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DIY wedding centerpieces

Sometimes traditional flowery centerpieces can sometime feel old-fashioned or, even daresay, unoriginal. As more and more couples are looking to break away from stifling traditions, or at least bring in something new to the ceremony, here are some original ideas for an alternative type of centerpiece.

Beach Theme Centerpiece

Balloons are cute and quirky, and they’re a great way of making a centerpiece stand out with originality. You can still play with flowers in them by having a flower basket anchoring a balloon in gold netting.

flowery centerpieces

The aviary theme has been a hot one in recent weddings, so the use of a birdcage as a centerpiece theme has been on the rise. They are not only eye catching and interesting, but they are also fun and easily dressed up and accessorized for your wedding needs.

Wedding centerpiece

Mirrors are beautiful, and there is just so much you can do with them. You can get ornate gilded looking glasses for a vintage theme, or you can do something modern and quirky with them – maybe use them for table numbers or even quotes.

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece

Organic is a big trend in 2013, and it’s expected to be on the rise well into 2014 too. Wood is a great way of incorporating Mother Nature into your big day. You can combine driftwood with wild flowers for a truly organic and special centerpiece.

If the happy couple is of a literary nature, then books can be used to create some beautiful and original centerpieces. Old books can be fashioned into decorative pieces that can be reused after the wedding or even given away as favors. This is a wonderful idea for those looking for a vintage feel in their wedding.

Peach & Lantern as wedding centerpieces

For a personal touch, you can play around with the use of photographs in a wedding centerpiece. You can get as creative as you want with these, even taking out some adorable pictures of the happy couple as children, all the way up to their engagement photos. The beauty with photographs is that they will be 100% unique and will hold a deep sentimental meaning to the couple in question.

Pink-tinted water with jewels and orchids with a floating candle

Wedding Centerpieces Fall

Other ideas for those looking for a “vintage” feel can find what they are looking for in dainty porcelain teacups. These can be filled with flowers or for a romantic edge combined with candles. Teacups are great for those looking to emulate a country wedding or one with a Victorian feel.

plum centerpiece

The great thing about centerpieces is you have the chance to go crazy with your imagination. So don’t feel restricted by tradition – go out there with your table features.

Wedding centerpiece DIY