Cinetix Productions

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We are lucky to have such a talented Photographer and videographer all in one. Please enjoy this latest addition on Montreal Wedding Photographers!Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when selecting the right photo and Videograher from Cinetix Products

How long have you been a videographer?
I have been a videographer and director since 10 years. The business, Cinetix Films Inc. is incorporated since 2007 and I am part of the Union of Directors of Quebec (ARRQ, Association des Réalisateurs et Réalisatrices du Québec), so I have a recognition from my fellow directors in the film, TV and video business.

How did you develop a passion for videography?
My interest for visual arts appeared at around the age of 10, and it developed into a passion for cinema. I have been making short films and video projects since my teens years and my passion for videography and cinema helped me to start my business.

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?
As a director, I do web and TV commercials, corporate videos, training videos, workout DVDs, short films and videoclips. I enjoy any sort of projects either shot on HD video or 35mm digital cinema.


What’s your style of videography?
For weddings I apply the same principle as in creative cinematography : multiple shots at different angles and focal lengths to cover the scene playing in front of the camera. The result is that the edited film is a dynamic montage of each sequences. I shoot the whole wedding as a documentary of the action; I rarely interfere to avoid too much directing and let the action rolls naturally. It does not bug people and they often forget that a videographer is present, thus being able to achieve the best natural scenes on video.



What inspires you as a videographer?
I love getting a good framed shot. I love playing around with composition and making sure the scene looks great. Aside from the artistic level, I like the fact that a video tells a story and that story will be enjoyed for many years to come, especially for a wedding; you are giving one of the best souvenir in a couple’s life.


Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?
Yes I offer that service. Cuba is the best location.



any advice for brides on choosing a videographer?
It is very important to shop around by the style, the quality of the work and the reputation of the company. Do not shop by price! Videography is a service and not a product. You are buying the talent of the videographer and the job applied in the editing, the quality of the shots and to some level, the quality of the equipment. Your are not shopping around for the same box of apples! Carefully reviewing the portfolio and asking questions about past jobs and experience is a must. Price will then be the next question.


Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day? (Sweet  & Short)
Enjoy your day, because it is all about you and your groom. Do not think of anything else, let that to your bridesmaids!


If you have any questions or wish to contact the Cinetix team you can do so by visiting their profile or contacting them by telephone to setup an appointment.

Tel. 514-824-6477

How to Make a Wedding Reception Fun

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 wedding Halls

Weddings can either be time for celebration, but often guests flinch at the invitation, worrying it’ll be a stuffy affair, so the last thing you want is for your friends to think the same thing. So here are some tips to liven things up at your wedding celebration.

The first dance will have everyone’s eyes on you, and while there is something timeless about a Viennese Waltz or a sappy romantic tune, try to jazz this up a bit. This is the time to shock your guests – surprise them with a sexy Latin dance or a jazzy swing step. This will definitely set the tone for a lively party.


Bored children at a wedding could very easily lead to disaster, so make sure you’ve got a game plan to entertain them. Set up an area for them, perhaps in a separate room with a babysitter who can set up movies for them to watch or even just give them a couple of tables with coloring books, toys and such.


Toasts can be brilliantly witty, but sometimes they run on and on leaving guests to look at their watches often. Prep your toasters to keep it down to two-minute max and to keep long-drawn stories for the anecdotes during drinks.

A wedding is a party, so give out some favors like noisemakers or masks. Encourage the guests to let their hair down and have a bit of fun once the formalities are all over and done with.

 Wedding reception houston

Get rid of the sit down dinner and get your guests involved. Great food is a good way to celebrate, but when everyone gets what he or she likes it’s even better. Set up a customizable food station where people can either have a pasta bar or a grilled cheese stations they can pick and choose from. It’s fun and everyone gets what he or she wants!

Melissa and Alfredo's Wedding

Nothing kills a party more than having all your guests leave early, so give a reason for them to stay. Plan some fireworks or an exciting surprise and tell them about it. It’ll give them an incentive to stay on until the very end.

But, sometimes the best parts are the bits the guests don’t see coming. Plan a surprise that will awe your guests until the very end, like a mariachi band or a troupe of belly dancers.


Going back to formal matters, make sure you arrange seats thoughtfully. The last thing you want is to sit people next to each other who don’t get on. Pick people you know would have a lot in common or great chemistry and build up based on that. That way you’ll have a great ambience at the wedding.

