Finding the right Wedding Ring.

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Wedding ring

If you’re looking for a wedding ring, then read on

Choosing a wedding ring is an intimate time for a couple and as your wedding ring is to last for the rest of your life, you will want to ensure that you have the best. 

Precious metals are used to make wedding rings and the most common ones are platinum, gold, white gold and silver. Your wedding ring is one piece of jewelry that is worn daily and is rarely removed and this is a key factor when choosing one.

One supplier that has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to refining your research on a wedding ring is Whether you choose a plain band or a jeweled one, having your wedding ring designed by experts will be one of the most special times of your life.

Wedding rings are representative of all that two people can say about each other and you should ensure that you both have as much input into your rings as possible. This significant piece of jewelry is the sign of your commitment to each other and there is nothing more special than spending time and investment into such a special time.  The history of wedding rings goes way back and your wedding ring is meant to last a lifetime. It is also one piece of jewelry that is handed down through generations so if you’re planning a family, then forward-planning is necessary. For two people to hand down to children the piece of jewelry that binds them to each other is one of the biggest acts of love.

Wedding rings have been around for thousands of years. The origins of wedding rings came from Europe originally and were worn originally by women. In the 20th century men decided they wanted to wear a wedding ring. This has shoe-horned its way into the world of wedding rings worldwide and usually the natural course of action is for a couple to have matching wedding rings.  In most countries, the wedding ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand, however, some Central European countries wear a wedding ring on the third finger of the right hand. More details can be found in


 Wedding rings

Wedding rings and men have been the subject of many news items and it has been frequently discussed as to why men wear wedding rings and not engagement rings. A wide variety of reasons exist for this and primarily one of the reasons is that engagement rings are known for their jeweled stones and are more female-generated piece of jewelry.

For more information on this,

So, in the search for a wedding ring, make sure you invest some time in this special time to cement your marriage for life. It’s a beautiful time and your wedding ring is to last a lifetime and is the binding of two people who want a life together.

What will the hottest wedding cake trends of 2014 be

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 Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Pops

As summer comes to an end, new beginnings come to mind. We might have a huge chunk left of 2013 still to think about, but with 2014 hiding round the corner, we wanted to think about the wedding trends that will be hot next year– particularly the edible kind.

3 round tier Tiffany blue cake with white roses

It looks like 2014 will bring in some bold and beautiful weddings; this is good news, especially if you have a taste for the dramatic. Theatrical will be in, which is thrilling for guests, but one could pose some bakers a tough challenge. Go for a cake with large, bold colored fondant flowers. Fortunately this dramatic trend can mean really over the top wedding cakes, with brilliant colors and fun features.

Cinderella Themed Cake

If you’re looking for a wedding to remember, but find the whole theatrical theme a little OTT, then you can go the lighthearted route and pick out something quirky. Having something with a sense of humor or even little details that capture both yours and your partner’s personality is definitely the way to go in 2014. Go for cute personalized cake toppers to really get your character out there – whether you’re a same sex couple, one with a shared quirky passion or even want something Star Wars themed, there is a cake topper waiting just for you!

Wedding cakes 3 tier

Green is in, and we’re not talking about the color. Organic and eco-friendly weddings are going to be hot in the coming year, so how can you take steps to set up a Mother Earth friendly wedding?

Wedding Themed Cake

You can go for some organic baking, perhaps even a green themed cake, or something simple and delicious like a cheese wedding cake. You could even go crazy on the décor and have chocolate leaves on top.

Wedding cakes 2014 Vanilla

Wedding Themed Cakes

Also fitting into the natural theme, but also with a romantic touch are roses. Nothing says romance like red roses, and while marzipan flowers are an easy touch on the cake, you could even go a bit adventurous and use candied flowers for an alternative touch.

wedding sweets

Roses might seem cliché, but going a creative route like rose flavored fondant or rose jam with a sponge cake could really help give guests a cake to remember.

