Wedding Themes

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After the excitement of an engagement dies down, many brides are left with the daunting task of planning a wedding. While it can be fun and exciting, there are many things to think about regarding the important day. After budget is decided, the bride and groom must decide on a wedding theme to use throughout the planning. A theme will set the tone for the entire event and the sky is the limit. Since a wedding is supposed to represent the bride and the groom, they may choose the theme based on their common interests or passions.


Commonly, brides do more planning as far as weddings and themes go, however, it is important that both are represented overall. There are many resources to use when trying to incorporate a specific theme in to a wedding. For example a great way is through the favors that guests take home. If choosing a Valentine ’s Day theme, it would be a nice subtle touch to give something in a rose or heart shaped theme.

Peacock wedding themes

One important thing to remember is the location of the wedding when incorporating a theme to When trying to host a western themed wedding, complete with hay bales as seating, the proper arena for this would not be a country club, but instead a barn or outdoor setting. Using complimentary items for the theme is also a good idea. If hosting a “vineyard” themed wedding, it would be acceptable to have a cocktail hour consisting of wine and cheese platters.


Some brides find less is more when planning a theme wedding, while others are content in going over the top with the theme. It is important that the Bride and Groom step back from the wedding planning and try to envision their day overall. It is important to ask, “What should the guests to see first” or “What lasting impression should the guests be left with?” Questions as simple as these can help to facilitate the flow of planning a wedding with a theme.


Wedding on a Budget

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Many couples want extravagant weddings, competitive with the weddings of even the most famous celebrities. Eventually, they come back down to earth realizing they are not millionaires, but still, the costs associated with a wedding are high. How does a couple get the wedding that they want without putting themselves financial ruin? Couples have many choices to make, and certain choices enable them to save as much money as possible, all while maintaining the sense of style that accompanies the wedding dreams of many brides, from all walks of life.


The first great way to save some money is to not do have the wedding on a Saturday, because Saturday is the most popular day for a wedding, which can cause an inflated rate due to competition. Because wedding venues want to fill up their schedules, the cheapest dates are typically on Fridays and Sundays, which venues have trouble filling. Location and venue also play a key role in the price of a wedding. Yes, that fancy hall or ballroom will always look amazing and elegant but a couple will pay handsomely for it.


There are gardens that have facilities for receptions, bed and breakfasts, and even a barn or the church can become beautiful sites for a wedding, especially with the right decorations.


DIY wedding cakes


By personally creating items for the wedding, couples can save even more money. Although wedding invitations may not seem like a very high cost factor at first, templates are readily available, and a hand-designed invitation adds a personal touch. Once designed, they can easily be printed on cardstock at home, rather than paying a third party to do a similar job. Second, centerpieces can be made by hand. Something as simple as a steel bucket and some flowers from the grocery store can save a lot of money compared to using a traditional florist. A wedding cake is a necessity, but a complete spread is not.

DIY weddings

Once can also make their own treats for dessert and save some cash at the same time. It is amazing what a little white paper holder can do for homemade brownies. Another way to save some major money is by limiting the alcohol. One could decide to stick to simply beer & wine, however if that doesn’t appease all your drinking guests, one could think about buying their own bottled alcohol based on the most popular drinks. If necessary, they will be able to return whatever is unopened.

DIY Cupcake


Finally, the best thing once can do to save wedding money is to enlist some help from friends and family. By asking around, huge savings can be made on recommendations. Friends may recommend a great and reasonable photographer, or the perfect DJ who knew how to set the mood at dinner and tear it up at the reception.


They key to a wedding on a budget is to think outside the box. Putting an unconventional twist on traditional wedding idea it will leave the couple happy, impressed and most importantly, with enough money to spend on the honeymoon.