And last but not least, order food that isn’t formal or stuffy. You want the wedding to be fun, so go for what you would eat. If you fancy something exotic then go for Spanish tapas or Mexican. Be creative and everyone will have a great time! If you prepare a wedding thoughtfully and creatively, you’ll find people will have the time of their life and talk about it for the rest of it.


The who’s who of a bridal party

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wedding beach ideas

If you’re new to the whole wedding business, then perhaps the planning can look a little daunting and who to assign as bridesmaids or maid of honor. What do those roles even mean anyway? Who should be assigned special places in the bridal party and so on?

A traditional wedding party includes a maid or matron of honor for the bride, the bridesmaids and attendants, the best man, groomsmen, ushers, officiant, flower girl, ring bearer and reader. Let’s break these down into a user-friendly way of understanding what all of this means.


The maid of honor is essentially the support for the bride, and contrary to popular belief this can also be a man. The maid of honor can help the bride with the planning, organizing the bridesmaids, helps the bride to get dressed and keeps her calm. Other duties can include signing as the witness on the license. The typical person to ask is either a sister or a best friend, if the bride’s best friend is a man, then there is no reason why the role should exclude him.

Bridesmaids are close friends of the bride or perhaps even sisters.


There is more to being a bridesmaid than just wearing a pretty dress, she must help the bride buy the right dress, provide help on decoration and planning, plan the bridal shower or bachelorette party and be useful at the wedding reception.


The groomsman are essentially the groom’s own equivalent of the bridesmaids, just as the best man is the equivalent of the maid of honor. The roles are very similar to the bridesmaids, except in helping the groom out.

Ushers have a similar role to the groomsmen, but the role of the groomsmen is usually left to closer friends of the groom. They’re usually not involved in the planning or preparation of pre-wedding events. Ushers are good to help people find their seats and to manage how smoothly everything runs.


You need an officiant to marry you, and finding the right person to do this is important, especially since they’ll have a huge affect on the ceremony. If you’re religious, then clearly you’re going to want a priest or a rabbi for this, but you can find someone else to marry you if you prefer. Anyone can marry you, providing they have the right license.

You can get younger members of the family involved, like the job of the flower girl or even the ring bearer. There is an inclusive role in the bridal party for every member of the family.

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Wedding Entertainment From DJ to Wedding Bands

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Selecting your wedding entertainment

Your wedding entertainment could be a make or break decision, so it’s very important that you choose carefully. It’s going to be the biggest day of your life, and the last thing you want is a shoddy tribute band or a student group that just play Queen covers all night. To help smooth the way, here are our tips to top finding the best wedding entertainment.

If you find a group or entertainment that appeals to you, make sure you get a certified reference or testimonial. Don’t rely on their website for a review, it’s so easy these days to just write your own, make sure you get it from an unbiased source. If they have a Facebook page, that would be a good place to find comments and reviews.

Wedding dance

Make sure they are insured. If they are professional then they should have a public liability insurance certificate. Some venues might even ask you for a copy of this certificate. Also, when booking a professional service, make you get what you pay for and don’t always pick the cheapest option. A band with ridiculously low prices could definitely turn into a complete disaster. However, do be wary of bands that go the other way and inflate their prices for weddings.

It’s your wedding, so it’s only natural that you get what you want. Be clear in your guidelines: tell them what you want from their list of songs and what you definitely don’t want. Don’t let the band dictate what they want – it’s your wedding. Check if they take requests, having a set list is all well and good, but being able to play songs on the fly might add a little spice to the wedding.

Wedding music

Get a contract. This should include their fee as well as the schedule. This way you can have everything put down on paper catering to both your needs and theirs. Will they bring their own equipment? Do they need any extras? Also check for any cancelation fees – what if any of them fall sick?

To know what you’re getting, go see them perform. You’re not going to drop hundreds or thousands without knowing what you’re paying for, so make sure you get to see the band live in action before the deal is done.

If you’re struggling to find entertainment, then there are plenty of entertainment booking services out there that can help you find something right for you. Chances are they’ll also be able to offer testimonies and information to you, making your life easier.

moroccan weddings

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Every bride should be made to feel like a princess on her wedding day. But when you are married Moroccan style, you can be sure you will be treated like royalty.