Wedding cakes 2014

However, trends can come and go, and it looks like 2014 will be about creativity and personal expression. You can continue to experiment with some of 2013’s hottest cakes – like opting for cupcakes instead of the multitier wedding cake.

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

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When you’re looking for a wedding that will be unforgettable, then the reception is the one to invest in. The first thing you should do is to figure out what defines you as a couple. While each of you might have your own interest and quirks, you need to find a nice balance that reflects your personality as a couple.


There is no need for an elaborate theme like a medieval banquet and such, but you can use a single element that will thread your wedding together in the reception. This can be something as simple as a color or a motif. Here are some ideas on making a unique wedding reception.


Firstly, location is key. You need to find somewhere with character that is suited to your needs. Look at unusual venues and ask them about hosting weddings there, like art galleries, historic buildings, gardens and so on.

As we mentioned before, a theme is a great way to link things together, and it’ll also put your wedding on par with an experience that’ll be unforgettable. A part of this is to really pay attention to the décor, and don’t be afraid of either going for classic white, or making a statement with bold color. Go with what works with your personality.


Get creative with tables! You can think of them as unique individuals with their own identity and throw boring old uniformity out of the window. Play with flowers, colors, ornaments and even lighting.

Lighting is an important element to weddings, and is often forgotten. You can get creative here with lanterns, fairy lights, and so on. The imagination is the only limit.


Offer regional food and drinks. It’s a great way to assure that the food is fresh and high quality and often we overlook our own backyards, or to add a personal touch bring your hometown into it if you live far from home. It’s a great way of getting your guests to get to know you.

Wedding decoration

There is nothing like an amateur, bad production to make your wedding memorable – and in a bad way! So go all out and book professional entertainers. Maybe you can go for a group of singing waiters or a group of professional dancers that’ll keep your guests entertained between courses. Have an unusual band play, either you can go for a classical ensemble or a steel drum band play at your wedding. Check out the entertainment before booking, and give your guests a wonderful show.


Moroccan Wedding Themes and Ideas

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Searching for a distinctive and fun wedding theme? A Moroccan themed wedding may be just what you are looking for. Don’t be timid about your wedding. Themed weddings are a popular way to create a memorable wedding experience. Follow these tips for putting an exotic spin on the traditional wedding! Your invitations should introduce the Moroccan theme. So choose colorful ethnic designs for your wedding invitations and envelopes. Remember, stylish invitations are the perfect way to clue your guests into your wedding’s Moroccan theme. Don’t forget to continue your theme with the wedding favors. Gourmet chocolates in colorfully wrapped gift boxes make perfect wedding favors. Themed bottle openers, tea light candle holders, and decorative coasters make great wedding favors as well. Search online for more wedding favor ideas. There are many websites that specialize in providing great wedding favors.


Now it’s time to search for the perfect location and find just right wedding decorations. A private garden or even a candle lit church can work wonderfully with your Moroccan theme. Don’t forget to have an estimate for how many guests you may be expecting. Also, consider any special needs some of your guests may have. Your elderly aunt who is wheelchair bound may not be able to easily navigate a sandy beach wedding. When decorating your Moroccan wedding, you can use flowers, garlands, and brightly colored fabric streamers. Use colorful Moroccan glass lanterns as part of your table centerpiece! There are even fantastic places that you can rent or buy decorations, props, and costumes! Be as creative as your budget will allow. Your wedding day is special; so don’t be afraid to make it memorable.


Don’t forget about the music, food, and dance! The right music can really set the atmosphere for your culturally influenced wedding. Research online and find the right type of music for your wedding. Maybe even consider hiring a tasteful belly dancer with musicians to play at the reception. This will certainly delight your guests. Selecting what your guests will eat can be one of the most fun parts wedding planning. There a wide variety of caterers to choose from. So, you may want to work with a wedding planner to locate a caterer who specializes in themed weddings. Do also think about others when choosing the menu items. It just takes a hint of the exotic to give your wedding a unique style. So you may want to keep the main course traditional. Save the more unusual items for the appetizers. Hummus platters, stuffed grape leaves, and kabobs make tantalizing appetizers. This will give your wedding menu just the right balance between the traditional and the exotic!


