Moroccan wedding themes

25th February, 2013 - Posted by Lia - No Comments


A Moroccan inspired wedding is exciting, exotic and memorable – however getting it right without going for some outdated hippy idea of Morocco is a tricky thing to do. Here are some ideas for a chic and modern way of getting hitched inspired from Marrakech.

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For a bit of Moroccan style, color is certainly a key part. It’s a good idea to stick to two or three principal colors rather than mix too many at once. One combination that’s striking and definitely carries that North African vibe to is are turquoise and fuchsia. Purple also marries well with these colors. If those seem a little garish for you then pick desert inspired colors like gold, sand and white.


Why not hire a tent or a yurt for that authentic Bedouin experience? They can be dressed as up or as down as you’d like. You can make them minimalist and elegant or even go all out with Arabian nights décor for something a little fancier.


Moroccan food is to die for and there is so much you can do to adapt it to your palette. Offer a combination of either mint juleps of refreshing mint tea to your guests accompanied by Arabic dips of hummus and Moroccan pastes known as thoumb (garlic) and mountabal (eggplant) along with strips of warm pittas.


If you go alfresco with Moroccan lanterns and hanging lights, you can perfume the air with decorative shisha pipes filled with sweet apple flavors while your guests enjoy a selection of baklavas, pastries made from honey and nuts.


For some Moroccan décor get hold of some hammered metal trays and tea sets. Drape your hall or tent with silk fabrics to give it that Arabian nights feel to the room. Moroccan lanterns are the perfect way to illuminate the venue and are extremely beautiful. Hanging paper lanterns are an inexpensive way to create the look, and even if you don’t like the smoke – shisha pipes add to the feel of the place.


You don’t need to be in a dessert to create a Moroccan inspired wedding, with a little imagination and creativity you too can have your Kasbah fantasy wedding that’ll leave your guests in awe. It needn’t be a tacky rendition of hippy Marrakech, but a classy affair with a hint of North African beauty and style, and not to mention accompanied with excellent food and refreshing mint drinks.