Moroccan brides (and grooms) are treated to parties and celebrations for weeks leading up to the wedding. Then on the day of the wedding, parties are held at the home of both the bride and groom’s family with guests at each one. At the appointed time, the groom, his family and their guests caravan to where the bride is-singing, dancing, honking horns…you name it! It’s a processional worth watching.

Once the couple is together, they are carried around on pillows-their every wish and whim provided for. There is lots of food, dancing, music, and celebrating. Following the ceremony, the couple is allowed to leave for a while to consummate their marriage. Then, in the most traditional of ceremonies and celebrations, the couple returns to the reception for a while longer. The act of leaving is also meant to demonstrate their leaving the homes of their parents and beginning their own family.

While in the past, most Moroccan marriages have been arranged, today’s young women are allowed to fall in love and marry who they wish to marry.

Moroccan brides can wear white, but will change into a brightly colored caftan representative of their family’s colors. Their white gowns might also be accented with more traditional Moroccan colors. Other brides, though, will wear a brightly colored silk wedding gown with an abundance of gold embroidery running through it.

The bride’s head will be ornately decorated and her makeup will accentuate your eyes.

Moroccan receptions include chick pea and lentil soup (a favorite), fish, chicken, mint tea and coffee. Dessert consists of rich cakes that are ornately decorated and iced in bright colored icing.

A Moroccan wedding will be filled with rich colored décor, gold, lots of candlelight and rich, age-old traditions. It’s a lovely thing when a young couple embraces their heritage in such a full-bodied way.





the first dance songs….

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 All eyes are on you! The first dances of the wedding reception; father/daughter and husband/wife are the most memorable of a girl’s life. It won’t really matter how well you dance, but I guarantee you will never hear those two songs after that day without the memories of your wedding flooding back into your mind. But what songs, you ask. How do you pick the ‘perfect’ songs for these two monumental moments?

Choose from the heart. What kind of music means the most to you? Is there a song you learned to dance to? Is there a song you remember from the grammar school father/daughter dances? What was first song you heard after your husband proposed? What was the first song you danced to? You get the picture…choose something meaningful and fun.

For the father/daughter dance, why not consider:

  1. Theme from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” or Snow White’s “Someday My Prince Will Come”.
  2. “Daddy’s Little Girl”-sung by the Mills Brothers
  3. “I Loved Her First”-Heartland
  4. “My Wish”-Rascal Flatt
  5. “Stealing Cinderella”-Chuck Wicks
  6. “He Didn’t Have to Be”-Brad Paisley
  7. “Love Me Tender”-Elvis
  8. “Daddy’s Hands”-Holly Dunn
  9. “Wind Beneath My Wings”-Bette Midler
  10. “Cleaning This Gun”-Rodney Atkins
  11. “Isn’t She Lovely” or “You are the Sunshine of my Life”-Stevie Wonder
  12. “Sarah Smile”-Hall and Oats
  13. “There Goes My Life”-Kenny Chesney
  14. “My Girl”-the Temptations

And now for that irreplaceable first dance as husband and wife…(drum roll, please)

  1. “God Bless the Broken Road”-Rascal Flatt
  2. “Can I Have This Dance”-Anne Murray
  3. “Come Away with Me”-Norah Jones
  4. “Everything”-Michael Bauble
  5. “On This Day”-David Pomeranz
  6. “Feels Like Home”-Chantal Kreviazuk
  7. “I Got You Babe”-Sonny andCher
  8. “I Walk the Line”-Johnny Cash
  9. “Peaceful Easy Feeling”-Eagles
  10. “Unforgettable”, “When I Fall in Love” or “Embraceable You”-Nat King Cole
  11. “Chances Are”-Johnny Mathis
  12. “Longer”-Dan Fogelberg
  13. “I Honestly Love You”-Olivia Newton John
  14. “Close to You”-Carpenters
  15. “The Glory of Love”-Jimmy Durante

The lists could go on and on and on and…. Music is the language of love and love is what marriage is made of. So sway to the music, get lost in the moment and in the arms of the man you love and just dance.


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being the hostess with the mostest, kids at your wedding

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There are wedding blogs galore with all sorts of horror stories about what takes place during weddings and the receptions that follow when children are present. But I’m here to tell you-it’s not the children that are the problem. Most of the time, it’s their parent’s lack of disciple that causes the problem.

