montreal photographer corey narsted- his take on choosing a photographer

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Corey Narsted from CM Images is a well-known local Montreal Photographer, specializing in Weddings and events. Corey has been a photographer now for well over a decade starting his career  in 1997. If you look up the words “traditional and “conventional” in the dictionary you can guarantee you won’t find his name next to either one from Corey’s own words. “When shooting, I always try to find the most interesting, visually appealing angles and perspectives to work from. I come up with the ideas that nobody has tried before. Each time I step into a new environment, I set a challenge for myself: figure out all the possibilities that the lighting presents and find the best shots.”


Corey began to develop his personal style when he started covering sporting events, where he developed the quick eye, patience and fast reflexes that allowed him to capture that split second moments. He quickly adapted to the ever changing and uncontrollable and often unfriendly lighting situations that went along with these shoots. Corey mainly covers Weddings and sporting events and has a unique approach that he has mastered over the many years and refined his techniques to ensure that his customers have that perfect picture. Corey has an approach similar to a journalist would take on when covering an event or news. He describes himself as an impartial observer documenting the events without influencing the outcome and keeping everything natural. Corey also spends some time specializing in architectural photography.


Corey also offers some valuable advice for brides to be when searching for a wedding photographer.

While budget obviously is a concern, it should not be all that you consider.  You need to make sure that you like the style of the person you hire as well as his/her personality. Hiring a photographer you don’t get along with simply because their price fits your budget does you no good.  It would be like buying a car you find uncomfortable to drive simply because it’s a little cheaper than the one you like.


A lot of times Corey will go out of his way to help some couples customizing a package for them that fits their budget. In short, find a photographer you like and then talk money afterwards.  You’re far less likely to regret your decision




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Today We look at Montreal Wedding Photographer Chirag Pandya From StudioZoomTech

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Montreal wedding photographer

You have finally got the perfect wedding dress, booked your dream location and the flowers are on order. Now all that’s left is to find a wedding photographer. Given some of the high costs some professionals charge for capturing that special day and memories of the biggest day of your life, you want to be sure that you’ve found the right style, price and package. After all, your wedding is one day, but the photos will last a lifetime

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Montreal wedding

How to find the best wedding photographer for your wedding? That’s where marketplace weddings comes in. We try to blog about experienced and upcoming wedding photographers from around different cities and part of the world.Montreal based wedding photographer Chirag Pandya of Studio Zoomtech (


Weddings by Chriag

Has been hard at work since the early 80′s capturing those special moments. Chirag personally recommends doing your research when choosing a wedding photographer as every photographer has his specialy.Chirag specializes in capturing natural, free-style moments as they occur. In 1994 Chirag was named Master Photographer by the Corporation des Maitres Photographes du Quebec.

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PHONE – 514-485-2903

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