ottawa’s dave ward trio..entertain your guests with style!

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Today I’m pleased to present the Dave Ward Trio. Dave took the time to give us some background information on his trio and what he has to offer as well giving us a few pointers on song choice. Dave’s music will  add that special touch to your wedding, by helping you to create a magical ambiance. For music that’s smooth and cool yet stylish and graceful contact the Dave Ward Trio !

A bit about Dave Ward……..

Since graduating from the University of Ottawa with a degree in music, Dave Ward has worked as a professional freelance musician playing clarinet and saxophone. He has played everything from classical to commercial to jazz gigs, and has worked at the National Arts Centre, Orpheus Society, C.B.C shows, Ottawa Jazz Festival, as well as cruise ships and numerous corporate and private functions.

Over the past 30 years Dave has also booked many gigs for various functions. The Dave Ward Trio in essence is a jazz trio consisting of saxophone, acoustic bass and guitar. They seem to have found a niche playing for clients who want music that will not overpower conversation. For these functions they are able to play the music they are passionate about such as jazz standards, bossas and even some contemporary tunes. Some of their past engagements include Steven Harper’s Garden Party, Prime Minister Chretien’s Retirement Party, Bank of Canada, Heritage Society, CMA, as well as numerous diplomatic functions, corporate events and wedding receptions. 

Now for the questions………..

Are you available for both the ceremony and reception? How does it usually work?

Usually we are hired to play for the reception only, but on the occasions we are also asked to play for the ceremony I would play either one of the two traditional wedding marches or any special tune or tunes the bride would want us to play. I would ask beforehand if there is any special tune they would like us to play.

Can you give us an example of one of your repertoires? Do you have any suggestions?

For the reception we usually play it by ear, there are hundreds of tunes to choose from. A typical set would be something like: 

  • The Days of Wine and Roses
  • Embraceable You
  • Girl from Ipanema
  • It had to be You
  • Emily
  • My Romance
  • Killing Me Softly
  • Samba d’Orpheu
  • Moonsong
  • Fly Me to the Moon
  • My One and only Love
  • Some Day My Prince Will Come

In other words, a mix of various tempos, waltzes, bossas and sambas. I would ask if they have any tunes they want played, it’s usually no problem to find the music. I would also ask if there will be speeches, what they want us to wear and anything else I can think of that would be relevant. If they want music for dancing, I would suggest adding a drummer to the group. If on the other hand their budget is too low for a trio, I would say that we could play as a duo (sax and guitar or sax and piano, depending on which they prefer).

**For music clips you can visit the Dave Ward Trio website listed on his MPW listing.**