Wedding Favors and Centerpieces

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Whether you are self-planning your big day or you have a wedding planner to manage your day, wedding favors and your table’s centerpieces need some consideration. There is an endless choice of both available and here we look at some unusual ideas to give you some ideas on these tasks which need doing.


Flowers are the most popular centerpieces for wedding tables and choice is now probably at its largest than ever before. You’ll likely want to keep the flowers in keeping with your wedding bouquet. It’s a good idea to keep cases of a clear glass so as not to overpower the table settings and opt for a simply, yet sleek, eye-catching design.

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This idea is perfect and keeps the bride and groom as the main feature. It’s your day and people are there to celebrate the coming together of you both. It’s a simple arrangement and is easily put together.

Another idea is to place bowl-shaped vases as centerpieces and fill them with remnants of your life together, such as shells from romantic holidays you have collected or other bits of memories you have built up together.

Here is an idea which we love:

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If you like candles then you can combine candles with flowers. Be careful though if you have children attending your wedding as excited children can be somewhat perilous in terms of waving their arms around. You could place on a children’s table something more child-friendly.

Paper is a vital commodity and this is a fabulous idea for a table centerpiece. It’s also a way Wedding Favors

The choice is endless for wedding favors and no matter how large or small your budget you will be able to do something that is just simple, yet will give your guests something to remember your special day.

This is a very simple design which has is affordable and can be made by a friend. The stand is pre-made and the little butterfly-shaped card holders are easily able to put together.

You can place any little reference in the parcels for your guests to keep as a memento of your special day.

You can also use a number of other gifts for your day. This is a wonderful idea.

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Wedding favors are such a special memento of your special day for your guests to keep. You can choose from a funky theme, such as those with a touch of humor for your guests, you can place a touch of individual flair on your wedding favors and develop your own ideas from the many sites that are available for ideas. You can have a ‘sweet’ theme, a romance theme or stick to something that you and your betrothed have built memories on.

Your wedding favors are a symbol of your day as you join together in union for the rest of your lives and this little gesture is such a lovely gesture by way of thanking your guests for joining you as you start your new life together.

Wedding Centerpieces purple