Honeymoon in Spain

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The beauty of honeymooning in Spain is that the country has so many regional variations to enjoy and explore. Spain is a beautiful country sporting historic cities with the stunning Mediterranean coastline for beach lovers. It is a truly wonderful place to honeymoon.

If you’re looking to enjoy a city break, Spain has some wonderfully romantic cities to explore. Barcelona, Madrid and Seville are romantic places to explore and you can throw yourself into Spanish culture as you enjoy these Spanish cities. Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city and offers a wealth of exhibitions and fairs. Barcelona is ranked as the third European city for business and cultural means. It’s a favorite with tourists and honeymooners can enjoy many World Heritage Sites and make the most of camera opportunities to share with loved ones back home.


Art lovers will be inspired by The Golden Triangle of Art in Madrid which encapsulates Spanish and European Art in its finest form. Picasso pieces can be seen here and that of El Greco.  No visit to Madrid is complete with an exploration of Spain’s world famous art galleries.

If you want a more serene honeymoon, then Southern Spain is the place to head for. Spain’s most Southern tip almost touches that of North Africa and you can enjoy the Mediterranean area and drench yourself in orange and lemon groves and listen to crickets make their night sounds. Southern Spain is beautiful and you can explore the Malaga and Marbella coastline in quiet harmony. Rent a car, pack a picnic and cruise along the Mediterranean coastline.

Spain as a country is steeped in history and for the historians; you will not be disappointed if you’ve a towering thirst for learning the rich history of Spain. Spain has not been without its battles over centuries and as recently as 1936 went to war with itself. Franco fought the Republicans and many other nations were involved in the war as support for the opposing sides. Spain became a dictatorship after this and signs of the regime are in place today. Historians will be in their element as like most of Europe, war features in much of its history.

The cuisine in Spain is mixed and diverse and while Paella is the signature dish, fish is also popular and Spain has some delicious wines to indulge and celebrate the start of your new life together.

Barcelona, Spain romantic honeymoon

Spain is full of romance formed from rich chivalrous history. Royal Palaces are there to enjoy and explore. Spain has vibrancy on offer which is colorful and vast and you will not ever forget the memories built from honeymooning here.

Whether you choose a city honeymoon or prefer a more relaxed beach time together, you will not be disappointed with Spain. North or South, or even both will bring you a wealth of pure Spanish culture and indulgence of this amazing country. For those who are attracted by European honeymoons, you will not be disappointed by choosing to start your life as a married couple in Spain. It’s purely stunning