But that’s another story altogether, so to make sure your youngest guests don’t get bored, frustrated or out of sorts, you might consider the following:

  1. Provide a nursery area. Most weddings take place in the mid to late afternoon-nap time for most toddlers. By staffing a nursery or nap area with two trusted friends (an adult or college aged female and a teenager, a few toys, a couple of playpens or mats, and a rocking chair, you’ll eliminate the problem of crying babies during the ceremony. This will also allow their moms to enjoy the wedding without feeling self-conscious. NOTE: Make sure you publicize the nursery via the guest book attendants as young families come through the door.
  2. Provide coloring pages for little ones both during the ceremony and the reception. Oriental trading ( has wedding coloring pages/puzzles and miniature boxes of crayons packaged in lots of twelve. They are inexpensive and something the kids will enjoy, especially if put in a colorful goodie bag with other treats.
  3. Provide a play room (with supervision) for the children during the reception. Bubbles, inexpensive craft kits, play dough and kid’s movies will keep them entertained.
  4. Make your youngest guests feel welcome by playing a few songs for them. They’ll enjoy the hokie pokie, the chicken dance and other fun songs. FYI: so will the adults.
  5. Teenagers can also feel out of place if the wedding is not one of a close family member; one at which they will know most of the guests. To make them feel welcome, play a few songs for them, as well. You can also provide them with disposable cameras and ask them to snap some candid shots of the reception and provide an area of the reception hall for them to hang out in.

Your wedding day is just that…yours. Well, yours and your husbands. But because your guests take the time out of their busy lives to celebrate with you, you owe it to them to make them feel both welcome and comfortable.


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allow your guests to experience something different….

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As you plan for your wedding, get registered for all of your gifts, and prepare your guest list, it is time to consider the experience you want your guests to have on your special day. While yes, the day is most certainly about you and your fiancé, your guest’s enjoyment and experience at your wedding should be a positive one. Many of your guests are taking time away from their life, their jobs, and perhaps even traveling just for you. They’ve taken the time to look their best, be on time (hopefully), and selected a giftfor you and your future bride or groom.

During your reception, it would be most kind if  you  prepare some various forms of enjoyment and entertainment for your guests, aside from their dinner and traditional dancing. Create a warm ambience that is fun, fresh, and exciting for your guests. Here are some top ideas for wedding entertainment for 2011:

Playing with the Photobooth : This has become quite the favorite at weddings last year, and is continuing it’s popularity into 2011. Renting a photo booth has never been easier, and is fairly affordable as well.  Guests will be able to step inside a photo booth with friends, their family, or by themselves and create a fun photo strip to make your special day. If you’re feeling nostalgic, have them print two copies of the photo strip, so you can each have a copy to remember your special day by.

Jammin’ to the Jukebox : Find a Jukebox that guests can enjoy all night long. You can do this one of two ways: have the  Jukebox paid for with music credits so that they do not have to fish out change but  still  able to enjoy music, OR, for a honeymoon twist: post a sign that says “ Honeymoon Fund, Play A Way!”. Your guests’ change will go towards your honeymoon getaway while they enjoy their favorite songs to dance to before or after your DJ is done spinning his tunes (or, use this as a DJ alternative)!

Movie Maker:  Your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life, so let your guests be a part of that special day. While your videographer will be capturing some of your most special moments,  your guests can tell part of the story too! Set off a room, booth, or hallway in your reception area to set up as a video area.  Setup a camera on a tripod ( or you can have someone monitor and hold the camera for them) and let your guests tape a 30 second to a minute segment just for you and your bride or groom. You could make this a sweet sentimental gesture, or make if goofy with a box of silly props for them to choose from and improvise with. You’ll be able to cherish their kind words (or silly antics) to mark your special day, and they will have fun doing it too!

Comedy Rules: Nothing makes an event more enjoyable like a good laugh. Comedians are a hit everywhere and that is why they would make a perfect entertainment addition to your wedding day. You could hire a comedian for the reception itself, or even comedian waiters to loosen up and lighten the mood throughout the meal and into the night.  Be sure to meet with any sort of comedian beforehand, as some are more “ adult friendly” and if you have kids present at the reception, you don’t want anything off colored said . Enjoy it, and laugh a lot!

Photo Source: Carey Bryon Photography

that’s amore productions keep your guests entertained!

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That’s Amore Productions is one of Montreal’s most renowned event and wedding entertainment companies. What sets them apart is their ability to meet the needs of Montreal’s diverse ethnic communities. From Arabic music, to Greek to Italian and more, they will do their best to accomodate you and make your wedding memorable.  If you’re looking for a professional company to entertain your wedding guests with up-to-date music, props and flair look no further! Now, without further delay, I present our latest interview with Johnny Ciambrelli, founder of  That’s Amore Productions. Enjoy!

