food, music, décor and location while keeping the actual ceremony sweet and simple.

Other trends for 2012 weddings include small hand-held bouquets, vintage themes, destination weddings and the use of unique items in the décor…especially feathers!

No matter what colors you choose or how large the guest list, remember…the wedding is just one day. The marriage is for happily ever after.

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