vicki gannon, a talented vancouver based wedding photographer…

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Our first wedding photographer interview for 2011! Vicki Gannon is a talented photogragher based out of Vancouver with a unique style. If you want to capture natural and candid moments of your big day I’m sure you’ll appreciate her approach. As I always say, I hope you enjoy reading her interview  and viewing some of her photos as much as I have!

How long have you been a photographer? How did you develop a passion for photography?
I have always been a lover of photography (bought my first slr when I was 13), and I received my diploma in photography from the western academy of photography in victoria in 1999.  My passion for photography continues to grow.  I particularly love shooting weddings and families – capturing the love and emotion between people. I’ve been shooting weddings for about 10 years.

What other genres apart from weddings do you do?
Other than weddings I shoot families and maternity shoots.  Oh and I love to shoot pets too!!

What’s your style of photography?
Hmm, good question.  My style… Authentic, real, raw .. No fake smiles.  No fancy clothes (unless of course its your wedding)!.  I would say that my style is photojournalistic.  Minimal posing. Capturing moments as they unfold.

What inspires you as a photographer? Of course great light inspires me. Without great light you cannot have a spectacular photo. But what inspires me when I’m shooting is when people are free to be themselves. I find that when I shoot weddings, I get that. People are so wrapped up in the magic of their day that they forgot to be uncomfortable around the camera!!  So in summary people inspire me.

Do you do destination weddings? If you could have a destination wedding where would it be?  I am shooting my first destination this spring.  A bride contacted me about shooting their wedding in Talum, Mexico.  Its on May 25th, and while I have a wedding back here on May 28th, I’m making it work.  I’ve heard that Talum is a magical place with amazing ruins, and while I’ve only known the bride and groom for approximately six months, we’ve met several times and I now consider them friends.  We are going to have so much fun capturing their day (my husband shoots with me as well).  If I could choose a destination I think it would be a certain spot in Greece…

Any advice for brides on choosing a photographer?
I think the most important thing for brides and grooms is to ensure you do your research.  Each photographer has their own distinct style, and make sure it works with what you are looking for.  If you like more traditional shots, make sure that your photographer shoots that way, etc.

Where is your favourite location to take wedding photos?  I would have to say that I don’t have a favourite. I have shot at so many different locations, and all have been beautiful for different reasons, from shooting on a farm, to a beach side resort, to a more formal restaurant.  

Any words of wisdom for a bride on her wedding day?  My recommendation for brides is to make their wedding day reflective of who they are, who the bride and groom are as individuals.  Do your wedding the way you want to do it, not the way you think you should, what is “in” or what others feel you should do.  That’s it!