Remember to have fun. Planning a wedding can be a challenging experience, but it also the most special day of your life. Don’t try to do it all alone, look for a professional wedding planner to help you. If that it isn’t an option get as much assistance from friends and family as possible. Good luck and enjoy your beautiful Moroccan Wedding.



Wedding Cakes and Sweets

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One of the key features of a wedding is the cake and sweets, which can be tricky, since it’s virtually impossible to cater to everyone’s taste.  There are some ways over overcoming this, like having a multi-flavor tiered cake. Traditionally, a large tiered cake with icing and fondant is the popular choice for weddings, but recently little towers of cakes or even cup cakes are gaining popularity in weddings.

Cheap Wedding cakes

It helps to pick a theme for the wedding, and using the icing, sugar paste flowers, lacework and even monograms and motifs can help to find the right theme. Usually, a good cake maker will come and prepare the cake on the site.

rose chocolate and white

There is a tradition that the top tier of the cake needs to be kept for the first anniversary. You’ll want to carefully wrap it up and store it in a cool and dry place, or simply you could freeze it. However, you could just store some of the sugar craft details in a glass container.


Some tips to help you get the perfect cake. Try to pick the cake after choosing the theme and take along the sample materials and colors to the cake maker. Do make sure you have sample tastings and if you’re going to include fresh ingredients to bear in mind that this will have to be made in advance, plus take into account of any allergies your guests may have.


If you’re serving dessert, then avoid having the same flavor for the cake, so a chocolate dessert and a cake might be just too much. Also, if you want to preserve a tier of the cake, make sure you discuss this with your cake make so you can store it the best. However, also check the practicalities, like whether delivery and assembly is included in the cost of the cake, and ask for a written contract including a deposit.

Wedding Cakes and Sweets

Arrange a time with the venue when you can access and set up the cake table.

You can get creative with the wedding cake. Cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular, and this is a way of accommodating a variety of flavors for guests with different tastes, plus cupcakes are easy to transport and assemble. The great thing about modern weddings is that it’s become more convenient to cater and set up shop, however for the traditionalists out there, there are still plenty of ways of having that perfect wedding cake.

Wedding cakes


Getting that Kim Kardashian look

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It’s only natural we want to look our most beautiful on our wedding day, and many of us look at Kim Kardashian and her flawless beauty and wonder how we can achieve that ourselves. Well, fortunately, there is an easy way to walk down the aisle with the perfect, flawless look like Kim.

Kim Kardashian eye makeup

Kim Kardashian hair and makeup

One of Kim’s trademarks is her dark, exotic eyes. Outline the eye with a glide on pencil, try the 24/7 glide on pencil “Perverson” by Urban Decay, and blend it out with a pencil brush, this will create a dark base on which the eye shadow will be built up on. Next, you want to add further definition with some long, sexy lashes. You don’t need to go for fake lashes, just pick a mascara that’ll create the effect, like the Voluminous False Fiber Lashes from L’Oreal, however, if you go all out, then just add some good quality fake lashes on top after you’ve applied the eye shadow. Then apply eye shadow of dark brown shades, but only up to the crease. Make sure to blend it with a good taper brush.

Kim Kardashian look

Kim Kardashian Makeup


kim kardashian summer makeup

Lighten up the features with a concealer brush under the eyebrows, and then blend this in with a light shadow. Then add a generous amount of concealer under the eyes. Perhaps this might seem excessive, but remember, this is a key part to the Kardashian look.

Kim Kardashian Wedding

Make sure you pick out a good quality foundation, that’ll give you good coverage and matches you skin tone. There are plenty out there to choose from, so pick the best for you. Apply this over your face, and you’ll notice it’ll definitely warm up your skin tone.


To set your cheekbones off Kardashian style, you need a good quality blush palette. One great on is the Powder/Blush Brush F1O Sigma. You can use this to create definition. One neat trick is to use a business card to mark the line for contouring.


