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We are lucky to have such a talented Photographer and videographer all in one. Please enjoy this latest addition on Montreal Wedding Photographers!Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when selecting the right photo and Videograher from Cinetix Products

How long have you been a videographer?
I have been a videographer and director since 10 years. The business, Cinetix Films Inc. is incorporated since 2007 and I am part of the Union of Directors of Quebec (ARRQ, Association des Réalisateurs et Réalisatrices du Québec), so I have a recognition from my fellow directors in the film, TV and video business.

How did you develop a passion for videography?
My interest for visual arts appeared at around the age of 10, and it developed into a passion for cinema. I have been making short films and video projects since my teens years and my passion for videography and cinema helped me to start my business.

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?
As a director, I do web and TV commercials, corporate videos, training videos, workout DVDs, short films and videoclips. I enjoy any sort of projects either shot on HD video or 35mm digital cinema.


What’s your style of videography?
For weddings I apply the same principle as in creative cinematography : multiple shots at different angles and focal lengths to cover the scene playing in front of the camera. The result is that the edited film is a dynamic montage of each sequences. I shoot the whole wedding as a documentary of the action; I rarely interfere to avoid too much directing and let the action rolls naturally. It does not bug people and they often forget that a videographer is present, thus being able to achieve the best natural scenes on video.



What inspires you as a videographer?
I love getting a good framed shot. I love playing around with composition and making sure the scene looks great. Aside from the artistic level, I like the fact that a video tells a story and that story will be enjoyed for many years to come, especially for a wedding; you are giving one of the best souvenir in a couple’s life.


Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?
Yes I offer that service. Cuba is the best location.



any advice for brides on choosing a videographer?
It is very important to shop around by the style, the quality of the work and the reputation of the company. Do not shop by price! Videography is a service and not a product. You are buying the talent of the videographer and the job applied in the editing, the quality of the shots and to some level, the quality of the equipment. Your are not shopping around for the same box of apples! Carefully reviewing the portfolio and asking questions about past jobs and experience is a must. Price will then be the next question.


Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day? (Sweet  & Short)
Enjoy your day, because it is all about you and your groom. Do not think of anything else, let that to your bridesmaids!


If you have any questions or wish to contact the Cinetix team you can do so by visiting their profile or contacting them by telephone to setup an appointment.

Tel. 514-824-6477

How to Make a Wedding Reception Fun

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Weddings can either be time for celebration, but often guests flinch at the invitation, worrying it’ll be a stuffy affair, so the last thing you want is for your friends to think the same thing. So here are some tips to liven things up at your wedding celebration.

The first dance will have everyone’s eyes on you, and while there is something timeless about a Viennese Waltz or a sappy romantic tune, try to jazz this up a bit. This is the time to shock your guests – surprise them with a sexy Latin dance or a jazzy swing step. This will definitely set the tone for a lively party.


Bored children at a wedding could very easily lead to disaster, so make sure you’ve got a game plan to entertain them. Set up an area for them, perhaps in a separate room with a babysitter who can set up movies for them to watch or even just give them a couple of tables with coloring books, toys and such.


Toasts can be brilliantly witty, but sometimes they run on and on leaving guests to look at their watches often. Prep your toasters to keep it down to two-minute max and to keep long-drawn stories for the anecdotes during drinks.

A wedding is a party, so give out some favors like noisemakers or masks. Encourage the guests to let their hair down and have a bit of fun once the formalities are all over and done with.

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Get rid of the sit down dinner and get your guests involved. Great food is a good way to celebrate, but when everyone gets what he or she likes it’s even better. Set up a customizable food station where people can either have a pasta bar or a grilled cheese stations they can pick and choose from. It’s fun and everyone gets what he or she wants!

Melissa and Alfredo's Wedding

Nothing kills a party more than having all your guests leave early, so give a reason for them to stay. Plan some fireworks or an exciting surprise and tell them about it. It’ll give them an incentive to stay on until the very end.

But, sometimes the best parts are the bits the guests don’t see coming. Plan a surprise that will awe your guests until the very end, like a mariachi band or a troupe of belly dancers.


