yellow and grey wedding color palette….

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I’ve always loved the color yellow, it simply makes me happy! I like a lot of women however hesitate when it comes to actually wearing yellow or even incorporating yellow into a wedding theme or design, but with today’s acceptance of original color combinations, why not.  A yellow and grey wedding palette, as unusual as it sounds produces a unique wedding look that will inspire others to follow suit. It’s edgy, it’s modern, it’s yellow and grey!


Photo: Stephanie Williams Photography.

the color purple!

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Purple. Lavender. Lilac. Plum. Royal purple. You name it, purple is it; the color of choice for weddings in 2012.

Purple is nice. It comes in oh, so many shades and hues and can be tastefully combined with any of the following (depending on which shade of purple you use):

  1. White
  2. Gold or silver
  3. Gray
  4. Yellow
  5. Green
  6. Black
  7. Khaki or beige

Using purple in your wedding’s color scheme doesn’t require your wedding party and décor to resemble a Barney convention, though. There are several ways to incorporate purple into your wedding without going overboard.

  1. Purple flowers (roses, orchids, lilacs, carnations, hyacinths, violets and iris) to compliment your white gown and the pale yellow, soft sherbet green or shimmery gray dresses worn by the bridal party.
  2. Dresses of soft lavender with bouquets of fragrant lilacs look stunning alongside men in black tuxes.
  3. Arrangements of varied shades of purple filling the church (or other venue) amid white tulle and lots of silver or gold shimmer.

Using these same guidelines other popular colors seen in within the industry’s trade shows include:

  1. Robin’s egg blue and softer pastel blue. Did I hear someone say 1978?
  2. Sea foam green with soft pink or khaki.
  3. Shades of brown with pink, ivory, goldenrod or black.
  4. Classic black. It will always be in style.
  5. Rich autumn colors; deep reds, gold, orange and yellow. With September and October being the most popular months of the year to get married, it’s easy to see why these colors are so sought after.
  6. Princess pinks. Every bride is a princess for a day. Some just want to live out the whole fairy-tale dream.

But be careful. Don’t become a slave to trends and fads. Remember side pony tails? Are you guilty of trying to rock leather pants?

If you’re favorite color is red, use red. If you love soft pastels, fill room with soft pastels. Use what you love. After all, it is your wedding.


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wedding bouquet- 3 ways!

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So far 2012 has brought us some great wedding styles, trends, and fabulous wedding ideas. Take a look at some of the wedding flower bouquet trends that made their debut early this year and are predicted to be trends brought back next year.

Simplicity.  Less is almost always more—and this holds true for the above bouquet shown. A mix of a dozen peonies and daises in warm colors still speaks elegance and beauty, yet will not take away from the stunning bride and all of her entourage.

If you like it—put a broach on it! Adding a broach to the bottom of your bouquet, and even adding one or two throughout the flowers is a great way to make your bouquet stand out from the rest of your bridal party, as well as adding an air of classy flair to your floral arrangement.  Personalize it even more with a family broach to add an air of intimacy to your bouquet for your special day. If you want a truly eye-catching bouquet you can opt for a 100% broach bouquet!


Feathers took the fashion world by storm this past year with all things fashion—feather extensions, feather earrings and in hair pieces owned the runway throughout 2011 and the beginning of 2012.. Add some feathers to your wedding bouquets to bring an exotic and modern flair to the bouquets. You can find these at any craft stores or home décor stores.



Daisy bouquet photo source:

Feather bouquet photo taken by Amy Carroll

Brooch bouquet photo source:

a touch of ruffles….

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Every since I was a little girl I’ve always been drawn to ruffles. Ruffled dresses, princess or spanish style were an all time favorite for halloween, weddings, even casual family get togethers if I could get away with it!

If a ruffled wedding dress is a bit too much for you there are other creative ways to incorporate feminine, girly and frilly layers into your wedding!

How about a ruffled cake? This ruffled cake was created by Wendy McClendon and photographed by Brian Thomas Clay.


Or wedding shoes with  frilly accents? We absolutely love these shoes by Badgley Mischka!


And finally, how about a dainty wedding centerpiece with ruffled faux flowers made out of balsa wood and rhinestones designed by Krislyn Design and shot by Gia Canali.

Long live ruffles! In small doses ofcourse!



diy “s’more” wedding favors…

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Who doesn’t like s’mores? Why not give your guests a treat they can take home and enjoy later. This do-it-yourself project is simple yet elegant as well as being budget friendly yet thoughtful. You can even play around with the ingredients and come up with exotic variations  by using chocolate grahams, white chocolate squares and  homemade coconut marshmallows. Use your imagination and be creative, as long as you use good quality ingredients you can’t go wrong!


Cost breakdown for this project (using basic ingredients):

Gusseted Cellophane Bags: $35 for 100 / 6 boxes Honeymaid Graham Crackers: $18.00 / 6 bags Jet-Puffed Marshmallows: $10 / 100 Hang  Tags: $6.99 / Silver Pen: $3.00  or Custom Stamp & Ink: $30 / Hersey’s Chocolate Bars: Pack of 36 $23

Total: $96, or $.96 each per 100.