For the lips, keep it simple. Strong colors are definitely not part of the Kardashian look, so choose a nude gloss or a light pink shade for the lips. What you really want to focus on is flawless skin and strong eyes. You can even go crazy and build up with lashes and set them together by gently using eyelash curlers.

This is a great looks for blondes or brunettes with dark eyes.


Plan My Own Wedding or Hire a Wedding Planner. Pros & Cons

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WeddingPlanningWhen it comes to preparing a wedding, it can become really stressful – so hiring a wedding planner seems like a tempting way to eliminate that stress. However what are the advantages and disadvantages to getting hired help to do the work for you – we assess some of the pros and cons.


The positive side is that instead of worrying about the caterers and getting a good venue, you can get someone else to do it for you. So you can focus on more fun things like your honeymoon or making yourself gorgeous for the day.

Dubai Wedding venues


A wedding planner can make sure that everything will run smoothly on your big day, and because someone else is focusing on the little stressful details means that you’ll be a beautiful and relax bride rather than one who is fretting about everything being perfect.


Connections are also the key – and a professional wedding planner will know who to go to for the right food, venue, flowers and who can send out those perfect invitations. You want a vintage wedding but have no idea where to start with the details? A planner can sort all that out for you with minimum effort.

Ritza Carlton Wedding hall

So what are the downsides? Well, primarily there is the cost. Weddings are expensive as they are on their own – without hiring a personal assistant to take care of all your whims. You might have a better idea for budgeting, a wedding planner may not be aware of these concerns.



Also planning is a lot of fun. Many brides and grooms enjoy getting ready for the big day – assuring that they’ll have the most perfect experience imaginable. You might tell a planner you want vintage, thinking of throwing a 1930s jazz era and you end up with a Mad Men themed event. You may be specific and know what you want, but the wedding planner may believe they know best. In fact, perhaps working with a planner may stress you out even more!


At the end of the day, if you’re not sure what to do and need a helping hand – and you can afford it a wedding planner may be a good investment. But for the more creative types or those who know what they want, then perhaps it’s better to plan it yourself. The main question is whether you trust someone else, no matter how professional they are, to plan your special day.


Tea party themed wedding

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Backyard wedding

Whether you have a thing for all things English or you just want a good cup of tea – a wedding planned around a tea party theme could be pretty cute.

English Tea

The theme of the vintage tea party has been very popular at classy hen parties and bridal showers, but there is a lot of potential to make it a fun wedding theme – with all that pretty stylizing it could just be the perfect thing!


The easiest way to get the decoration ball running is to take many pretty tea cups. There is just so much potential to be creative! One popular trend at the moment is to use these as candle holders. They also hold the opportunity to make pretty center pieces.


If you don’t have any of your family heirlooms around, then no worries, you can rent your own porcelain pretties from a variety of places, try Pearl and Godiva for one. While it might not be a good idea to use the rented variety for burning down hot wax, you could adorn them with flowers to create cute little vases – or even to top the cakes wit. Pile up your tea cups and plates to create a unique cake stand too!

Tea party

For those of you going for something more sophisticated and less Mad-Hatter, then try to use a silver tea set for flower decorations. It’s a simple idea that still oh so elegant.


There is more to the theme than just teacups and tea sets – colourful tea tins offer a world of possibility for floral displays. It doesn’t matter if they don’t match, their colourful and eclectic display is part of the charm!



The tea party theme isn’t just limited to table décor, with the rising popularity of dessert tables, you can use vintage tea cups and plates to emphasize the display – or if you’re super creative, make a clock out of teacups!



To give something back to your guests, you can avoid the cliché of tea related gifts by giving handmade early grey soaps wrapped up in tissue teabags! 

Weddig tea parties

If you want to go for the English teatime theme, if the weather is good you could hire a garden with a marquis, serve cucumber sandwiches and other teatime treats to give your wedding a rural British fare. Going for tea-themed nuptial celebrations offer a wealth of possibilities if you’ve got the right creative eye.