What made you start That’s Amore Productions?

The year was 1996; I and my wife were planning our wedding reception celebration in Montreal, which consisted of various different guest ethnicities, after successfully finding the right venue which met our needs, the next logical important element to the true success of our wedding celebrations was to find the right Dj Music & Entertainment Company.

 At that time I was a part time Dj in Montreal, with already a good knowledge of (multicultural) music and cultural diversities, the challenge at that point was to find an entertainment company that had a true knowledge of our specific needs, the truth is that we were not able to find a company that fit our vision. At that point I took matters in my own hands, prepared the specially selected needed music, had a Dj friend play the music for us, since I was the groom I could not spin and enjoy the wedding at the same time, regardless I managed to Mc (speak in different languages) to make the guests happy.

 The moment we returned from our honeymoon, my ultimate challenge was to establish an entertainment Disc Jockey company in Montreal that was able accommodate many different ethnics! Not only did we succeed, but today we are one of the very few companies in Montreal that truly understand the specific needs of multicultural couples that are in the process of planning their most important day of their lives.

What should an engaged couples consider in choosing an entertainment company for their wedding? 

  • Experience, amount of years the company is in business.
  • Can they provide true referrals of other happy clients.
  • Do they look presentable, personality, equipment installation set-up.
  • Do they give you value for your music and entertainment budget.
  • Do they have the capacity to speak different languages.
  • Are they organised, structured, event planners.
  • Are they patient to understand and comply with your specific needs.

 Any message you’d like to transmit to our readers and potential clients? 

If you consider music & entertainment important to the success of your wedding celebration, as we are sure you do, we invite you to visit our  web site at or to make an appointment and visit us at our office. We guarantee your visit will be well worth your time!


a fun bachelorette party idea, make and wear your own jewellery!

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A reader wrote to me and gave me the heads up about a creative new trend in the bachlorette party world. Beading Buds, an Ontario based travelling jewelry making party.  This company is ideal for bridal showers as a fun activity for the guests who will love creating one-of-a-kind jewelry.  This also takes care of the bonbonniere since the guests will be taking home the jewelry that they make.  Jewelry making parties are also the perfect solution for brides that want to have a bachlorette party and would prefer celebrating by spending a cosy girl’s night in with their close friends and family, especially in the Canadian winter!

Another great service this company provides for brides is a “bridal jewelry making party”.  The bridal party and the mothers of the bride and groom get together for a fun night where they make the jewelry that they will wear on the big day.  A Beading Buds designer will work with the bride prior to the party to design the bridal party jewelry using pearls, swarowski crystal and semi-precious stones to create beautiful jewelry that is completely custom and fits in exactly with what the bride is envisioning for the big day.  The designer will be at the party to assist the bridal party and to make sure that everybody has a piece of jewelry that they love and will be proud to wear.  This is the perfect attendant gift for the bridal party and is a fun way to celebrate the bride and the upcoming wedding.

The concept of  Beading Buds is that they are like having a bead store come to your home or choice of venue to assist you and your guests in making jewelry.  They send beading designers/instructors who bring beading tools and hundreds of beautiful glass beads in every shape, size and colour imaginable as well as a wide assortment of unique sterling silver plated clasps.  The instructors assist you in picking your beads and designing and creating your piece.  Their prices start at $18 per person.  The company originally started out as a birthday party entertainer for kids, but in the last few years have expanded to doing adult birthday parties, corporate events, holiday parties, bachlorette parties and bridal showers.

They are located in the GTA and service Hamilton, Guelph, Georgetown, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Port Credit, Streetsville, Brampton, Etobicoke,Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Newmarket.  You can reach them via e-mail or telephone by visiting their MPW profile at Beading Buds.

Beading Buds has donated a pair for earrings for one lucky reader.  And so you can get a taste of custom designed jewellery,  Beading Buds will design a pair of exclusive earrings for the winner that nobody else will ever own.   All you have to do is visit– click “LIKE” and leave a post saying that you’re a Marketplace Weddings reader and what colour earrings you would like.  All posts will be entered into a draw to win the earrings. The contest closes on the 15th of March 2011  and the winner will be posted on our blog 10 days later!

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