Top Places To Get Married

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Your wedding is a special day, and while many happy couples plan for a local affair, take a look at some of these popular wedding destinations to inspire you to get on a plane. Why not give the family and friends an excuse for a holiday when you get hitched?

Bali conjures up images of beautiful beaches and palms, and the southern tip of the island in Jimbaran bay is a popular wedding and honeymoon destination. In the Ayala resort, you can get married in a gorgeous villa with a wedding gazebo for a wedding with a sea view. You can opt for traditional Balinese style décor, or keep things modern.

Bali weddings

Wilson Island in Australia is the perfect desert island, remote from the rest of the world in the Great Barrier Reef and houses just six luxurious tents. Between the white sands, blue seas and palms, it’s the perfect place for an intimate wedding.

For a luxury feel, Malaysia has some great places, like the Langkawi resort. There are two-kilometers of sandy beaches or gardens that have sea views.

Wedding Paradise

If you’re looking for some flair of the Caribbean, then the Half Moon resort in Jamaica is the perfect place to have a beach wedding. Here you have the choice to say your vows in a tropical garden or besides a waterfall, as well as the classic sandy beach side wedding.


For those who entertain the idea of a beachside wedding, but find palms on the tacky side, then head over to the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. Overlooking a volcanic basin in the sea, you have stunning high views of the Mediterranean Sea from all points of the island. The five star hotel “La Maltese” is a great place to get married and offer a special package for those looking for somewhere to host their big day.

Balie Wedding photos


Are you more of a countryside than a beach person? Then head to one of the most romantic settings and host your wedding in a Chateau in Burgundy. Getting married in a vineyard is a really romantic idea, and one thing that’s for sure is you’re gonna have some excellent food and wine to impress your guests with. A chateau can hold up to 30 people and you have the choice to have the ceremony in a private church or on the grounds. It’s the perfect place for that European wedding.


Top Honeymoon Destinations in 2013

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While it’s never too early to plan for a wedding, the same can be said for the honeymoon. It’s the reward the bride and groom deserve after the hard work and stress that’s been put into pulling off the perfect wedding so let’s take a look at some of the honeymoon trends for the coming year.

Australian Outback

Exotic and adventurous, yet with a hint of luxury, India is a great place for newly weds looking to escape to new landscapes, cultures and cuisines. Imagine strolling through the Taj Mahal together to the beaches of Goa. India is the perfect choice for those looking for something completely different.

Maldives 17

The Maldives still remains a classic honeymoon destination, and who can doubt that this would fall off the top of the list? This haven of tiny islands and atolls scattered around the turquoise blue seas of the Indian Ocean are paradise on Earth where you can take romantic strolls along the white beaches under the shades of the palm trees. There are no distractions here, just the sun, sea and the sand, where you can spend the whole time gazing into each other’s eyes.

Taj Mahal

It might not be the most conventional choice, but South Africa has so much to offer from the vibrant and beautiful Cape Town to the gorgeous coastline and the gastronomy of its wine region. It’s a country that draws in travelers over and over again, and it makes a great honeymoon destination for couples in search of something a little more unusual.


The Australian Outback may be a far cry from the romantic canals of Venice, but there is just so much to offer the newly weds on their escape to paradise. The continent has so much to offer from the burnt deserts around Ayres Rock to the golden coasts and the green rainforests, not to mention the sophisticated cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and Melbourne. It’s a hospitable country with friendly locals. Whether you chose to stay in the sophisticated cities or surround yourself with Aboriginal culture, Australia has it all.

safari in Kenya

There is a wealth of ideas out there for inspiration, whether you want to take a safari in Kenya, Tanzania or even Borneo, to beach honeymoons in the Fiji or French Polynesia or culture honeymoons in exciting countries like Egypt, Morocco or even Japan, there is so much more out there than the usual Paris and Italy. You can even seek adventure in the jungles of Brazil or Costa Rica!

Destination Weddings Venice Italy

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Nothing says romance more than the city of Venice, and while it’s usually thought of as a popular destination for the honeymoon, why not opt to tie the knot in La Serenissima instead?  

The city of Venice is the perfect backdrop to a wedding, from taking a bridal procession down the canals to marrying in a renaissance church in the city’s backstreets. You can be guaranteed your photos will come out stunning no matter where you chose to get married in the city.

There are plenty of local wedding planners who specialize in Venitian weddings, making it easy to get your dream wedding with your own Casanova. If you’re religious there are plenty of places to say your vows, and not only limited to those of the Catholic persuasion, but there are also Protestant and Orthodox churches around the city, and it’s even possible to organize a Jewish wedding as well. For those not interested in a religious ceremony, then there are numerous town hall designated sites – all in historic palaces, like the Palazzo Cavalli, Ca’ Farsetti and the Palazzo Vendramin Calergi. In a city like Venice, your only limitation is your imagination – why not get married in a historical place or a gondola?


A traditional wedding reception in the city of Venice is often held in the grand salons of a Venetian palace; perhaps you can add your own theme by hosting a masquerade! But for those of you who’d like to go for something a little less decadent, it’s always possible to hold a party in the reception hall of a luxury hotel or if you’re going for something intimate then perhaps in one of the top Venetian restaurants. There is also the option to hold your reception in one of the beautiful Palladian villas in the surrounding Venetian countryside – if you’re looking for a park or garden reception then these are the perfect choices. For those with a taste for something a little wilder, the Dolomites are close by.


Holding your wedding in Venice is one that your friends and family will never forget, and if you choose to elope – there is no better place to do it. You too can spend your big day sailing down the Grand Canal in a gondola, taking your wedding photos in some of the city’s most romantic locations. Whether you’re looking for sheer regal decadence or Italian romance, then Venice is the perfect backdrop for your own special wedding day.