Wedding invites



Wedding decor

Top Hawaiian Wedding Destinations

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Hawaii is perhaps one of the most idyllic locations for a wedding, with swaying palms and beautiful blue seas; however, sometimes it’s a challenge to pick the perfect location. Check out our little guide to the best places on the islands for your ideal wedding.

Hawaii Weddings

Oahu is the liveliest of the islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, and also the most densely populated of the islands. The cities of Honolulu and Waikiki can be found here offering a lively nightlife, while still being within reach of nature and native culture. Its central location makes it the most convenient place to organize a wedding. Check out the resorts Turtle Bay Resort or Halekulani.

Hawaii Wedding decor

The Big Island, the island of Hawaii, is the largest out of the group and has some of the most incredible scenery out of the islands, with drastic variation in landscape all around. You’ll find volcanoes, rain forests and lush beaches all over here. Places to plan your wedding on Hawaii Island are the Hapuna Beach Hotel, especially for golfing lovers, or the Kona Village Resort that offers and authentic and luxurious experience.


For a true romantic experience, then Maui is the place to be. Many visitors consider it the most romantic island of the group, with its abundance of waterfalls and rainbows with some of the best beaches in the world. For the perfect beach wedding, try the Fairmont Kea Lani, which has the ideal position on Polo Beach or try the Balinese-inspired B&B at Ho’oilo House. While Ho’oilo house is small, it’s the ideal place for an intimate wedding, since you can hire out the whole house and be spoiled with views of the ocean.


Known as the “Garden Island,” with its lush, tropical landscape it’s easy to see why Kauai has earned its name. It’s the least developed of the islands, so great if you’re looking for something low key and authentic. However, the lush gardens, sea views and the ANARA spa treatments at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa coupled with their wedding gazebo make this resort perfect for your Hawaiian wedding.


Last but not least, Lanai might be one of the smallest islands, but it’s one of the most authentic of the chain. It has a string of high-end resorts and local hotels. For something small, try the Hotel Lanai or for a larger scale affair, then the Four Seasons Resort Lana’i at Manele Bay would suit your needs.


Top Middle Eastern Wedding Destinations

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With its dazzling cities and desert landscape, there is something romantic and mysterious about getting married in the Middle East. While many couples choose to take their nuptials on the palm laden beaches of the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands, or in the old streets of Europe, the Middle East captures mystery and what could be a better way of saying “I do” than by beginning your marriage with 1001 Nights?

Dubai Wedding venues

Dubai is a destination fit for Hollywood Royalty, with its ultra modern skyline and its taste for luxury, but situated halfway between Europe and Asia, you’ll also find stunning mountains and gorgeous beaches. For those of a more adventurous nature, you can also explore sand dunes and incredible archeological sites.

Paris Hilton in Egypt

The city of Dubai is a great place to get married, since the city offers a wide range of attractions and amenities. There are many great resorts to pick from, like the Atlantis The Palm, which is modeled after the Paradise Island resort in Nassau in the Bahamas. There is a distinct underwater theme going on here, and the resort has a different flair to it with the two tall towers that are linked by a bridge.

Egypt wedding

 If you’re looking for history and mystery, then Egypt is the perfect location for a destination wedding. With its stunning temples, pyramids and Nile River landscapes, Egypt offers the ideal place to get hitched that’ll leave you with an experience you’ll never forget. However, choosing to get married in Egypt, we recommend to do all the official business back at home and have a symbolic wedding in your destination of choice. You can say your vows on the side of the River Nile or in the Desert overlooking the pyramids.


If you’re looking for a luxury resort, we can recommend the Cairo Marriot Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino. This is among some of the premier hotels in the Egyptian capital and makes the prefect destination for a destination wedding. The hotel has all the facilities that’ll make your wedding run smoothly. Its central location in Cairo puts it in accessible distance to the pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and the Cairo opera house, not to mention the hotel boasts one of the largest pool in the cities, along with beautiful, lush gardens. Getting married in Cairo is definitely a way to have a wedding to remember.



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