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Destination weddings can be a wonderful and luxurious option for any couple with friends and family who are willing to make a vacation out of your nuptials. It can also be a good way to combine your wedding ceremony and honeymoon into one extended event. There are many beautiful options all over the world for destination weddings. Whether it be on the beach in Hawaii, in front of a waterfall in South America, or at the foot of a snowy mountain in Alaska, the options are truly endless. It all depends on the lifestyle and level of adventurousness of the couple and their friends and family that will be joining them on their destination wedding.


Many resorts around the world even have wedding packages available, so that you can take all the planning work out of the wedding and have it all placed before you. All you have to do is write a check and kiss the bride! This can be a great option for a couple who doesn’t want to spend months fretting over their wedding plans and the literal endless amount of options available for weddings these days. While destination weddings do have their own complications, it can make things much simpler overall.

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There won’t be hundreds of guests to please, but rather a more intimate group of friends and family who are willing to travel to witness your celebration of love, and care more about you and your spouse than they do about a huge extravagant wedding. A simple ceremony in a beautiful and exotic location with only your closest of loved ones is definitely a great way to express your love to your new spouse, and an extremely memorable way join your lives together for a lifetime. Destination weddings are a wonderful and joyful experience for everyone involved.

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Destination Weddings Hawaii

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While many engaged couples prefer a traditional, local ceremony for their wedding, some enjoy traveling to an exotic locale. This can make the ceremony more memorable, and also save on honeymoon travel expenses. The wedding itself tends to be much more expensive, however. Destination weddings in Hawaii, the Bahamas, and other tropical locations are particularly popular among younger engaged couples.

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The newlyweds enjoy an exciting ceremony in an exotic location, and then immediately begin their honeymoon. Some even travel elsewhere afterwards for their honeymoon.

Destination weddings in Hawaii are famous for ceremonies near active volcanoes, on beautiful beaches, and even underwater! No matter what type of ceremony you are looking for, a destination wedding can provide it for you. It will also give you lasting memories of a wonderful occasion for years to come.


Typically, companies provide destination weddings as a bundled expense, including activities, the hotel stay, meals and the expenses for the ceremony itself.

Couples are free to organize their own, however many find having an agent take care of it for them to be much more relaxing.

Destination Weddings Hawaii


Destination weddings in Hawaii can run anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on what is included. Some services include the travel price and hotel stay, others only the venue and ceremony itself. Generally, an average all-inclusive ceremony will run between four and seven thousand dollars depending on what options the couple wishes to include. Couples looking to bring large groups of friends or family along should be advised that this will increase the bill a substantial amount due to hotel expenses. After the ceremony, couples typically enjoy their honeymoon with romantic activities such as horseback riding at a beach, diving, or exploring the many natural wonders of Hawaii. Whichever they choose, they are sure to love the experience provided by a destination wedding in Hawaii.