Cinetix Productions

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We are lucky to have such a talented Photographer and videographer all in one. Please enjoy this latest addition on Montreal Wedding Photographers!Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when selecting the right photo and Videograher from Cinetix Products

How long have you been a videographer?
I have been a videographer and director since 10 years. The business, Cinetix Films Inc. is incorporated since 2007 and I am part of the Union of Directors of Quebec (ARRQ, Association des Réalisateurs et Réalisatrices du Québec), so I have a recognition from my fellow directors in the film, TV and video business.

How did you develop a passion for videography?
My interest for visual arts appeared at around the age of 10, and it developed into a passion for cinema. I have been making short films and video projects since my teens years and my passion for videography and cinema helped me to start my business.

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?
As a director, I do web and TV commercials, corporate videos, training videos, workout DVDs, short films and videoclips. I enjoy any sort of projects either shot on HD video or 35mm digital cinema.


What’s your style of videography?
For weddings I apply the same principle as in creative cinematography : multiple shots at different angles and focal lengths to cover the scene playing in front of the camera. The result is that the edited film is a dynamic montage of each sequences. I shoot the whole wedding as a documentary of the action; I rarely interfere to avoid too much directing and let the action rolls naturally. It does not bug people and they often forget that a videographer is present, thus being able to achieve the best natural scenes on video.



What inspires you as a videographer?
I love getting a good framed shot. I love playing around with composition and making sure the scene looks great. Aside from the artistic level, I like the fact that a video tells a story and that story will be enjoyed for many years to come, especially for a wedding; you are giving one of the best souvenir in a couple’s life.


Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?
Yes I offer that service. Cuba is the best location.



any advice for brides on choosing a videographer?
It is very important to shop around by the style, the quality of the work and the reputation of the company. Do not shop by price! Videography is a service and not a product. You are buying the talent of the videographer and the job applied in the editing, the quality of the shots and to some level, the quality of the equipment. Your are not shopping around for the same box of apples! Carefully reviewing the portfolio and asking questions about past jobs and experience is a must. Price will then be the next question.


Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day? (Sweet  & Short)
Enjoy your day, because it is all about you and your groom. Do not think of anything else, let that to your bridesmaids!


If you have any questions or wish to contact the Cinetix team you can do so by visiting their profile or contacting them by telephone to setup an appointment.

Tel. 514-824-6477

endure the curveballs…

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Hello to our fabulous readers–  

Hope Alcocer here, Marketplace Weddings’ In-House blogger. I hope that this blog post finds you well on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon. The lovely Lia has asked me to blog a bit more on here, get to you know all, and write on all things weddings as a weekly contributor. I’m honored!

I’m a bride to be myself,I got engaged on October 14th, 2011 and have been planning a September 8th, 2012 wedding. It’s been a crazy and stressful time yet so enjoyable to plan my dream wedding. My fiancee is in the military, so we’ve been comparing color swatches and honeymoon planning via Skype and email…it’s challenging, difficult and makes me assume I’ll start sprouting grey hairs sooner than later, but it’s worth it. I remember the real reason I’m getting married; it’s not because of the unique bouquets I chose, it’s not the designer dress or the one-of-a-kind menu- it’s because I want to spend the rest of my life married to my best friend, my other half, my soulmate.

This past weekend Evan and I endured another curve ball and due to military hangups we will need to postpone our wedding day. All of the time, work, and money going into a September 8th 2012 wedding is now put on pause until we figure out a better time where I know my fiancee can be home. My first reaction was to get upset and stress, then I was remembered that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a date. If it was meant to be on September 8th, that would have happened; until then, I’ll wait to set a new date and look forward to it. I’m learning not to stress the small stuff. One might not consider a wedding date ” small stuff” but I am choosing to look at it like that. If we can endure distance and still love through a time of difficulty and war, we can surely weather any storm that comes our way.


My advice to you today– breathe. Take each “hiccup” as it comes. Love more, and stress less. Five years from now after you’ve had your wedding day you will look back and realize that these hangups did not matter- it will just matter that you’re happy & love the one you’re with. 






wedding etiquette q & a: answers to your most common wedding dilemmas..

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Q. We do not want to have to invite kids to our ceremony or reception. Trying to keep costs down, would prefer a more low-key and adult reception. How do we tactfully make this clear?  

A.  There are plenty of ways to make this request as classy as possible. Address your invites to the adults in the family only. On the invite, you can put a tiny note saying “ Adults Only”. If your budget allows, you can always offer childcare as well. If anyone approaches you on this just smile and let them know that this style or ceremony and reception works for you both! 

Q. We are putting a “ Plus One” on each of the invites; how can we avoid certain friends bringing people that are not their significant others and instead bringing a friend we don’t know?

A. If it is that important to you that they don’t just bring a friend of theirs as their +1 then I would specify on the invite who the +1 is. Regardless if it is a significant other best friend, or partner. If there are some guests whom you are comfortable with whoever they bring then feel free to just leave it as a “ +1”. Highly unlikely your guests will compare envelope addressees’’  to see what and who you wrote on there. 

Q. I love our family, but my parents and I really do not want our out of town guests to stay at our house the day before and after the wedding; it’s way too hectic! How can we politely make this clear?

A. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little privacy or space the day before or after your wedding. Include a list of different places to stay, and list them by price so your guests know what they are working with. Include motels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts. If you are in the financial position to do so, then feel free to pick up the tab on half or all of their overnight stay as an extra gesture.

he said..she said: who’s right?

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He said : “I want  ( insert your  fiancé’s  friends name whom you strongly dislike) to be my best man.”

She heard: “I want my best man to be that one oaf from my college days.”

Oh great. Your fiancé’s college bud( whom you cannot stand) is your man’s choice for best man. You cringe, most likely make a face behind his back, and fast forward in your mind to your wedding day: the best man is drunk, giving a sloppy toast, hitting on your bridesmaids….yep, total disaster ahead. Hold on a second and give this one some thought. While YOU may not like your fiancé’s best man, it is a reflection of whom he is closest to and feels has been there through thick and thin. Instead of putting a halt, consider sitting down and talking to the best man and casually let him know that you do want his behavior during the speech or during the wedding to be respectable. If he’s the guy your fiancé thinks the world of, then he should understand. While he may annoy you, he is your fiancé’s best friend regardless of what you think of him. Think of it this way, would you want him picking out your bridesmaids? I didn’t think so.

She said: “I want to invite my ex boyfriend to the wedding”.              

He heard: “I want to invite my ex boyfriend to the wedding”

Regardless of how you approach this topic, it is what it is: awkward. Thi.s is a consist dilemma among engaged couples and it is difficult to decide where to draw the line on this one. It all depends on the type of relationship you and your ex have post-breakup, as well as the relationship your ex and your FIANCE have. If it’s strictly platonic with a few harmless jabs thrown at one another here and there, then it should be a harmless invite. However if there are still lingering feelings between you and your ex or if your ex does not respect your husband-to-be, then you should revaluate.  Here’s something to keep in mind: how would you feel if he invited his ex girlfriend whom you do not trust and you do not care for at all? It would surely make you feel uncomfortable. Remember this as you scratch your ex off the guest list!

He said: “Whatever you want to do is okay with me”

She heard: “I don’t care about this wedding”

Ladies—guess what? He really meant ‘ Whatever you want to do is fine with me.”  If you want to get married in Old Montreal, and he says he is okay with it—then he probably is! Why? Because he loves you, he trusts your style and planning judgment AND he does not stay awake at night like you obsessing over the table linens. This is a classic tiff that occurs between an engaged couple. Women like to connect emotionally and see their fiancé involved in the decision-making, but in reality, all your groom is really concerned about is marrying you and spending the rest of his life with you. Usually, the decorating, styles, and wedding fashion decisions are more important to you than they are to him. Keep in mind that this is, in no way a reflection of how much he cares for you, guys just usually don’t sweat this sort of stuff. 

bridesmaid dilemma Q & A- can’t we all just get along?

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Q. Two of my bridesmaids have a rocky friendship past but I want them both in my wedding, how do I handle it? 

A.  Having a bridesmaid feud can be super stressful and awkward on everyone. However, you and your bridesmaids need to remember the reason why they are bridesmaids in the first place: to celebrate you and your fiancée getting married. The drama and rocky past need to be set aside so that you can enjoy your big day and so that they can be a part of it as well. If they can’t has out their differences on their own as adults, then you may need to calmly sit down with the both of them and explain that this wedding needs to be drama free. Remind them that this day is about you, and you need them to act like the friends that they are and set their differences and opinions aside.

Q.   Can I fire a bridesmaid?

A. Nobody likes to use the word “fire”, as your bridesmaids aren’t employed or obligated by any means to be a part of your wedding, it is an honor and privilege, not a right. However, if a bridesmaid is continually causing you stress, grief, and anxiety due to immature behavior then you do have every right to politely explain that they are no longer to be a part of your bridal party. It may end in some tears and the cold shoulder but you  need to do what’s best for you. 

Q. My bridesmaids keep making negative comments about the bridesmaid dresses I picked out, should I change the style or color?

A.  Your wedding day is about what you and your groom have worked hard for to plan and prepare for your special day. Naturally, this means that dress choices and colors should be you and your grooms’ (if he wants to help) decision. Of course you want to pick out a dress that flatters all of your bridesmaids as well as a color that they all love but truth of the matter is…you can’t please everyone! Remind your bridesmaids that this is your special day and you hope that they can grin and bear it on your wedding day. If you want all of your bridesmaids to feel satisfied in whatever dress you choose, then give them a color swatch and material you want each girl to wear and have them pick out the style that suits them best. This way each bridesmaid can pick out a dress that compliments their style, body shape  and figure. 

Q. How many bridesmaids can I have?

A. There is no magical number of bridesmaids you can have in your bridal party. Each wedding is different as it depends on how many close friends you have, or how many family members you want in your bridal party. Another thing to keep in mind that many are not aware of is the fact that your numbers do not have to match up with how many guys are standing on your groom’s side. There is no special rule for  how many groomsman or bridesmaids should be on each side, or if it has to be even. You can have a maid of honor who’s your best girlfriend, or your best guy friend, same goes for your groom. Expand your wedding party criteria past the traditional rules and myths you think you have to follow, and select the wedding party that YOU want.