Tuscany-Themed Wedding

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Tuscany is a beautiful theme for a wedding and if you have travelled to Tuscany, you can bring a touch of the Tuscan Valley to your wedding even if you’re in your back garden. Tuscany is the home of wines and truffles with stunning sunsets and it’s easily created wherever your wedding venue is to be.

Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world and Tuscany is simply a beautiful Italian area steeped in a valley with the most amazing areas to base your themed wedding on.


Tuscany is famous for its wine and truffles, so the wedding favors could be based around this area. Your menu can feature truffles and you can have Tuscan-made wine ordered direct from a Tuscan vineyard. Many wine suppliers will be able to source Tuscan wines for you.

Your wedding dress can be a simple yet striking combination of silk and lace and the groom can have a linen suit in keeping in with the Italian’s sense of fashion.


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Wild mountain flowers can be used for flower arrangements and you can use rustic table centerpieces for your tables. Use deeply colored wine glasses to hold all that rich, Tuscan wine and bring Tuscany to wherever you are.

Locate an Italian live band who will give you a Tuscan musical melody. Give name cards a Tuscan feel and keep the colors of your tables in white with deep, rustic Tuscan-themed place mats which you design yourself. Name your tables after famous Italian people and use Italian ingredients such as mascarpone cheese, tiramisu based desserts and there is no shortage of Tuscan themes available for a wedding cake.

If you’ve travelled to Tuscany prior to your wedding, you may have a favorite coffee shop or wine bar where you can purchase coffee beans or wine from. Italians are very generous with their culture and they love to share it with visitors. Stay in touch with your favorite coffee shop and ask them for ideas for your tables.


Try this website for inspirational ideas:



Remember Tuscany is a rich area so colors are rustic browns, rich deep terracotta, deep reds and lots of lovely food.

Bring a little Tuscan valley to your wedding wherever you are and enjoy your Tuscan-themed wedding. You’ll have fun planning it and bringing out one of the most romantic areas in Europe to your wedding.

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