Getting that Kim Kardashian look

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It’s only natural we want to look our most beautiful on our wedding day, and many of us look at Kim Kardashian and her flawless beauty and wonder how we can achieve that ourselves. Well, fortunately, there is an easy way to walk down the aisle with the perfect, flawless look like Kim.

Kim Kardashian eye makeup

Kim Kardashian hair and makeup

One of Kim’s trademarks is her dark, exotic eyes. Outline the eye with a glide on pencil, try the 24/7 glide on pencil “Perverson” by Urban Decay, and blend it out with a pencil brush, this will create a dark base on which the eye shadow will be built up on. Next, you want to add further definition with some long, sexy lashes. You don’t need to go for fake lashes, just pick a mascara that’ll create the effect, like the Voluminous False Fiber Lashes from L’Oreal, however, if you go all out, then just add some good quality fake lashes on top after you’ve applied the eye shadow. Then apply eye shadow of dark brown shades, but only up to the crease. Make sure to blend it with a good taper brush.

Kim Kardashian look

Kim Kardashian Makeup


kim kardashian summer makeup

Lighten up the features with a concealer brush under the eyebrows, and then blend this in with a light shadow. Then add a generous amount of concealer under the eyes. Perhaps this might seem excessive, but remember, this is a key part to the Kardashian look.

Kim Kardashian Wedding

Make sure you pick out a good quality foundation, that’ll give you good coverage and matches you skin tone. There are plenty out there to choose from, so pick the best for you. Apply this over your face, and you’ll notice it’ll definitely warm up your skin tone.


To set your cheekbones off Kardashian style, you need a good quality blush palette. One great on is the Powder/Blush Brush F1O Sigma. You can use this to create definition. One neat trick is to use a business card to mark the line for contouring.


For the lips, keep it simple. Strong colors are definitely not part of the Kardashian look, so choose a nude gloss or a light pink shade for the lips. What you really want to focus on is flawless skin and strong eyes. You can even go crazy and build up with lashes and set them together by gently using eyelash curlers.

This is a great looks for blondes or brunettes with dark eyes.