Custom Tags: $126, or $1.26 each per 100.


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diy ball jar crafts…

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Image Courtesy of

Two dollars && nineteen cents ((or less))!

That’s how much the above ball jar costs at any Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or local craft store. Mom’s old canning jars are no longer just to can come fall-time…they’re a wedding staple I’m obsessed with.

As shown above, add a couple wildflowers or flowers from your local florist and you have a perfect wedding centerpiece– these jars are amazingly affordable and so versatile for all aspects of your wedding. From the ceremony at each pew, the reception centerpieces, lanterns, candy bar jars, and more.  Check in as I uncover a few of my favorites throughout the month.

How are you using ball jars for your special day?

have yourself a vineyard wedding…

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A picturesque wedding that we adore is a rustic vineyard wedding. A vineyard is such an elegant yet natural setting for a wedding. There is so much that can be done when planning a wedding at a Vineyard, depending on your budget, resources and creative. Allow me to help you with the latter with some creative ideas for a fabulous vineyard wedding.

Menu: You’re at a vineyard, why not take advantage of those resources? Meet with your caterer to design a menu centered around the elegance and grape of the vineyard. Incorporate wine into your menu from the salad dressing, to the marinate on your roasted vegetables, or on your meat of choice. Wine brings such a unique and rich flavor to everything– you’re at a vineyard, what a fabulous way to tie your location into your menu!

Decor: Work with what you are given. Use the vines and green landscape to play into whatever you desire. Choose a flower(s) that coincides with the area of where you’re getting married. Roses? Peonies? Lilies? Make sure that the floral and greenery mesh well together. Consider using rustic lanterns, vintage pomades, put LED lights into wine bottles, or utilize all of those corks!

Favors: If you are not able to afford tinier bottles of wine for each guest (which is a fantastic idea if it’s in your budget), consider cork handled cheese knives, chocolate truffles, or a cheese & wine or cheese & cracker favor to send guests on their way. All are enjoyed with a great glass of wine so it will be a practical favor and also remind them of the time they spent at the vineyard celebrating your wedding day.

The Dress: Lace or tulle are the top choices here at a vineyard wedding. It’s elegant, yet simple. Both incorporate a whimsical and vintage theme to your style, which pairs perfectly with your wedding location. Check out designs by Alfred Angel and Sottero & Madgley.



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diy florals with an edge..

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Stumbled across this beautiful photo on Pinterest, and naturally it sparked some DIY ideas of my own. So many brides are set on using fresh florals, but what about ad libbing, being creative, and creating something that not many have done before?


Let’s take this storybook bouquet for a bride’s storybook ending. I love the meaning behind this bouquet. Love truly is a story– it has a beginning, middle, end, and a ton of chapters that are unlike any other book you’ve read. You have a unique story and I feel this conveys that point so beautifully. What do you think?

As a write, author, and journalist I’m actually considering a design like this!

Interested? Check out these DIY blogs on how to make a bouquet such as this!

Love & Tulle,

Hope A.


timeline love…

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Stumbled upon this DIY idea on Pinterest the other day and fell in love with it. A simple DIY aisle runner that people will talk about ever after your wedding day. This timeline is simple to make either at home by using printable iron on images using printable fabric paper, or at your local printing company. Track you and your fiancee’s journey from your baby photos to the day you first met and beyond. It’s a great display of your journey, and is also an extra detail that your guests will enjoy looking at.


Love & Wedding Planning,

Hope Alcocer

winter wedding wonderland!

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We’re having a heat wave in Canada (25C in March!) so I thought I’d cool things down with a few ideas for a winter themed wedding!The cool crisp sounds and colors of fall are quietly winding down, and we can look forward to the holidays and winter.  Some brides look to incorporate a holiday theme into their wedding, while others aim to keep the holiday aura and winter theme separate. Regardless, winter is the perfect time to throw a wedding as you will have a variety of color combos, themes, and decor to please brides of all styles.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Winter wedding colors can be categorized into two different color palette: the warm and rich colors and the cool and icy colors. Both, confidently, convey the same winter theme and atmosphere that many brides visualize when designing and planning their wedding. Pictured above are the whites, creams, ivories, and shades of blue – this is a great way of bringing the winter theme and scheme into your wedding without having to bring the holiday, or Christmas theme into it, yet still being able to winterize your wedding.

Warm Winters: Using warm and rich colors such as your reds, purples, and dark greens will winterize your wedding yet bring into it a rich and holiday theme that everyone enjoys. The deep plum colors, a passionate red and a pine green are a great combo for your wedding color palette yet make it easy and versatile to incorporate other winter attributes to your special day.

Regardless of the color scheme you choose, icy or warm,  you can continue to include winterize your wedding through other aspects such as your wedding party dresses (floor length for winter and more formal), the wedding menu (choose richer foods with heavier sauces), and beverages ( set up a hot cocoa or coffee station to warm up your guests).

How are you planning your winter wedding? Got any tips or DIY tricks? Comment Here!

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