Arriving to The Alter in Style Wedding Transport

28th January, 2013 - Posted by Lia - No Comments

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A lot of things get put into planning a wedding – the venue, the catering, the dress etc. but how about the most important thing: making the right entrance. There is a wealth of transport possibilities out there from vintage cars to a horse drawn carriage. It is your big day, and making the entrance that’s the best suited to you is the most important. Here is a guide to some ideas to inspire you.

Nothing says romance like a horse drawn carriage, and is one of the most popular ways to arrive at the church. The sight of the bride in her white dress riding on a beautiful carriage and horses is a way to bring a tear to the eyes of the more romantic guests. You can find a variety of coaches from many bridal hire companies from a royal style carriage to something simpler.


Vintage is going to be hot stuff in 2013, and you can’t make a classier entrance than by arriving in a classic car like a Rolls Royce. This is a great choice no matter the weather, and is perfect if you’re going for a 1920s theme.

Are you a thrill seeking adventure type? Are you more James Bond than the Princess Bride or a luxury-searching dame? Then stun your guests by arriving to your wedding in a helicopter! It’s one way to be remembered, and while your hairstyle is most likely to get messed up it’s definitely a way to make an impressive entrance.

If you’re going for a surprise entrance or you’re looking for a quirkier way to arrive, the perfect way to do that is a hot air balloon. This is not only a memorable thing for your guests, but also for you – just imagine all those spectacular view, and just picture drifting off into the sunset with a bottle of champagne after the ceremony. If you’re having a gorgeous outdoor wedding in a country estate or a vineyard, this is the perfect way to impress your guests.

For those of you staying close to the church, you also have the option to simply arrive walking hand in hand. It’s low cost and not to mention environmentally friendly. If you’re looking to save money and go for a simple, yet understated and romantic gesture at the same time then a lovely romantic walk to the church is a good way to arrive at the alter.