Bridal Makeup Tips For Brunettes and Blondes

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It’s only natural that you want to look fabulous for your wedding day, so how can you create a drop-dead-gorgeous look without overdoing it? The best starting block for any tricks to bridal beauty is to find your best features and to maximize them. Part of your own brand is your coloring, and here we’re going to look at some tips and tricks to make brunettes become unforgettable beauties on their trip down the aisle.



First of all, if you’re a brunette – throw out the pink lipstick. This is great on blue-eyed blondes, but if your coloring is darker it’ll make you look washed out. Pick rich colors like cinnamon, a spicy red or terracotta.


This look is absolutely stunning and really goes with dark hair. You can even dare to try darker colors to draw attention to your lips. If you can’t give up a dark pink lipstick, then put emphasis on the eyes and opt for the chic nude look that’s all the rage on bridal catwalks these days.

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Brunettes are in danger of looking pasty, so give yourself a healthy look by applying a little bit of bronzer on the cheeks. This will not only highlight your cheekbones but it’s a natural look that really pops out the contours on your face. Just avoid overdoing it, otherwise you’ll have an unflattering and cheapening sheen. 



The best way to bring out your features is to go for dramatic eyes, this is a great look for brunettes. This way you can keep the rest of the face looking natural, and you’ll look stunning! If you have brown eyes, then you can experiment with colors like blue or pale lilac. These will help enrich the brown in your eyes. But if you have lighter skin tone, then try to avoid a hard look by opting for dark brown mascara instead of black, where are darker tones and brown eyes look great with black.


Picking the right foundation is vitally important. The wrong color for your skin tone and you’ll either look unhealthy or artificial. Any good department store will give you a consultation for the right look, but do make sure you try out any foundation in natural light to assure that the color has blended in effectively with your skin tone.

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With the right make up, brunettes can look natural and polished at the same time by using warm and rich make up tones to really bring out the features and draw attention to the complex brown shades of your hair. 

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