Sources, Rialto Bridge Twlight photo of Venice- Photo taken by Eric Wester ( 951 ) 259-9763 email

honeymoon aloha style

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Year after year, Hawaii remains one of the top honeymoon destinations for couples everywhere. It’s not difficult to understand why when you think of all this beautiful state has to offer; ocean waters that are as blue as the sky, sandy beaches to relax on, romantic sunsets, exotic foods and the tropical landscape really is paradise.

With all the stress and busyness of planning the wedding, though, you don’t need to add the uncertainties of where to stay and what to see on your honeymoon to the mix. That’s why it will be helpful to make use of the following information to assure you have the honeymoon of your dreams.

WHAT TO DO: Aside from the obvious, here are a list of popular honeymoon sight-seeing destinations in Hawaii…

If you are going to Maui…..

  1. Honeymoon sunset dinner cruise
  2. The Molokini snorkeling adventure
  3. Sunshine helicopter tour
  4. Sheraton Black Rock luau
  5. Whale watching (if the time of the year is right)

If Oahu is your island of choice…

  1. The Royal Hawaiian spa
  2. Honeymoon sunset dinner cruises
  3. Honeymooners surfing lessons
  4. The Polynesian cultural center and shows

The main island offers…

  1. Black sand beach get-away for couples
  2. Horseback riding through the Waipio valley
  3. Sunset dinner cruises
  4. A manta ray adventure
  5. Helicopter and hiking adventures around the volcanos

The islands offer two, three, four and five star accommodations to suit any budget. Each offers its own particular variety of amenities including breakfast, beach-front location, spa services, room service, special honeymoon discounts on the room and other activities and the typical services of wireless, television and such.

Honeymooning in Hawaii is like being in an entirely different world when in reality you are in one of the most lavish and tranquil parts of our own beautiful country.


montreal 101!!

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Being the second biggest city in Canada and the largest French based city in North America could put a lot of strain on city development. Montreal grew to become one of the most bustling cities in North America. Complete with nightlife, arts, education, residential, and downtown districts Montreal has it all including a bustling ethnic community. Montreal’s natural beauty could be the background for wedding photos using great wedding photography businesses such as Creative Perspectives Photography, EYErick, or Nova Photography, the choice is yours. All fantastic photographers ready to capture your special day. The most difficult choice will be the location! Old Montreal, Mont Royal or anyone of the beautiful parks Montreal boast! 

Named one of the world’s most livable cities and “Canada’s Cultural Capital” by Monocle Magazine Montreal has come a long way in terms of comfort, amenities, and opportunities. Today Montreal is an important center for many industries such as commerce, technology, film, tourism, and of course—wedding location. If you have your wedding planned elsewhere you can consider a beautiful and stunning Montreal honeymoon.   Planning a honeymoon in Montreal is as easy as calling any one of Montreal’s wedding tourism based businesses with establishments such as Voyages Unisphere. The nightlife, fine dining as well as the culture are sure to please. Montreal hosts dozens of festivals through out the year, often free of charge such as the Jazz Festival, Just For Laughs and the The Loto-Quebec Fireworks! What better way to spend your summer honeymoon? 

Montreal is also a major hub city; many materials and goods going into Canada and out to the rest of the world will first go through Montreal. This creates much revenue and jobs for the city, and promotes growth. This growth is shown through wedding planning services such as An English Rose, the Event Planner, and Over the Top Events. 

Another important aspect of Montreal is the Saint Lawrence River. This seaway offers boats and ships a path into the great lakes regions and back out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Island of Montreal is also located in the Saint Lawrence River and houses most of the city’s population. An overlook of the Seaway and Montreal Island could be a great wedding site with help from wedding vendors such Cadeux Decor et Plus and Kreavie, and so many more. 

Geographical location could be considered the most important aspect of a city’s success. A city needs to be located somewhere easily accessible and capable of housing many industries without the worry of extreme weather destroying buildings and structures. Montreal is at a great geographical location but also has huge wedding potential for all types of wedding plans and bridal visions. Montreal may work hard but Montreal puts on amazing weddings as well.

All the vendors mentioned in this blog  are available on as well as hundreds of others for the city of Montreal!

not your ordinary honeymoon with jetsetter…

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Honeymoons can easily become the most expensive part of your wedding budget. With many engaged couples dealing with tighter budgets, economical overloads, and pinching pennies, it is hard to find a fun, posh, and enjoyable vacation. 

You will have the opportunity to travel to once in a lifetime destinations much easier than you ever thought possible. For you fashionistas, you may have heard of the company GILT. This company provides big name designers, such as Vera Wang, Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, and Jimmy Choo at nearly 70% off their marketed value. Each week there are specific styles and designers highlighted, with limited availability so shoppers and fashionistas must act fast to enjoy the daily sales. This became so successful, that they joined with JETSETTER to create a similar system, but for travel deals, accommodations, and hotel discounts.

We aren’t talking about the Radisson either. Travelers are able to enjoy five star, world nominated resorts, suites, and destinations for a fraction of the price. Each week, honeymoon bound couples will be able to view the destinations on sale for the week, with a countdown of when to purchase by. A hotel that normally costs $499 per night in Tahiti is available for $199, all you need to do is book it before the sale ends. If you are holding off on a particular location or destination, the site lists the upcoming sales for the next two weeks…all you need to do is mark your calendar to purchase that sale, pack your bags, and enjoy the savings at hand.

Jettsetter and GILT are via invite only, but you can grab an invitation and membership by going to the following link and signing up through my VIP membership for FREE.

Enjoy, and safe travels!