Going back to formal matters, make sure you arrange seats thoughtfully. The last thing you want is to sit people next to each other who don’t get on. Pick people you know would have a lot in common or great chemistry and build up based on that. That way you’ll have a great ambience at the wedding.

And last but not least, order food that isn’t formal or stuffy. You want the wedding to be fun, so go for what you would eat. If you fancy something exotic then go for Spanish tapas or Mexican. Be creative and everyone will have a great time! If you prepare a wedding thoughtfully and creatively, you’ll find people will have the time of their life and talk about it for the rest of it.


The who’s who of a bridal party

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If you’re new to the whole wedding business, then perhaps the planning can look a little daunting and who to assign as bridesmaids or maid of honor. What do those roles even mean anyway? Who should be assigned special places in the bridal party and so on?

A traditional wedding party includes a maid or matron of honor for the bride, the bridesmaids and attendants, the best man, groomsmen, ushers, officiant, flower girl, ring bearer and reader. Let’s break these down into a user-friendly way of understanding what all of this means.


The maid of honor is essentially the support for the bride, and contrary to popular belief this can also be a man. The maid of honor can help the bride with the planning, organizing the bridesmaids, helps the bride to get dressed and keeps her calm. Other duties can include signing as the witness on the license. The typical person to ask is either a sister or a best friend, if the bride’s best friend is a man, then there is no reason why the role should exclude him.

Bridesmaids are close friends of the bride or perhaps even sisters.


There is more to being a bridesmaid than just wearing a pretty dress, she must help the bride buy the right dress, provide help on decoration and planning, plan the bridal shower or bachelorette party and be useful at the wedding reception.


The groomsman are essentially the groom’s own equivalent of the bridesmaids, just as the best man is the equivalent of the maid of honor. The roles are very similar to the bridesmaids, except in helping the groom out.

Ushers have a similar role to the groomsmen, but the role of the groomsmen is usually left to closer friends of the groom. They’re usually not involved in the planning or preparation of pre-wedding events. Ushers are good to help people find their seats and to manage how smoothly everything runs.


You need an officiant to marry you, and finding the right person to do this is important, especially since they’ll have a huge affect on the ceremony. If you’re religious, then clearly you’re going to want a priest or a rabbi for this, but you can find someone else to marry you if you prefer. Anyone can marry you, providing they have the right license.

You can get younger members of the family involved, like the job of the flower girl or even the ring bearer. There is an inclusive role in the bridal party for every member of the family.

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having an outdoor weddings

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The pros and cons of having an outdoor wedding……

Depending on where you live, 3 of the 4 seasons allow brides to at least entertain the thought of getting married outdoors. But before you get your heart set on saying ‘I do’ with nothing more than the big blue sky overhead, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

☼ Having an alternative plan is a must. Weddings require weeks, if not months, of preparation. There’s no way to predict the weather for a particular day that far in advance, so having an alternate location is essential. Your alternative location, including address, needs to be included on the invitation, too.

☼ You need to accommodate your guests’ needs in regards to shade, bathroom facilities, parking, and convenience of getting to and from the seating area. Is it possible for guests with handicaps or limitations to attend without complications?

☼Will your location have a building or room for a tent for the wedding party to get ready in? Or will you arrive ready to walk down the aisle?

☼Will you hold the reception in the same location or somewhere else? If ‘somewhere else’ is the answer to this question, how convenient is your location to your reception area? Will guests be driving across town, several miles away, or forget it and go home?

☼What happens to deposits made on either the outdoor location or alternative-depending on which one you use? Will you forfeit any monies paid for the one not used?

☼What about wedding vendors; the florist, caterer, etc. Will they know where to go?

Outdoor weddings do take some extra planning, but they’re not something to be discounted. An outdoor wedding can be absolutely beautiful-and there are just as many pro’s as there are con’s to having one….

☼Outdoor weddings usually eliminate the need for flowers and other decorations. Most outdoor venues come ‘wedding ready’.

☼Outdoor wedding venues usually tend to be able to accommodate more people. All you have to do is make sure there are plenty of chairs.

☼Outdoor weddings are often a bit less formal. This allows you to go a bit more casual with the reception décor, food served and other such items.

