Picking your wedding colors

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For some, picking out wedding colors for your special day is no big deal, but for others it can be a huge headache, so here is a guide to creating the winning palette for your special day.


To begin with, think about what is the centerpiece at a wedding. It’s not just the dance floor, but also the cake. You’ve also got the invitations, the table centerpieces and of course, the bride’s gown.  Years ago, many brides used to accent the white wedding day décor with a hint of color, but now weddings have become bolder and brighter.


The first thing when picking a color scheme is to know where you’re hosting the reception. Your color scheme in a hotel will be different to a historical building or an outdoor reception. Each venue might have its own color set so you don’t want your scheme to clash. Get to know the color combinations you like, have a look at magazines or browse art galleries and know what it is you want.


This will help you to narrow down your choices, and to pick out the perfect hue, go to a paint shop or fabric store and collect swatches. Knowing you want green isn’t enough – do you want forest green, lime green or sage green? And sometimes, going for two colors can work a charm.

Flowers bouquet

The use of color really depends on the mood you’re trying to create, and the best way to begin is to figure out what emotions you want to inspire, whether it’s energetic, peaceful or regal. These different feels will call to mind a variety of color.


While white is the traditional color for the bride, things have become more liberal nowadays and you don’t need to wear a dress that’s solid white, you can add accents of color to it. However, the color will really be conveyed in the bridesmaids’ dresses. Invitations are also a good way to set the stage, so this is a good place to use color, either in the card itself or something as subtle as the font or ribbon.

Picking your wedding colors

pink and orange amorology

Periwinkle & Silver

Flowers and décor are the easiest and most important way to introduce color, and no matter what shade you’ll find flowers to match – although maybe not available or affordable. However, there is a cheaper option, and that is to go with white flowers with containers that match.




Last but not least, the wedding cake. With the right mixing and preparation, your wedding cake can reflect both the color and the style elements used throughout the wedding. Icing is a great background for colorful sugar flowers or paste stripes or effects. Fondant can also come in a number of shades and here you have a great opportunity to mix and match colors.


Wedding Colors to choose from