Turks and Caicos Honeymoon

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Turks and Caicos is a group of 40 islands owned by the British. The group sits in the Caribbean and is known for being paradise. Here, you will find beautiful un-touched coral reef basking in sunlight and warmth. Honeymooning couples will find long, quiet beaches, marine wildlife and the gentle waves of the Cerulean Sea licking the edges of the shore. It’s a true paradise to wind down from busy period of the wedding and to relax before you return to your life as a married couple.

This group of islands of which, Turks is the smaller of, are part of the Antilles group. Those couples who enjoy music will not be disappointed with the “ripsaw” music the islands are famous for. Both groups of islands are well-known for their music festivals and you can enjoy the nation’s music while you nourish yourselves with fantastic local cuisine.


Local Turks markets have women who hand-craft woven baskets and hats and offer their expert skills for you to buy. You can also enjoy some local cuisine which is primarily seafood with the signature dish being Conch.

The Turks islands are perfect for those who enjoy sailing and fishing. It’s a great place for a newly-married husband to have a game of cricket, the island’s national sport while a newly-married wife can enjoy a relaxed swim and maybe if she’s lucky, get to see a dolphin. Or she can simply lounge on a white, powdery beach and soak up the sun.

The larger of the two groups of islands, Caicos is a sight to beholden too. Despite both groups of islands being of one united colony, each group have their own individuality which is highly attractive and makes the group highly attractive for honeymooning couples.  Visit the main island of the group, Providenciales or ‘Provo’ as it is colloquially known and enjoy languishing in “Grace Bay” which has been described as the best beach in the world according to Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards. You’ll also enjoy the experience of enjoying a spot of diving in the turquoise-blue paradise and catching some glimpses of the underworld wildlife.

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This idyllic set of islands is impossible to see in just all one visit, yet as a honeymoon destination it’s perfect as you build memories and enjoy a host of a unique group of islands that come together as one, yet all have an individuality about them. Enjoy the stunning, dramatic coastlines while dipping in and out of the islands and seeing what they all have to offer.

Both of you will enjoy all these islands have to offer. Each have their own distinct beauty to offer you and you cannot fail to want to learn about the history of the islands while enjoying the relaxing tranquility the Caribbean is famous for.

Turks and Caicos Islands have the perfect honeymoon waiting for you to enjoy and explore. The islands are a haven of paradise and bring you everything you could possibly hope for in a honeymoon.

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