If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, then by all means, do so. It’s your day. Just be sure you think ahead, have a ‘plan b’, and know that if you have to use it, you won’t be any less happily married.





bling wedding ideas

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You Ain’t got a Thing if you Ain’t got some Bling.

Flowers, lace, music, glitz and glam; these are the things a fairy-tale wedding are made of. Oh, and don’t forget the bling!

Bling-the word for anything shiny and eye-catching; the perfect compliments to a day already filled with beauty. And the best part? It doesn’t cost much to get the bling-effect many brides want.

For the ceremony, consider filling the stage or area where the bride and groom will say their vows with ‘oceans’ of tulle that has been a) sprayed with gold or silver glitter b) sprinkled with sequins of silver or gold or c) embedded with twinkling lights.

Other stunning effects:

  1. Having the flower girl sprinkle synthetic white feathers with sequins on them
  2. Placing an archway at the front of the church for the couple to stand under that has been wrapped in twinkling lights and shimmery fabric
  3. Use gossamer sprayed with glitter to form a canopy over the bride and groom accented by large gold silk flower arrangements in clear glass or white milk glass vases.
  4. Fill the church with gold and silver candles which have been placed on mirrors to reflect the light.
  5. Gold, silver, bronze or jeweled colored dresses for the bridal party are stunning against a background of twinkly lights and/or sequins.

Moving on to the reception…

  1. Gold or silver table clothes and table service. Why not use both; silver table cloths with gold table service or vice versa.
  2. Place gold or silver candles on mirrors in the center of each table and sprinkle large ‘crystals’ or ‘gems’ around them.
  3. Fill the reception hall with twinkling lights, gold and silver balloons and clear glass bowls filled with gold and silver balls.
  4. Table cloths of shimmery fabric sporting centerpieces of gold or silver flower picks or bowls filled with glittery balls and ‘gems’ swathed in feather boas

Finding the shiny, shimmery décor for your wedding isn’t difficult, either. If possible, shop for these items during the Christmas season when there is an abundance of such items. You can also find unique items on wholesale floral supply websites as well as the popular party supply sites such as orientaltrading.

If you’re thinking less is more when it comes to bling, that’s okay, too. Adding some pizzazz to even the softest of color schemes can be done tastefully; making your day something special to remember.

** Mini Shimmer & Bling Inspiration Board**








bbq fun for your wedding….

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A casual wedding is not necessarily a country bumpkin affair. In fact, more and more couples are choosing to say ‘I do’ and celebrate their marriage in a more casual, laid-back atmosphere. After all the stress of getting things planned and preparing to live as husband and wife, they want the day to be relaxing and enjoyable.

This air of relaxation is evident in the reception details, too…food included.

Couples want to give their family and friends a meal to enjoy and that often means BBQ. BBQ served at a wedding reception is done more than one might think. The question is, are there wedding themes that lend themselves to doing so and others that don’t? The answer: yes. Weddings with a country or rustic theme often serve some form of BBQ at their reception. It just ‘fits’. Small, informal weddings often do the same. On the other hand, formal weddings, beach-themed weddings and weddings held in more formal or higher-end venues should not.

When serving BBQ at your wedding reception, you have several options in regards to the main dish or meat:

  1. Pulled pork sandwiches
  2. BBQ chicken (make sure it is already cut into portions)
  3. Burnt ends (pieces of meat cut and smoked from the point end of a brisket)
  4. BBQ brisket

Side dish options:

  1. Potato salad or scalloped potatoes
  2. Slaw
  3. Tossed salad
  4. Green beans or corn
  5. Fruit salad
  6. Fire roasted vegetables
  7. Chilled pasta salads
  8. Mac and cheese
  9. Corn bread

When determining what side dishes to serve with your BBQ at the reception, consider whether or not the reception will be held indoors or out. If being held outdoors, be sure the caterer is well-equipped with the capability to keep foods properly cooled. You don’t want to be remembered as the bride who gave all the guests food poisoning. To quench your guests’ thirst have on offer sweet tea and lemonade and make sure there is pleanty of ice!


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