Top Wedding Ring Trends for 2013

1st January, 2013 - Posted by Lia - No Comments


There are more things out there than the traditional gold band, so perhaps you have the option to get a little more creative when it comes to picking out your ideal wedding ring – here’s hoping this will help you get inspired in your ring shopping with the top trends from 2013.

Classic rings have never gone, no ever will, go out of style. If you want to add something a little special and personalized to them then you can have them accented or even engraved.     Choosing a ring that will always be in is a good sign for a marriage that’ll last for life. These don’t have to be the usual gold, you can go for something more daring like titanium or even a chic platinum band to make a statement that’ll last for ever.

beautiful wedding rings

Diamonds are in right now and you can find plenty of wedding rings that are encrusted with the shiny carbon crystals. For a clean and light look, you can get an enduring platinum band with rings of small diamonds. These stones mean endurance, so you can appreciate the symbolism they bear when we’re talking about your wedding.

If you want something more modern and bohemian, then opt for some colored stones, whether you’re interested in a modern tension setting, a classic four-point or a vintage filigreed setting, picking your favorite color is the ideal way to personalize your wedding ring. You can even go for something more specific like a birthstone, or maybe pick a stone or color that symbolizes your relationship. Red rubies for passion or a cool and calm sapphire for harmony, accentuating your wedding ring with color is a great way to go about trying something different.

Vintage is all the rage in 2013, and what a better way to maintain that theme than with delicate vintage rings. Try some old round centered European rings or Asscher cuts. With the delicate stones and minimal engravings it’s almost impossible to go wrong. If you have a family heirloom – your grandmother’s ring or even a pendant, you can set this to create a wedding ring that actually means something to you, and who knows, maybe it’s something to pass down to the great grandchildren one day.

Finding the right wedding ring is as key as finding the right wedding dress – this is all about finding one right to your taste and personality, so make sure you take great care when picking one out!